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 1991 SEASON 
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GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" September 1, 1991 - No. 20

Our trip to Coolamon resulted in four handy wins on a ground which we generally have to struggle to win four points. Paul Biron, try as he did was unable to lift his fellow team mates to play with as much endeavour as he showed, and only Darrell Collis and Joe Agresta showed any serious efforts to follow young Biron's example.

The Two's resembled comeback city on Memorial Day as we saw Darren 'The Terminator' Prest back on deck after a long layoff with a knee injury. Presty was back to his normal best ready to tear anyone in half who ventured within his range. The match also saw Wayne 'Spanna' Spencer return to the field and immediately was in the thick of things with his cheeky style we've come to expect from the boy. But it was young 'Frogga' Files who left his mark with seven 'Longmire' goals in otherwise what was a dull day for the travelling coach young Mr. Parr.

Jason Vaccari served up the Under 18's with two great 'plugger' goals. Brent 'Fatcat' Hathaway played an inspiring game ably assisted by Paul Woolnough, Edward 'Guitar Hands' Knight and Ronald 'Jedi' Whittaker.

The netballers finally found their answer to Tony Lockett. Karen Evans and overcame a determined opposition to return to the winner's circle with a fine win.

Rooster (Agresta) advises that anyone interested in joining the power walk group which now is up to three can join the boys at the Hotel Victoria on Friday Night and briskly walk to meet up with the selection committee at the Bowling Club one hour later.  

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