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 1987 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" August 2, 1987 - No. 17 

Our usual hard tussle with Leeton produced three favourable results. The Under 19's played brilliant football aided by the return of Wayne 'Spanner' Spencer and Greg 'Fifty' Dreyer from their first-grade stints.
David Alpen won the award this week closely followed by Garry Lane and 'Young Fella Lono' Lonergan, while Phil 'Filthy' Kenny should win an award for correctly likening a famous identity around the club to Mel Gibson. Wally Lamont (Malibu's Brother) was a victim of a social function held on Saturday night as were some 2nd Graders who fronted on Sunday wearing sunglasses and singing "Too many times I've seen the sun come up ...'.
The 2nd Grade fought their way back to a one-point win with Mick Delahunty winning the award and Bobby 'Sticky Fingers' Berton winning the new 'Kentucky Fried Chicken' award. David Alpen again fronted up to fill in for the 2nds and will be sadly missed when he goes as will 'Wild Man' Bronno who has been a great help.
Neil Bruce won the pewter in a rough and tumble 1st Grade encounter after taking battering which would have stopped Jeff Fenech in his tracks. While David 'Snow' Taylor and Darren 'Panco' Prest shared the crack-a-carton award. But the star of the day had to be our very own version of superman who during the week assumed the role of a quiet insurance rep, but on Sundays becomes 'Superboy' able to push 'Sam 2 Can' Wade around in a single wheelbarrow, take on spectators and players all at one time, and becomes the star attractions at the social at night.
This effort almost eclipsed Paul Biron's sensational First Grade debut.

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