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 1996 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" May 4, 1996 - No. 4 

In what was a great promotional day of football the Swans had six wins with the only downer for the day being the netball.
The Seniors proved themselves that they are more than capable of playing good, hard football against a quality opposition for 4 quarters. The boys will need to perform just as well this week against an opposition who always, in the words of the not so cranky, this week, senior coach, "seem to grow another leg when they play us". The awards last week were $100 Chris "Elastoplast Man" Conlan, $50 Trevor "I held her hand" Clarke, $30 Jamie Bennett, $20 Mick Smith. The player' player award went to Don Moran.
The Reserve Grade had another good win after a great first half. The awards were $30 Ron "What time does training start" Irvin, $20 Steve Cochrane and $10 Glen Vaccari. The players' player Mug to Patrick Dempsey and the Mugs' Mug to Christian Files.
The Under 18's put it together again and had another good win after a few numbers on the track on Thursday night. Gorgeous George will keep you on your toes when he gets the full squad together. The awards were Rodney Savage, Adam Sara and Dwayne Ashcroft. Other good players were Matt Signor and Rodney Duncan
In Social news I am reliably informed that Brett McAlister will have a social calendar ready for you all soon, so please make sure you all get a copy and support the functions.
The Swans wish Dom Norman a speedy recovery and we hope to see you back out there again soon.
This week's Player Profile - Adrian Pavese
Nickname: Pig, Favourite Food: BBQ's without the footy boys. Favourite Pastime: Having BBQ's without inviting all the boys along. Favourite Team: Magpies. Worst Moment: When all the boys found out about last Sunday's BBQ. Favourite Drink: Beers, from ashtray shaped glasses in Surfers Paradise!
Also in the Netball, the girls were beaten in both grades, but I believe it was another improved showing and two wins are not far away.

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