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 1993 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" July 4, 1993 - No. 10 

Firstly, apologies for the lack of notes last week. As we are again at home this week, let's hope we can keep up our performance on the Exies Oval as we did against Ganmain-GGM. The incentive award winners in that game which was sponsored by Quiprite P/L where Greg Collins $100, Gerard Toscan $50, Paul Young $30 and the $20 to Mark Brown. Other good players were David Dunkley, Chris Conlan and Owen Brown. Overall, it was a great team effort and goes to show the improvement that the side has made in the past weeks.

Against East Wagga last week, we suffered a lot of injuries in a danger game that we needed to win to cement our spot in the four. Unfortunately, our player depth is being continually eroded, so it's becoming critical for all players to hit the training track together and get the stragglers there as well.

In the Under 18's the boys hit the field with their new captain-coach in Adrian Pavese who played to make up the numbers. The boys came away with a very comfortable win with the best players being Peter Vardanega, Paul Rovere, Brent Harrison (8 goals), Malcolm Burke and Matt Kenny.

The Reserves battled again to field a side but managed to do so with injured players and some Under 18's stepping up. Unfortunately, the side lost by 3 points due to a disputed goal. The mug winner was Andrew McCashney, with other good players being David Alpen, Jamie Reid and the best boundary linesman Shane 'Bat' Best who kicked two magnificent magical goals.

After a rugged affair in the Firsts, where both sides suffered injuries, we came away with a solid win. Best players were Gary Argus (with a B.O.G.), Jason Wescott, David Dunkley, Brett Davis, Joe Agresta and Greg Collins. The incentive awards sponsored by Steve Best went to Jason Wescott $100, Joe Agresta $50, Ricky Burdett $30 and Mark Brown $20. Gus Argus won the mug and used it to great effect.  

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