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 1984 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" August 4, 1984 - No. 18 

Club notes: Losing our third game less than a goal is just enough to make you cry. Yes, folks the power and the passion of football was felt last Sunday afternoon as another gallant effort went unrewarded and we emerged second best. Heartbreaking stuff indeed when one thinks that if lady luck had shone our way a little, we could have been sitting pretty in the top four.
Player of the Week was Darrell Collins, Robert Prest, Glen MacLeod, Scott Barber, Kenny Collier and Robbie Owen.
The Second Grade left a lot of people wondering how could a side in which Lennie Brown wins the coveted Coaches Award after nominating himself as coach on Friday night, picks up more than two kicks and doesn't bounce the ball in the mud, and lose?

Only Roy Agresta must know how it feels when unselfish play saw one player who shall remain nameless (no not Lennie Brown), attempted to kick a goal for the opposition and another tried to even up the score by taking the field as 19th man. It's just not cricket is it! Anyway, Tony Dillon won the best player, Lennie Brown won the coaches award, Greg 'Splash' Collins, Phil Purtill and Ian Wade also played well.
The little ray of sunshine in the club's otherwise dismal day was the Under 19's good win which showed that this side, now in the four, can go on to bigger and better things. Best players were Andrew 'Racehorse' Smith, Mark Gullifer and Glen Ceccato.
Our very last chance this week as we play our only Saturday game against the Wagga Tigers. So, Up the Mighty Swans! 

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