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 1991 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" August 4, 1991 - No. 16 

Protected from the miserable weather the Netball ladies adjusted quickly to the indoor court and with a fine game from Jan Collins were able to record a brilliant win.

Meanwhile outside the Arthur Murray of the club, T.B. spurred his depleted charges to a gutsy win. Ben Dalnevo was a good contributor and Butchie boy played his usual hard game. Terry declined an offer to stay overnight in Wagga as he had booked a place with the Mormon brothers to do some door knocking in Hay.

Parr's Patriots needed to take a good hard look at themselves at half time before coming out and getting up to record the second victory for the day. A few South African police and one good dog in the rooms before today's match should ensure the lads come out in the right frame of mind. Jason 'Chuck' Norris six goals was the highlight of the day and a terrible injury to young Brian Corner saw the team reduced to 19 men but a fine game from 'Young Page' made up for Mr. Stickers absence.

In the Firsts the game we had to win 'over there' was won and won well with worthwhile contributors from everyone. Young 'Romo' the disco queen produced a 'plugger' type performance to snare five big ones. Some players were seen performing best on the floor stunts after the game at the nightspot which is also a brand of cereal, and the manager has assured me they will be performing along with Elvis, Buddy Holly and Janis Joplin at the upcoming 'No Talent Night' on August 17.

This week we play the biggest event since the Ali-Frazier tiff in Manilla' some years ago.  

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