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 1994 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" May 7, 1994 - No. 5 

Apologies for the non-appearance of last week's notes - I could say the argument over daylight saving threw me, but the inability to follow deadlines is more the truth.
The Thirds had a big win, beginning to develop some good teamwork. Best players were Dean Leask, Kane Duncan, Glen 'The Stopper' Vaccari and Matty Kenny, with the incentive winners donated by Rosemary Burke and Lyn Knox were Damien Clark $15, Tim 'Old Man' Schmetzer $10 and Brent Harrison $5.
The Seconds looked the goods when they entered the paddock - more talent than a repeat of 'The Best of Young Talent Time". Chris Conlan 'Conan' Conlan made a welcome return, but a failure of discipline, eventually led to the wheels falling off. Better players were David Alpen, Chris Conlan, David Hosking with Jamie 'Shins' Reid collecting $30, Mark 'Wire' Cameron $15 and Steve 'Straight Line' Cunial $10 in the Bertoldo's Bakery incentive award.
Senior coach Shane Fitzsimmons made a welcome return to the paddock and the team displayed a cohesiveness that was well received, particularly by the supporters - especially after the Bulldogs game. The team did a Starship Enterprise and entered the 'comfort zone'. Luckily, they emerged relatively unscathed. Peter Casey and Tim 'Rock' Fraser received injuries. Best players were Phil Rowston, Brett 'Swamp Doctor' Davis, David Eichler, and the incentive award winners (sponsored by James Browne's Acacia Motel) were 'Jim-Bob' Bennett $100, Andrew Barber $50, Warren 'Rabbit' McKenzie $30 and Mark Henderson $20. Eldon Barker made a big impression on his debut with the club.
The B Grade netball was won by Narrandera 36-15. Louise Hill had plenty of energy after returning from her honeymoon and shot well! Lisa Cassidy settled play in attack. A Grade won 23-16 and Carmen Olney displayed accurate shooting, while newcomer Kathy Bourchier did a 'Greg Norman' and provided plenty of drive from the centre.
Longtime supporters Bill and Mony O'Brien celebrated 50 years of marriage last week - congratulations!
Looking forwards to the premiere of 'The Pelican Brief', and to the Tigers! Carn The Swans! 

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