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 1989 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" July 8, 1989 - No. 13 

In a perfect day for football, the First Grade recorded one of their best ever wins against APM. Andrew Romagnolo limped off (when doesn’t he?) with nine goals and winning the mug, after being continually fed by the likes of Mr. Parish, Presty and fellow ‘Travelling Wilbury’ Robbie Owen to name a few. The win was also remarkable that Darrell Collins was out injured. But the biggest highlight of the day when Greg ‘50’ Dreyer took to the field to the deafening roar from the female section of the crowd.

In the earlier fixture, captain Kirk’s 2nd Grade star ship was lost in the ozone layer and the crew had to use the half time interval to adjust themselves with the ground, the football and themselves. The lack lustre win didn’t provide any boost and made many aware that massive improvements must be made to keep the spaceship on course to the finals. In a brilliant display Snowy ‘T’ Taylor back person come forward kicked three goals in the first quarter only to be equalled by ‘Bicycle Blacky the Cat’ who won the mug for the game. Till next week, roger over and out.

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