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 1995 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" April 9, 1995 - No. 1 

It feels as if we only finish the '94 season last month, yet here we are fronting up to another six months of footy and netball. Maybe this season September will bring celebrations our way.
First, on behalf of the Griffith Club a welcome to those new clubs who are joining the league and let's hope the new directions for Australian Rules will be successful and the game will prosper.
Over the break our committee undertook the task of restructure the running of the club, so to those people who volunteered to take up their chosen director's role, thank you and I hope that you enjoy the task. 
Our coaches for this year are Phillip Rowston, Craig Bretherton and Terry Bennett.
The last six months have been busy when you consider Greg & Rachel, Chis & Peta, Bomber & Dawn (our newest Pommie supporter) were engaged, and Shane and Kelly had a baby.
On a sad note, Betty Griggs passed away recently. Betty would rate up among some of the staunchest supporters.
The club welcomes back four of our past Under 18's best & fairest winners in Matt Cox, Danny Files, Tony Butcher and Christian Files. We extend the welcome to Don Moran & Mandy, Owen Geddes & Kim, Gaby Weetra and family, Scott McCutcheon, Dean McGowan and Aaron O'Keefe. Other past players to return are Brent Hathaway and Justin Barry.
Today we play Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong away as we did last year first up, so let's reverse the result and introduce the club song to our new players. Up The Swans!

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