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  GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" May 10, 1997 - No. 6  

It was certainly a match of two contrasting halves at the Mangoplah Sportsground last Sunday. The first half was a physical affair with the scores close at half time. The second half produced a turnaround in which Griffith kicked 17 goals to none to record a comfortable victory.
The non-contracted players award was $130 to Jamie "Jimbob" Bennett, $70 to Trevor "Trucker" Clarke, $30 to Greg "Grumpy" Dreyer, $30 to Matthew "The Goolgowi kid" Bunn and $20 to Gary "Man" Argus. The players' player award was won by Don "Skills" Moran with an outstanding game. Others good players included Graeme "The Corduroy Boy" Woods and Anthony "Charlie" Pavey.
The Reserves played four quarters of football to have a big win. The awards were $30 to Daniel "Mutley" Tuohey, $20 to David "Digger" Gee, and $10 to Jason "The Yoogali Club kid" Catanzariti. The players' player award went to Brent 'Get to training" Harrison.
The Under 18's also played well after a very early start to the day and they recorded a huge win under Pete "Ronald Dale" Lonergan's in the absence of George. The players included Shane Russell, Jake Kearney, Stuart Davies and Michael Tull.
I have no Netball scores to record on again, but I do know that both A and B Grade were defeated.
Tonight, we have the Trivia Night being held at the Senior Citizens Hall in Yambil Street commencing at 8.00pm. $5 entry and all supporters and players are welcome. Please make an effort to attend. Prizes to be won in the trivia. Teams of eight required.
This week's Players Profile is on Graeme Woods.
Nickname: Tiger. Favourite Pastime: Attending training sessions the day after games. Biggest influence on career: My cousin Adam Baulch, Tim Fraser. Likes: Wearing corduroy trousers, travelling to away games, working on the shovel and wheelbarrow, Sunday football, playing full back. Dislikes: Players who come up with injuries and have to miss Sunday morning or Monday night training sessions, my shower at home. 

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