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 1989 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" June 10, 1989 - No. 9 

I guess you could say the day didn't start so well for the Swans sides, but what a finish. Under 18's were playing the top side in the league and it showed. I'm afraid some players are letting the coach and their team mates down by not training together regularly, you know together we stand, in this case win. Best players were Robert Kelly, Paul Young, Matt Cox, Mark Owen and Christian Files.

Kirk's crew were all at sea and never got into the game, but like the Firsts they too will bounce back, bad luck to lose captain Gary Waters on three-week holidays. Gary, one of the best players every week will be sorely missed. Best players were Mark Tyndall, Gary Waters, Shane Best, Mark Cameron and Scott Wade.

What a day for the Seniors, not given a chance by newspaper and radio, just shows those who know it all, don't. Well done team, every player giving their all and playing like a team we know you are. From a great team effort, the award to Darrell Collins, pewter to Darren Prest, Danny Files great ruck work, Ian Geddes strong as ever.

Netball girls struggled on but couldn't quite make it. Pewter award to Dannielee Perosin, well done.

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