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 1991 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" May 12, 1991 - No. 5 

Our trip to Coolamon to the annual 'Grasshopper Bowl' was most successful. Our budding young Anne Sargents pulled off a remarkable win in a hard-fought netball encounter against all odds which saw them celebrate well into the night.

T.B's boys in the Under 18's got the day off to a fine start taking the bacon home in the early match. Graham Foley was B.O.G., Tony 'Abdula' Butcher was awarded the socks with Glen Collis winning the monetary award but if any Geelong official were at the game, they could have been forgiven thinking Gary Ablett had been reincarnated in Kennie O'Driscoll body as young Ken kicked five big ones in a performance only one G. Ablett himself could have emulated.

The Second-grade game was won well with Rod Vio moving down from the half back line to kick a few goals while Mattie 'Ziggy Haley' Signor moved like a seasonal professional supported by David 'Left' Overs who was everywhere. Leon 'Russel' Stow once again played a serviceable game While David 'The Lip' Irvin bopping up in all the right and wrong places. Captain 'Coca Cola' Parr has the boys in superb form and a few stars on the way back makes for an interesting few night at the selection table in a few weeks to come.

Finally, the First grade, well I reckon 'Pictures' Parish showed the boys the 1970 VFL Grand Final on video before the game because they certainly played just like Carlton did when it defeated Collingwood some 21 years ago rein acting the dismal first half and then fighting back in the second half to win the game. Gerard Toscan had a red hot go in the ruck as did Darrell Collins at full forward and the man in the Bruce Doull attire Ian Geddes showed the younger players on the field how it is done. One player who heeded Ian's advice and turned in a blinder was Greg 'Fifty' Dreyer.  

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