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 1996 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" May 12, 1996 - No. 5 

After a long trek to Mangoplah, we returned with wins in 1sts & 2nds, with MCU too strong in Under 18's & Netball.
In the main game the Seniors were in control all day and ran out comfortable winners. The awards were $100 Mark Brown, $50 Greg 'Splash' Collins, $30 Trevor 'I held her hand in bed' Clarke and $20 Mathew 'Decore' Cox. The Players' Player Mug went to Mark Brown also, and didn't it get a solid workout.
The 2nds performed reasonably well against a spirited opposition and ran out winners. The awards were $30 Mark McCormack, $10 Steve 'If I keep harping at Fifty, he will play again' Cochrane, and the Mug award went to Patrick 'Sugar Bowl' Dempsey for a fine display.
The Under 18's were undermanned and perhaps struggled because some of the players appeared to suffer car sickness on the long trip. The best players included Stuart Davies, Peter Hunt, Luke Irons, 'Snotty' Schodde, and Rodney Savage. Special mention also goes to Rodney Savage and Nathan Kite for stepping up to help the 2nds.
In Netball, I understand that A Grade were beaten by about 8 goals, with Karen Conlan, Kirsty Collis and Lisa Brand all leading the way. B Grade was also beaten, and I am informed Leanne Scott and Naomi Collis both played well. I hope the netball girls that travelled in the white laser enjoyed their trip to MCU as much as their chauffeur did. His arrival at the ground was certainly worth seeing.
This week's player profile is Tony Butcher.

Nickname: Butch, Favourite food: Rebecca's cooking, Favourite drink: Whatever Rebecca lets me have, Favourite pastime: Unpacking my suitcase after Rebecca has packed it and left it on the doorstep when I am home after a night with the boys, Claim to Fame: With the exception of my scalp and forehead, I am the hairiest man alive.

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