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 1987 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" July 12, 1987 - No. 14 

The absence through injury of several key players certainly made it hard to contain the East Wagga Hawks last Saturday, as the scoreboard showed, although Darrell Collins, Dave Johnson and Neil Bruce tried in vain all day. The game saw the return to the First-Grade scene of Gary Waters and the promotion of Jamie Horne from the U19s. On a brighter note the return of Andrew Romagnolo, Andrew 'S.P.' Smith and Robbie 'B.P.' Owen from injury could see the side transformed from boiled Lollie's to chocolates. Much to Smithy's 'Turkish' Delight.

Romo's attempt to put Greyhound & Ansett Pioneer bus lines out of business went terribly wrong when the 'Rombo Mobile' failed to get a star 2nd Grade player to Wagga in time for the start of the 2nds match, a move which some critics say cost the side the four points. 

Shane 'Chainsaw' Best had hoped his side would demolish the opposition in such a manner he attacked three acres of forest on a recent fishing trip, but alas the scene was more reminiscent of a Tom & Jerry cartoon than the chain saw massacre 'Bat' had expected. The game saw more comebacks than a boomerang with Steve 'Busta' Best coming out of retirement, Ian 'Obe' Geddes back from his magical mystery tour, Micky Toth back from who knows where to win the pewter and Rowan Johnstone from his honeymoon.

The Under 19's had to take on more than they had bargained for, when after being unable to field a side in the first round at Griffith, the East Wagga boys more than made up for it last week, when they overfilled their quota and fielded more players than legally allowed. But that's football as my side saw it this week. Every side for itself.

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