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 1990 SEASON 
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GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" August 12, 1990 - No. 17

Before we get into the nitty gritty there are several thank yours to be done. Firstly, to Noel Treacy and Greg Perkins from the Griffith Hotel. They have been ensuring that both the Seconds and the Firsts have something to quench the thirst after each game, home and away and for that we say many thanks. They'll get champagne when we win the Grand Final!

 Secondly a very big thanks to Ron Spencer, Terry Bennett and Spanner for giving up their weekend off last Saturday and running the annual auction. It's a long day and the committee really appreciates your efforts as we couldn't do it without you. It was a very successful day, and we should make a nice little profit.

The week off should allow several of our players to recover from nagging injuries. From what I was told and read in the paper it appears that the result against Ganmain was a controversial one. However, at least the loss won't mean we drop out of the four this year, but we could lose our second bite of the cherry when finals time comes. The winners of the S.L.P.I. Award donated by R.T.A. Plumbing were Gerry Toscan, Jason Wadley, Andrew Romagnolo and Wayne Bottcher.

Whilst the Seconds finally came away with a big win from reports it would appear that by the time the third quarter came there were many who were feeling the pinch. Ganmain came back in that quarter but to their credit the boys found that little extra and pulled away in the final stanza. Mark Cameron received the financial reward for his best on ground performance and he was closely followed by Peter McDiarmid who got the mug.

The Under 18's also had a good win, but as nothing was written about this game over the past week, I am unable to impart any information except to say that the best players were Brad Hammond, Travis Payne, Christian Files and Dean Owen.

As far as the Netball goes, it was apparently very reminiscent of Cutler's last stand. The game against Ganmain was won by the home side very convincingly 34 - 17 in atrocious conditions. Because of all the injuries sustained in that game, it was obvious that we wouldn't have a team to play Coolamon but the Third Reich of the Netball decided that they would not contact Coolamon and tell them not to come that we would play.

However, in the end because we were unable to field the original side that Coolamon had played the game was called off and our girls were threatened with disciplinary action and would possibly be suspended from the competition, however, at the time of writing this they have heard nothing and do not know whether or not they can play this week. One thing for certain, it is very doubtful whether the Griffith Swans will be fielding a side in the Netball competition next year.

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