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 1984 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" August 19, 1984 - No. 20 

Club notes: We apologise for the lack of notes in last week's Record, those responsible have been sacked.
Welcome to Coolamon after a week when the L.A. Olympics seemed to overshadow almost everything, except young Michael Agnew's first grade debut. Yes, the lad who has worked his way up from the running boundary for the Under 19's to winning numerous awards at last year's Presentation Night to captaining the Under 19's this year. And while Carl Lewis was in the news in L.A. Mike Agnew was in Griffith's news.
All grades recorded big wins against a depleted Ardlethan outfit. Scott Barber, while being restricted to only two goals, was instrumental in helping the side to a good win as was captain Robert Prest but it was Gerard Toscan who won the award. Ardlethan did come back at a few stages, but our boys subdued any comeback and played very well. Today hopefully they can reverse the first-round result which has cost us dearly.
The crushing win by the Second Grade was only overshadowed by Len Brown's one-handed mark, this prompted young Len to say the side had more endeavour than one of Captain Cook's ships. Ex-Country & Western star Mousey T. Harrison kicked a goal which was as good as any Bernie Quinlan has ever kicked.
The win to Roy Agresta was almost as good as Melbourne winning the grand final, as the whole team played together for about the only time this season. Can they make it two in a row? Find out at noon today.

Best players award was won by Drew Hicks, the Coaches Award went to Max (a million kicks) Turner and a newly implemented award kindly donated by a Len Brown understudy Damien Ryan went to a very talented footballer who was almost as good as Len Brown - John Bordignon.
Now to the Under 19's who put in an effortless win against only fourteen Ardlethan players to cement their spot in the top four. Barry 'kum head' Spry won the award with many new players improving with every game. Len Threlfall has really got the team going well but numbers at training could still improve. 
A coming event is the Swans 'Come as You Are' Night on Friday, August 24 at the Griffith Hotel 'Tramps' admission only $4. Until next week 'Up The Swans'! 

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