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 1992 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" June 21, 1992 - No. 9 

A day to forget for the Griffith side last week against Ganmain-GGM when we were merciously thrashed, but there are bigger and better things on the horizon today when we meet Turvey Park. The match last week showed us a thing or two as to what has to be done if we are to be grand finalists again this year and there is no better time to start than today. Gary Argus worked hard all day and irrespective what you read in the papers, was the best on ground for Griffith, while Greg Dreyer and Ricky Burdett held down the backline when Ian Geddes only lasted five minutes. Scott Angrove did well on the ball and Gerry Toscan, who incidentally is taking the field for his 200th today, went well at centre halfback. Matty McGuirk has had the boys training well this week and supporters can expect a better performance than last weeks, but we will have to think about that as they trained well last week too.

The 2nds knocked off the top side on the ladder in what was arguably one of the best 2nds matches seen at the Ex-Servicemen's Oval for some time. Ian Cohen's talked his way into the best players and got some kicks along the way. Travis Payne didn't say too much but still made it as did Rhett Heffernan and Joe Agresta. A win today could take us equal top depending on what happens between and Wagga and Ganmain-GGM.

The Under 18's were well in the match for quite a while before losing to Ganmain-GGM, but coach Ted McKeown must be pleased with the improvement each week. Peter Vardanega, Malcolm Burke and Paul Rovere were among the best and not far behind were Mark Henderson, Kenny O'Driscoll and Brett Miller.

The Netballers have risen to 3rd spot on the ladder with a good win over Ganmain-GGM, 28-16.

Today the Swans start again in its quest for the flag and let's face it players, we should have beaten today's mob the first time around on their hollowed (according to Ross Ingram) Maher Oval.

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