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 1988 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" August 21, 1988 - No. 19 

Congratulations to see the Under 18's on another determined effort with the odds stacked heavily against us. Jamie Horne once again won the Biron & Kuypers award and was called on for the 1sts for his efforts. Scott McCann continued to improve each week and his game against Narrandera put him among the award players for the first time.
A great effort on the part of Christian Files - a game of Rugby League for his school on Wednesday, school sport on Thursday, participation in the football carnival for his school on Friday, best player for the Swans Under 16's in their preliminary final on Saturday and to top it off, ran the boundary for the 2nds and 1sts on the same day! Let's hope the well-earned rest for him and the rest of the team pays dividends for today's game against Turvey Park.
The 2nds had a win against Narrandera. It was a fairly scrambly game and very low scoring in the first half. however, they showed a lot of determination and were able to come away with the points.
Several of their goals were kicked by one Glen 'Bulla' Harrison. Back for the weekend and apparently hasn't played football for about four years. He was certainly lacking the proverbial match practice in the first quarter but like riding a bike, you never forget how, and all his old skills came back to him.
For a while it looked like he was going to win the mug but fortunately for the club he didn't but stayed on afterwards to show that he has lost none of the social attributes either. The pewter went to Justin Barry for the second week in a row and deservedly so. He was supported by Frank Morgan, Mick 'Thommo' Thompson, Roy 'The Spitter' Agresta, Justin Sanson - but it was a real team effort.
For the 1sts - another Sunday, another sad story. We started slowly having only 2 goals on the board at half time. Splash Collins made a welcome return, and it was delightful to see the big fellow's one handed 'specky'.  After half time we outscored the Eagles to go down by less than four goals. Dave Johnson was close to best on the ground again and won the pewter, while Craig Maher, Ricky Burdett, Darren Prest, Marty O'Donnell, Greg Dreyer and Ian Geddes did well. With just two games left against the top sides plus two byes we have to stick by Ducky and Darrell.
The netballers went down and seem to have lost all cohesion they had in the beginning. It is to be hoped that it comes back before the finals. See if you can repeat the first-round effort against the Bulldogs today and win on their home turf. 

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