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 1991 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" June 23, 1991 - No. 10 

All the leaves were brown, and the sky was grey, as we left for Ganmain with several key players out injured unable to play, our undefeated title was to vanish on that miserable winter's day. It was our first taste of defeat for the '91 year and we hated it. Paul 'Cheech' Biron kept going all day and was named our best player for the day in the damp dark dressing rooms which seemed to reflect the post-game mood. Les Parish was again at his tireless best as the Peter King 'Pin'.

The Under 18's also came down to earth with a thud with only 19 of the lads able to make the long trek to Ganmain.

This didn't stop young Fordie 'Mustang' (Craig Ford) of a performance, and Damien Hill and Angus Patterson tried hard all day, but the bright light of the otherwise dull day was the fearless inspirational game by John Davies.

The Netballers suffered jet lag from the one-and-a-half-hour trip and despite a gallant team performance the massive Ganmain side outmuscled the weary Swanettes out of the game.

Well, our only bright spot of good news was Mr. Parr's undoubted coaching performance in recording our only win for the day. Leon 'Bite Size' Stow and young Grant Cameron picked up the (Reserve Grade) awards and should be thankful to have such a masterful coach. Go Swans Go!  

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