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 1987 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" August 23, 1987 - No. 20 
Riverina Football Record No. 20 unavailable.

The Daily Advertiser /Milton's Gear RFL Player-of-the-Year

Congratulations to Griffith ruck rover Darrell Collins on winning the Milton's/Daily Advertiser RFL player-of-the-year award for the home and away games this year. Darrell's prize is a $200 open order for fashion clothing from Wagga's menswear store Miltons Gear. 
17: Darrell Collins (Griffith). 
15: David Gillett (Coolamon). 
14: Warren Sykes (Turvey Park). 
13: Greg Nichols (Turvey Park), Paul Lawrence (Narrandera). 12: Richie Robinson (East Wagga-K.). 10: Gerald Pieper (Wagga), Ian Bloomfield (Narrandera). 9: Michael Steele (Gan.-G.G.-M.), Jamie Gordon (Ariah Park-M.), Steve McCrea (East Wagga-K.), Pat Roscarel (Ariah Park-M.). 8: Michael Spittle (Wagga), Clinton Maxwell (Gan.-G.G.-M.), Darren Clohessy (Gan.-G.G.-M.). 7: Colin Hounsell (East Wagga-K.), Robert Harrington (Griffith). 6: Wayne Carroll (Turvey Park), Dennis Walsh (Gan.-G.G.-M.), Steve McMahon (Leeton), Terry Foley (Leeton), Steve McCrea (East Wagga-K.), Russell Pieper (Wagga), Michael Graham (Ariah Park-M.), Neil Bruce (Griffith), Jason Morton (Wagga). 5: Peter Cross (Narrandera), Garry Sheppard (Turvey Park), Paul Kelly (Wagga), Trevor Sutton (East Wagga-K.), Andrew Pattison (Coolamon), Harvey McRae (Narrandera), Greg White (East Wagga-K.), Robert Trkula (Turvey Park). 4½: Martin O'Donnell (Griffith). 4: Grahame Doswell (Wagga). Glenn Vardanega (Turvey Park), David Johnson (Griffith), Brian Buchanan (Coolamon), David Meline (Leeton), Peter Murray (Gan.-G.G.-M.), Brendan Gibbons (East Wagga-K.), Mark Moore (Leeton), Garry Armstrong (Turvey Park). 3½: Warren McLoughlin (Coolamon). 3: Mark Whitby (Narrandcra), Michael Walker (Wagga), Greg McKelvie (Coolamon), Malcolm Williams (Griffith), David Brown (Wagga), Glenn Robson (Leeton), David Pocock (East Wagga-K.), Peter Walsh (Gan.-G.G.-M.), Andrew Corbett (Gan.-G.G.-M.), Jeff Shaw (Leeton), Dean Walters (East Wagga-K.), John Worland (Ariah Park-M.), Michael Connop (Narrandera), Wayne Bottcher (Griffith), Alan Bell (Ariah Park-M.), Guy Adams (Ariah Park-M.), Michael Walsh (Gan.-G.G.-M.), Wayne Smith (Leeton), Stephen Maguire (Ariah Park-M.), Stephen Lewis (Coolamon), Mark Foley (Narrandera), Mark Cunningham (Turvey Park), Af May (Ariah Park-M.), Ray O'Connor (Gan.-G.G.-M.), David Buchanan (Coolamon), Greg Turbill (Wagga), Mark Cox (Turvey Park), George Galvin (Wagga), Steve Turner (Leeton), Mark Clark (Narrandera), Peter Bartholomew (Coolamon), Russell Thompson (East Wagga-K.), Kim Preston (Leeton), Gary Tagliabue (Wagga), Phillip Maguire (Ariah Park- M.), Adam Metherell (East Wagga-K.), Terry Ness (Turvey Park), Tony Graham (Leeton), Anthony Pleming (Coolamon). Robbie Mills (Ariah Park-M.). 1: Danny McFadden (Turvey Park), Shaun Chandler (Coolamon), Mark Quilter (Narrandera), Tim Lloyd (Turvey Park), Adam Noll (Wagga), Brendan Gibbons (East Wagga-K.), Scott Lovell (East Wagga-K.), Mark Hull (East Wagga-K.), Ray Colvin (Wagga), Robbie Owen (Griffith), Greg Carroll (Turvey Park), Stephen French (Ariah Park-M.), Lewis Winter (Gan.-G.G.-M.), David Logan (Gan.-G.G.-M.), John Zelesco (Turvey Park), Darren Prest (Griffith), Murray Denton (Wagga), Gerald Suckling (East Wagga-K.), Michael Buchanan (Coolamon), Brendan Guthrie (Griffith).

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