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 1986 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" August 24, 1986 - No. 19 

The day had commenced quite well with a well-earned win for the Under 19's with young Dreary Dreyer livening proceedings up nearly as much as Hoot McGrath did after training on Monday. Young Peter Lonergan had sore fingers and arms from waving through nearly every goal kicked and was awarded with the pewter at the end of the day. Presty took time off from his car dismantling hobby to play a damaging part of the game along with Garry 'old Lois' Lane.
Terry's merry band of 2nds resembled some of the dances at Sunday's night disco, starting off in great fashion but fading out towards the end. Andrew Smith who has gone from boiled Lollie's to chocolates this year won the pewter with a fine game and Greg 'Whispers' Payne assumed his am Kekovich role, kicking a few goals. Claude Crowe's game was adversely affected by the fact that he was continually checking his truck to see no-one had started on his beer before the end of the match.
In the major attraction of the afternoon with 4th spot at stake, both sides put up a jolly good fight but when the final siren sounded it was those fellas in the yukkie Tigers jumpers who had the better result, hence taking the four points. Well not to dwell on the bad afternoon too much, Davy Alpen won the pewter.
A top night at the social followed which had the patrons looking like Sir Les Patterson by the finish. Congratulations to all involved in organising the event. Don't forget the Auction on August 30. If everyone in the club can donate one item, we'll be laughing.
P.S.: Selectors please note. Large display of potential First Graders in both Under 19's and 2nd Grader's contrary to the silly comments in the Wagga Daily Advertiser last Saturday. Happy 25th Ducky!

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