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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" August 24, 1997 - No. 21 

I would like to mention first of all for everyone's information that last week's Record notes were submitted on the Monday prior to the weekend game. It is apparent that there was a problem at the printing end, and not the football club, end of story (last week's notes appear on page 29).
In a tough encounter in the Seniors a second quarter fade out was costly as Tigers took advantage of our errors and had a comfortable half time lead. We must minimise our turnovers and play a full 100 minutes if we want to successfully compete with better sides. The non-contracted players awards were $130 Tony 'I'm still going on the football trip' Mahar, $70 Danny '000' Baxter, $50 Greg 'Buddha' Collins, $30 Chris 'Strings' Conlan and $20 Dean 'Ian Baker-Finch' Jamieson. Other good players included Graeme 'Tiger' Woods and Marcus 'Cascade' Simpson.
Congratulations go to Greg Dreyer who completed his 150th Senior game for the Club last weekend. Let's have a win today and give Grumpy a reason to celebrate this milestone tonight.
The Reserves were outpointed in the first half by a fired-up Wagga Tigers and could not bridge the gap. The guys have to realise that to win the big games we must play 100 minutes of hard football. The Bertoldo's Bakery best player awards were $30 to Trent 'Disco' Demarco, $20 to Kane 'Sugar' Duncan and $10 Dominic 'Hooter' Skehan. The Players' Player awards to Peter 'Zinger' Steer and the Mugs' Mug went to Brett 'Swampy' Davis. The McDonalds/Griffith Coaches award was won by Stuart 'Sleepy' Mortlock.
The Under 18's were gallant in defeat against strong opposition. Thanks to those Under 15 players who backed up from the day before. The best players were David Savage, Simon Irons, Paul Kite, Stuart Davies and Michael Elliott. 
In the Netball A Grade had a good win, while B Grade unfortunately had to forfeit. 
Congratulations on their respective engagements goes to Tony Mahar & Sarah Richards, and Melissa Daniher & Wayne Bodycott. I wonder who will be the next, Dean? Congrats goes to the Under 15's who were convincing winners of their grand final in the SWJFL last week.
On the social news do not forget the Best and Fairest Count next Saturday night after the Leeton-Whitton game at the Mirrool Room of the Ex-Servicemen's Club.
This week we are spending 60 seconds with Dominic Skehan.

Nicknames: Sleepy, Scoob, Phantom. Career highlights: Arriving to training and the game on time in the one week. Favourite holiday destination: The Area Hotel, Wagga on a Friday night. Favourite pastime: Being late, doing laps, going to the Area after midnight for a quite one, going to Carlotta. Career lowlights: Having my hair messed up when I broke my nose. Favourite  publication: Spank magazine. Worst habit: I was on time for training once. Most admired males: Boy George, Darren Wallett, Adam Baulch

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