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 1982 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" June 26, 1982 - No. 13 

By Swan:  So close and yet so far - last Sunday against Ardlethan saw the Swannies unsuccessful in all three grades and yet, with any kind of luck at all, we could have chalked up three wins for the day.

The day started off for the Swans with the Under XIX's going down narrowly to the Stars. The difference between the two teams was the first quarter where the Swans were badly outplayed. However, the final three quarters was a much better effort and a continuation in this vein should see us victorious today against the 'Roos. Best players for the Swans were Andrew Smith, Graeme Lyons and Wal Foy.

Our Second XVII also suffered a narrow defeat. In abysmal conditions the Swans put up a huge effort to try and snatch victory, however, it just evaded them. For the Swannies none tried harder than Max "Wacker" Turner, Ritchie Turner and Trevor Brand. This week should produce another win for the Swans - just as against EWK.

In a match where the Swans First 18 were desperate for a win they went down to Ardlethan by 17 points. With conditions for football at their worst, the Swans never gave in. However, as Grant said, it was a game that we should never have lost. It was up to the whole team to ensure victory this week against Barellan. Best players for the Swans included Robert Prest, Paul Baldi, Peter "Hoot" McGrath, Gerard Toscan and Kelvin Turner.

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