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 1983 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" June 26, 1983 - No. 10 

Well, not the most successful day for the Swans, but one which the Griffith boys showed a lot of character and determination. The Firsts went down by a couple of goals in a close match which could have been any bodies. Best for Griffith was Wayne Bottcher who ran like there was free beer at the other end of the field and Gerard Toscan who played a ripper. Neil Thompson, in the backline, was as safe as a pig in a Jewish restaurant.

The Seconds went down in another close encounter and were unaided by an umpire who was as consistent as a Liberal policy speech. Best were Drew Luhrs, who I think has never heard of gravity. Ian Wade was also outstanding as he took more marks than he's had pension cheques. Craig (he gave me a beer) Brand was also good on the backline.

But the Under 19's were the toast of the club. A good display of teamwork, guts and discipline saw them give the Grasshoppers a damn good beating. Best was Jamie "Golden Gloves" Alpen who saw more action than the Ghurka's in India. Simon Hicks played another gem while Paul R (his last name is too big to fit in the programme) played a screamer.

Next week's game against East Wagga should be another thriller and we hope the Hawks will be well and truly plucked. Up the Swannies.  

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