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 1986 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" July 26, 1986 - No. 15 

No Under 19's game again last week. It was interesting to read an article in the Wagga paper recently concerning the umpire appointments for the finals. i.e.: 1sts 1 VFL with a AUL official; 2nds 2 AUL officials, and the Under 19's - yes, the usual 1 AUL official. Bad luck boys, you don't seem to be all that important. No wonder the Under 19's competition is in the state it is.
In another convincing win the 2nds had plenty of stars running around but none better than Blackbird and Fish Gut who turned in a super performance, and then what about the surprise of the day, our new swift rover Tony Shaw booted 4 goals in the first quarter, what a delight to watch. Others to do well were Tricky Ricky, Kingston Town and Ageto.
Apparently, the Insurance officers in town are in a frenzy. Hoady Teddy wants to ensure his boots after booting 3 delightful goals, one a left footer. The pewter was won again by Robbie "Claude the" Crowe, who again put it to good use after the game, but this time didn't have to rely on Muzza Murray to get him home.
Although the Firsts won their game against Ardlethan convincingly. it was not exactly brilliant football especially as several other teams had beaten the Stars far more convincingly. 'Muddy' Waters rest on the bench last week did him the world of good and he came back with a vengeance. Marty 'Bert Newton' 0'Donnell again showed his worth to Griffith and was closely pressing Stephen 'Lemons' Brooks, who won the pewter. Kevin 'Psycho' Trafford was called to the bench when Neil Bruce was still unable to take his place in the side due to his injury. Psycho finished the day with 9 goals, having played a full game in the 2nds where he scored 3 and then 6 in the 1sts. Welcome back Psycho.
In his first game with the Firsts, Peter 'Jacko' Watson showed he could well be an asset, particularly in the ruck. He did, however, find it a little cold in the back pocket. Greg 'Splash' Collins was another of the Swans to play booting 7 goals.

However, the goal of the day must go to 'Harro' who put one through the sticks with plenty to spare from about 80 yards. One of 'Splash's' goals was not far behind either.
This week we meet EWK on a Saturday and as against the Tigers will not be able to field our strongest U19 side or 2nds side. It's about time the RFL decided whether it wants to be a Saturday OR Sunday competition or at the very least insist that those Wagga teams who have HOME Saturday play the same opponents on a Saturday for the return game. See how well they go fielding three sides when they have to travel to the other end of the League for a Saturday game.
Anyway, we'll do our best. Up The Swans!

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