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 1991 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" July 27, 1991 - No. 15 

After months of solid training sweating his way through young Parr’s torrid training sessions. At times training three times a week his warped mind and lean mean body were really just breathlessly waiting to be chosen then on a cold Friday night it happened the selectors had finally noticed him and instantly a ‘star was born’ Christian Files had been chosen to make his First-Grade debut.

In a game which saw James ‘T.W’ Bennett having more possessions than Imelda Marcos and his ‘Disco dueting double’ Shane Ruyg also contributing with five goals the pair emulated their Friday night performance. Peter ‘I always sing in the shower after training’ King wasn’t ever too far from the action and Rick ‘Virgil’ Burdett again put in his usual solid game. ‘Capt. Insult’ Wayne Botcher also put in a big one and about time too.

In the ‘Bs’ the sides first half effort was overshadowed by a lacklustre second half. Young Adrian Pavese contributed well kicking seven goals and giving just as many away to his teammates like Colin Cassidy who was in superb form and Joe Joe Agresta who bobbed up in everything. Gerry ‘Gags’ Gallagher worked hard all day in the backline repelling anything that came near him.

The ladies Netball saw young Evans win the Mug again and the lady does put it to good use. The win was particular pleasing as earlier in the season the ladies lost the encounter at Leeton.

Fresh from Butch’s ‘Tom Hafey’ workout after training on Friday, the U18s recorded a resounding win. Big Ben Dalnevo won the award with Wade High’s answer to James Dean, ‘Dippa Dude’ also playing a leading role. Congratulations go to young (Chris) Conlan who was selected in the NSW State side on Monday last.

Social butterflies' pencil in the following dates in your diaries using a HB pencil of course: August 1st – Movie Night; August 17th – Infamous ‘No Talent’ Night; October 12th – Presentation Night.

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