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 1991 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" April 28, 1991 - No. 3 

Well two wins from two starts, maybe not the most convincing, but the points on the board.

Firstly, TBs 3rds: Terry has his young charges coming along quite nicely. Having his first season, young ‘Dermott’ Brent Hathaway only knows one way home that that straight through the tall timbers (didn’t the oldies love the after-match report). Eddie ‘Eagle’ Knight once again showed why he is under the careful eye of the selectors. I could name the entire side, but it was a well-disciplined effort, so just keep up the good work.

The No. 2's strengthen by the return of the ‘Condo Kid’ had a convincing win. We have no idea what they have fed him out there but what a 'pissa' B.O.G. - good support from Peter King (too young to be married) and Mal (don’t miss a drink) Irvin.

Thanks very much to Les Wilesmith on his continues support.

The 1st XVIII, everyone tells you, they have a long way to go, why are they playing him, they're not good enough, etc, etc.

We all know these things (especially when we’ve all coached VFL sides), but let’s weigh it up, what game are we up to?

Our new players are just starting to settle in, plus we may just happen to have the odd player to come back. To me it's only early days yet. B.O.G. to Paul Biron, a sterling effort (if only he didn’t make silly bets). Salty would be still looking for him.

Good to see Shane Ruyg start to come into his own as well as ‘Digger’ Gee. Good effort fellas! Just remember – 2 out of 2 aren’t bad.

Also, thanks from Elaine to all those who helped at Kyeamba Smith Hall at short notice last week. Much appreciated – also thanks to Wagga Warehouse.

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