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 1990 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" April 29, 1990 - No. 3 

Although it was never the greatest day, weather-wise, last Sunday at least it didn't rain, and a good crowd turned up for our first home game of the season. The Under 18's had first use of the heavy oval and were able to come away with a win. The first quarter was pretty ordinary and quite scrambly and the Swans were down at the first change. However, they fought back in the second with plenty of drive from Mathew Cox from the centre and five quick goals, 3 from Christian Files and 2 from Adrian Pavese saw them go into the half-time break with a handy lead. In the third quarter the wheels appeared to fall off as they were kept goalless in the quarter and EWK put on 2. Whatever they put in the water at three quarter time worked as they came out with guns blazing and kicked 7 goals to EWK's solitary point. Best players were Mathew Cox, Christian Files, Robert Kelly, Phillip Dixon-Flint and Tony Butcher.

Considering that they were all but taking players off the fence to make up the numbers, the Second XVIII put in a remarkable performance. The final score being 20-26-146 to 3-6-24. Imagine what they could win by if they all trained! We saw the return of the 'General' (Brett McAlister) and he had a great game - barely letting anything past him. Good to see Mick Agnew and Greg Supple have games and like the previous week so did the two soccer converts Roy Rinaldo and 'Blackie' Catanzariti, but without doubt best on ground went to Roger Biron and it is good to see him back from Barellan and it will not be long before he's knocking on the door for first grade.

The Firsts had to make a couple of changes to the published side because of injuries, however they were able to get away with a win. They started off with a 9-goal deluge in the first quarter but there must have been some valium in the water at quarter time because almost without exception they went to sleep in the second quarter and could only manage 3 points. A meal of 'hot tongue' at half-time had the boys all fired up and they came out, showed what they could do. Mark O'Connor had a great game at full forward kicking 6 goals and was supported by Joe Agresta. The S.L.P.I. Award last week donated by Mary Collins went to Darrell Collins, Ian Geddes and the other two were not known to the scribe at the time of writing. Add to the list were Mark Tyndall, Ron Roe, Mick Murphy and Peter King.

The Cent a Number tickets are out and so are the Movie Premiere tickets, so when approached by committee members please do the right thing.

Welcome to the Tigers but we aim to send them home with tails between legs in each grade.  

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