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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" June 29, 1997 - No. 13 

A poor first half and inaccuracy in front of goal in the second half were the major contributors in our loss to rivals Ganmain Grong Grong Matong. The guys certainly lifted after half time and played well enough to steal the game in the second half but wasted too many opportunities in front of goal. We must turn it around and get back on the winners list quickly or else our destiny will no longer be in our hands.
The non-contracted players awards were $130 to Damien"Pirate" Scott, $70 to Dean "Moo" Jamieson, $50 to Aaron "Libba" O'Keefe, $30 to Trevor "Chook" Clarke and $20 to Wayne "Sprockett" Bodycott.
The Reserves put together a good first half to set the scene for a big win. The awards were $30 to Malcolm "Mallee" Burke, $20 to Jason "Jockey" Magoci, sand $10 to Brent "Macatmacoat" Hathaway. The players' player award went to Brent "Superboot" Harrison and the Mugs' Mug to Trent "500 King" Demarco. 
The Under 18's had a top win under the astute of Peter "Ronald Dale" Lonergan to keep them in the top five. The best players were Matthew Neyland, Michael Elliott, Paul Kite, Stuart Davies and Peter Hunt.
This week we are spending sixty seconds with Peter Steer.
Nickname: The King of Zing. Recruited from Meeniyan Dumbalk United. Career highlight: Playing with Adam Baulch at Russell Creek, playing against Alphonse Pavatore at MDU. Fav pastimes: Arguing, Hillston Races, tabletop dancing. Career ambition: Be like Scott Lord, both professionally and socially. Claim to fame: Being the master of the Zing. Fav Food: Zinger Burger. Most admired male: Alphonse Pavatore, Tango. Most admired female: The girl from Lockhart. Most embarrassing moment: Kicking out Alphonse Pavatore at training a few weeks ago, currently having less stablemates than Dean Jamieson, being caught out by stablemates the same night. 

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