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 1987 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" May 31, 1987 - No. 8 

Our First-Grade side ended up in more trouble than the Fijian Government during our last game. Some blokes must have thought they were playing in Suva, not Leeton. But they were brought down to earth (not sand) quicker than you could say military takeover. You'll think Botch's 100th game would be enough to motivate a side to storm a political building but alas it was not to be, maybe the not so tropical climate could have been a contributing factor. Anyway Brendan 'Arlo' Guthrie bagged four goals while Mal '29 kicks' Williams, Robbie 'B'P' Owen, Andy '5 goals' Romagnolo and Darrell Collins all tried hard.

The 2nd Grade side with new recruits Gary Waters and Ian Sheppard won a close match. A highlight of the game was the resurgence of the 'Lying Down Luhrs Mark' by Bad Bardo the battler from Benerembah, who took about three unbelievable screamers which amazed everyone including Sunny 'double-decker-bus' who had his first outing as a strapper since being recruited from overseas by Richard Carlton. Fabulous Frankie Morgan who seems to be getting better with every game won the best player award which this week was a trip home in a flash sports car.

The Under 19's encounter was a rougher outing than most of the boys had expected with young Brendan 'Bomber' Browne having to leave the field in the hands of the trainers, who this week saw the return of the one and only Rajah who makes Fagin from Oliver Twist look like a saint. Peter Lonergan also was assisted from the field with slight concussion. This left 'Spanner' Spencer to take the best player of the day award.

A special thanks must go to Roger Biron and Craig Burley for playing two games to make up the numbers in the 2nds. Young Greg Dreyer was also going to offer his services but was busy combing his hair when the match was about to start. Up The Swans!  

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