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 1983 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" July 31, 1983 - No. 15 

"WIN" - three letters which have been so near, yet so far this season, but on Sunday it fell into place - a convincing victory against Ganmain AWAY from home with the whole team contributing towards this long-awaited occasion.

Gerard Toscan won the Irrigana award with Damien "The Whale" Ryan, Goolgowi's very own galloping gasometer winning the Record Centre award. Although 20 players deserve mention only Darrell Collins, Greg "Scenic" Hill and Robert Prest (who is considering going into radio with a talkback program with umpires) will get one.

But one must not forget young Andrew "top this one Paulie" Romagnolo's fine First grade debut, Andrew being the brother to the famous Las Vegas & Macarthur Street megastar Paulie "come'n'see me" Romagnolo. Bobby "sludge guts" Greenwood's hard work and dedication has finally paid off, so keep it up fellas!

Now to a completely different tale one of wow & despair, of frustrated 2nds footballers and their weekly battle to win games.  The bus which came back from Goolgowi performed better than this side. Was it that they lacked the on-field leadership of Ian Wade or didn't fire like Garry Owen, no doubt the loss will spur them to win this week. In a game which produced few memorable moments none tried harder than Pete Casey, Phil Purtill, Robert "Studso" Brauman and Drew "Dennis" Luhrs.

The Under 19's severely undermanned, played the first half like group of sewerage workers on their way to a convention, while the second half produced a 100% effort worthwhile mentioning. Although no loss should be praised, the fact that they outscored Ganmain in the last two quarters and the way they played says it all. Graham Lyons won the Bill Bock award with his 110% gut-busting effort closely followed by Simon "I was only 15" Hicks, while Craig "Muzza" Murray's second half performance was a more 'smashing' than a ride to work on Friday morning and Peter "Nose Job" Kupsch payed a gutsy game as did Mark "Doris Day" Whalan who's made more come backs than a boomerang or a president!

Today Turvey Park and we'll knock the bull out of these dogs!

Thanks must go to Mr. & Mrs. Buchanan, Tich, Mark and "The Whale" for last Thursday night at Gowie.

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