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 2000 SEASON 
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 SWANS CLUB NOTES: Riverina Football Record August 13, 2000 - No 18. 

ANOTHER week passes and once again the Reserves & Under 18's recorded convincing wins along with the netballers, for the Firsts it was again a case of the third quarter blues which let them down. We may have to go back to school to start the learning process all over again as it seems to be working for GGGM who looked like they had come straight from the classroom in their school shirts & ties, or maybe we will just look natural and work hard to be a force in 2001. Thank you to Fred Cole P/L for sponsoring the day's events which both the club and the players appreciate greatly.
In the Firsts the awards went as follows, the Exies Dinner for Two went to Matthews's twin brother Myles "R&B" Bunn, while Matthew settled for the Players Mug. Jon O'Dwyer had a "really really" good game to take out the Snuggle Inn voucher, while the Donaldson's Mitre 10 award went to Phil "Than you to Griffith Physio" Rowston finished those home renovations. Daniel "Mutley" Tuohey will just have a new car with another Ron Auto One award, while Axe's backline partner Damien" who wants to buy a shirt" Scott won the McDonalds voucher. Last of all Jason "Daddy" Vant will be filling up at Caltex once again with another voucher.
For the Reserves the Griffith Exies Bottle Shop will be receiving a visit from Michael Duncan when his car gets back from the wreckers. Graham Male won the Autobarn award but not the wrestle with Kris Duncan on the hill, while the McDonalds award went to Graham "Sheepdog" Foley who showed signs of the form from a couple of years ago. Chris "old Man River" Conlan will be able to put the iron away this week after racking up another Griffith Laundry Service voucher and the Players Mug went to Michael Duncan as well.
Once again, the Under 18's showed how good of a side they could be if the players that can't seem to travel past the Murrumbidgee River put their hands up and commit themselves like the boys who have been there week in week out. Luke Condon relished his return to the Thirds to win the J.D's Pizza award. Tom Gallager took out the McDonalds award, while Jonathon Nolan was solid to win the Video Ezy voucher.
In the netball A Grade had a rather large win with Jodie Landy leading the way, while in B Grade Nerissa Ward starred to ensure victory by 8 goals. A speedy recovery is wished by all to Minietta Walker, hope you are back soon. 
Also, if anyone knows if they have Jamo's Dry-as-a-Bone it was accidentally picked up last time we played Turvey at Griffith, could you please return it no questions asked. Anyone who requires one of the Swans polo shirts or jumpers please see Damien Scott. This week we return to sunny Wagga to take on Turvey Park in a must win for all grades. Thank you to Trevor Harrison for his continued support in sponsoring today's game. The club and the players value his support greatly. Good luck to all grades. Go Swans!

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