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 1959 SEASON 
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by Onlooker

Sports Minded (18/5/59)
What a great sporting town Griffith is.
The dual win by our gents and ladies' basketball teams further illustrates our sporting prowess.
Griffith is 'Cock of the walk' in motorcycle racing and basketball.
We won the Group 20 and Southern N.S.W Rugby League Championship; the soccer team is going well in the Riverina competition; our golfers are amongst the top in Riverina; tennis is booming, and we can muster a pretty fair cricket X1.
Our hockey girls swept all before them until they ran out of opponents and we can lick most centres in table tennis, not to mention bowls, polo crosse and a dozen or so other sports, including darts. As a matter of fact, 'we're the most.'

Hand Forced (25/5/59)
This 'par' critical as it appears, has been forced on me because a certain Aussie Rules scribe has not leant the meaning of the old proverb, 'Let sleeping dogs lie.'
In last week's column I wrote an article about how strong sport was in Griffith and how certain sections of sport we could more than hold our own with other centres.
I deliberately refrained from mentioning Aussie Rules for reasons mentioned later in this 'par.'
This scribe said I was 'not on the ball' in failing to mention about Aussie Rules.
I don't know what I could have mentioned except to say that the local Aussie Rules team has not even made the four for the last five seasons and that they've only won one premiership ever since they have been playing SWDFL football and that was way back in 1952.
Of course I could have mentioned that the Aussie Rules missed the boat in the race to form a "Club' and that when I first came here years ago Aussie Rules was 'King pin' in local sport.
Rugby was on the outer but the position is completely reversed today.
Rugby League is riding on the 'crest of a wave of prosperity' and will continue that way.
Local Aussie Rules gates a few seasons doubled that of Rugby.
Today they're lucky to get half as much.
When you consider that struggling little centres like Ganmain, Coolamon, Grong Grong and Ariah Park have better performances than the Griffith Club over the past five years I don't think there's anything to boast about.
A claim that the Griffith Rules had the edge on other centres could not be justified and not wishing to say anything to the detriment of the code - kept silent.
I hope that when I review the different sports at the end of the year, I can mention Aussie Rules and back my claim by putting after the Griffith Club the words - 1959 premiers.

Underated (25/5/59)
I don't claim to be an authority on Aussie Rules but a 'par' about the fourth-coming Farrer vs SWDFL game got my back up.
Writing about Griffith players who may make the grade - this scribe, wrote that Bitcon, Keyter and possible Hathaway would gain selection.
Being very familiar with the performances of Vic Hathaway over the past few seasons I'd say he would rate more than a 'perhaps' chance.
Vic is a Gammage Medal winner and they don't get those awards in 'breakfast food.'
Vic seldom turns in a bad performance and is one of the most consistent players in the South West.
Some fans are prepared to rate him as one of the best locals ever to don the red and white guernsey.

Hard One (29/6/59)
Whom do you rate the best Aussie Rules player to ever come to Griffith?
Immediately you will think of such players as Geoff Willis, Keith Shea, Tom Roulent and Tom Allen.
My Aussie Rules authority (Jack Wood) and he's been associated with the game ever since it was played here, maintains that Don Keyter is the most consistent and valuable player to don the red and white Griffith guernsey. 
He argues that Roulent, Shea, Allen and Willis were mighty players but played in spasms, whereas, Keyter is going all the time.
Don Keyter certainly displayed a brilliant brand of football since his arrival here and was one of the stars in the recent Farrer - SWDFL match.
Following his exhibition in that match, several clubs have made a feeler for his services for the 1960 season.
Leeton is reported to be interested in signing him up.
The Griffith Club has a twelve months contract with Keyter but have an option on his services and from what I hear they'll be keen to take up the option.   -  Riverina Advocate - Onlooker (alias Keith Smith). 

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