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 1978 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Sou'wester" May 21, 1978 - No. 5 

By Swan: How sweet it is to get back into the winners list again. It was us or Whitton and we were determined we would pick up the points.  Griffith - Whitton games are always keenly fought and it was a pity a former Whitton player had to involve himself in the rumpus that took place in the third quarter by stomping on one of the Griffith players. We thought he would have been keen to stop the fracas as it was the only blemish in a day of hard fought football. Glenn Harrison took out our Total Petrol award as our best player in a side where we saw good performances from most of our players.

Our coaches wife Laurie has not been the best of recent times and we wish here a return to better health.

Coach Kevin Kirkpatrick will have plenty to say about the Swans win in Reserve grade. It was far from our best performance or was the unexpected improvement in the play of the Tigers too much of a shock for some of the Swans.

Our next big free night is on June 9. That's the night when the lucky ones get among the winners and everybody has a great night and at the came time, supports the club.  

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