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 1978 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Sou'wester" May 28, 1978 - No. 6 

By Swan: We may have won by a bigger margins or had a day where our top footballers were outstanding but seldom have we produced a team game to match the one we used at Ardlethan.
To mention some of our players and omit the others would be an injustice to all team members as the total 20 hit the top as a team and only by such a combination were we able to look so impressive.
But what a pity we cannot get some of this team involvement to rub off in other directions.
Frankly we are at our wits end to solve the ever-continuing hassle of obtaining boundary umpires for our minor grades.
We believe we pay a fir price and besides ... what about "the life be in it" part.
It is simple enough, you just put one foot after the other and you make a profit on a much healthier body.
We all know other clubs have the same problem ... what is wrong with football sport today ... does everyone want to sit around on their buttocks and wait for their football to be served to them by others ... ?  
You know it does not work that way and soon the "others" just crack up under the strain and hassle and there is no football at all. Surely there is enough caring people to prevent this from ever happening ... we would like a couple of them to assist our present pair of Bill Power and Geoff Anderson, two boundary umpires we are proud to have at our club.  

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