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 1977 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Sou'wester" August 28, 1977 - No. 20 

By Swan: Three good wins against Ardlethan on Sunday at Ex-Services ground and the Firsts are assured of playing in the second semifinal at Narrandera in three weeks' time.

The Firsts was an even game for most of the match with our fellows applying the pressure to run away easy winners on the day. For Griffith the best were John O'Donnell, Peter Vickery, Phil McGarry, Roy Agresta on the wing, Sid Robins, Glenn Harrison, John Candusso on the back line and Trevor Miller and Garry Smart in the ruck.

The Seconds easily deposed of Ardlethan after a quarter of even football and won handsomely, with Norm Alexander, Glen Hall, Darryl Collis and Drew Luhrs having good games with young Luhrs kicking 9 goals.

The Thirds were evenly contested all day and the result was in the balance right up to the final bell. With Joe Ammendolia, Max Turner, Darrell Collins and Billy Burton outstanding.

Award for the week: Caltex petrol, Phil McGarry; Denim Daks, John Candusso; Charles Dalton award, Drew Luhrs; Neville Dawson award, Joe Ammendolia.

Our footballer's ball - a great success I believe, and another 200 Club is on the way, get your tickets from the committee.

Today the Magpies on the Grong Grong ground and they won't be easy boys.  

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