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The first mention of Griffith in action with a match was in the Narrandera Argus of Friday 15th May 1914. "Murmurs from the Bush" On Saturday last Whitton Football Club played a team from Griffith, and after a splendid game, the "channel" boys beat the "reds" by the small margin of two points.

A football match was played here on Saturday between the local team and a team from Whitton. It was an even game all through, Whitton won the last quarter by two behinds. One of Griffith best men (Coyle) broke a finger during the match previous so he could not take his place. Those who played best for Griffith were Kuhn, Moore, Cox and Bratton.

(Daily Advertiser – Tuesday, 9 June 1914)

A football match was played on Saturday 13th June, 1914 between Griffith and Darlington Point. The game was fairly even in the first half, after which Griffith completely ran over their opponents, winning by 130 points to 18 points. Les Anderson, the well-known forward, played a great game kicking 10 goals and several behinds for the match. The other players for Griffith worthy of mention were Pouncer Wade, Paddy Wade and Thos. Rudd. Thos. Bratton was unfortunate in taking cramp and had to be carried off the ground, which was bad luck for Griffith as he is one of their best ruckman.

A grand supper was tendered the Griffith football team by Mr. Thos. Crimlisk at the Tango Tea-rooms, Mr. Jas. Slattery presiding. The function was a great success, songs being rendered by the following gentlemen. Mr John Miller, Mr. W. H. Marshall, Mr. M. Fallon. In conclusion Mr. Thos. Crimlisk fairly brought the house down with a comic song entitled "You're the One".

(Daily Advertiser – Thursday, 18 June 1914)

A football match was played between Griffith and a team from the Mission Station on Saturday 20th June, 1914 at Darlington Point and resulted in a win for Griffith by 48 to 8. Thos. Bratton, the well-known district player, played a brilliant game, and also captain Thos. Rudd an old Wagga player, played a good game. Other players worthy of mention were as follows; Paddy Wade, Pouncer Wade, John and Jas. Lodding and Chick M'Evey. Mr. Cresser acted as umpire.

A smoke social was tendered the two teams at the Darlington Point Hotel, Mr. Claude Hanna presiding. A very enjoyable evening was spent, songs being rendered by Messrs. Stucky, M. Chadwick and Mr. G. Haines.

(Daily Advertiser – Wednesday, 24 June 1914)

A football match was played on Saturday 27th June, 1914 between Griffith and Whitton. There is rivalry between these teams, and the match causes a great deal of excitement locally. Whitton turned up with there full force, likewise Griffith, and a splendid game was witnessed. Griffith won by 97 to 13. Pouncer and Paddy Wade played up to there usually high standard. Also all the Griffith boys played fine a game. Les Anderson, the Griffith forward was kicking very well. The best players for Whitton were Atchman, Fennell, Finley and Angel.                                          (Daily Advertiser – Wednesday, 1 July 1914)

A football match was played at Whitton on Saturday last, between Griffith and Whitton, and a great game was witnessed from start to finish. At half time the scores were Whitton 8 points, Griffith 3. During the third quarter Griffith scored a few more points, and Whitton failed to score. The match resulted in a win for Griffith by 22 points to 10. The best players for Griffith were Paddy Wade. "Pouncer" Wade, Harry Cox, E. Savage and T. Rudd.

Daily Advertiser – Wednesday, 8 July, 1914

District News - Whitton

On Saturday last a rattling game of football was played on the local grounds between a team from Griffith and our own. In the first quarter Griffith made the pace and scored four points to nil. The Whitton boys rallied well in the second and secured eight points to Griffith's one. The third resulted in Griffith getting 13 points to nil; while in the last portion of the game Griffith received 3 points and Whitton 6. The result being Griffith 26, Whitton 14. The visitors best players were Anderson, Wade (2); while Whitton's best were Ochtman, Angel, Elrington and Lodding. Whitton were unfortunate in losing their captain in the person of Mr Frank Fennell, through a broken ankle, received in the previous match at the Griffith grounds. We understand he is progressing satisfactorily, but is not likely to play much this season . Mr Gus. Uchtman in now acting captain.

(Narandera Argus - Friday 10 July, 1914)

A football match was played on Saturday 11th July, 1914 between the local Griffith team and a team from the Warangesda Mission. It was the best game ever played here up till half time. In the first quarter the scores were Griffith 8 points, Mission nil. At half time Griffith was 21 points Mission 2. The next quarter was very even, but in the last quarter Griffith forged ahead, the Mission team walking off the field in the last five minutes with the excuse that the umpire was unfair, which was not right. Griffith were fortunate in having the services of George Weeble, Bertie McDonald and Jim Bracey (late of Grong Grong), and Duprez of Cootamundra. The best players for Griffith were Paddy Wade, Pouncer Wade, Ted Savage, Les Anderson and Harry Cox. For the Mission team, Murray, Clements, Hamilton and Johnson were most prominent.                                                                  (Daily Advertiser – Thursday, 16 July 1914)

Last Saturday, Whitton Football Club met Darlington Point on the latter's ground. The match was unexciting, the scores being Whitton 39, Darlington Point 17. - The Point's best players were Messrs. Gleeson. and McKeown. Next Saturday the last match of the third round will he played between Warangesda Mission and Whitton on the Whitton ground. Whitton will then met Griffith to decide the Competition. Last Saturday at Griffith, during the third quarter of the match between Griffith and Warangesda Mission, the Darkies are reported to have walked off the field, and to have refused lo finish the game under the conditions then prevailing.

(Narandera Argus - Friday 17 July, 1914)

There was a game of football at Darlington Point between Narrandera and Griffith and it was a good game. The Griffith boys was too good, Griffith winning by 6 points. The best players for Griffith were Pat and Pouncer Wade, Thos. Rudd an old Newtown player (Wagga) and Les Anderson.                           (Daily Advertiser – Thursday, 30 July, 1914)


A football match under the Australian Association rules was played here on Saturday between the Narandera Imperials and a team selected from four clubs in the district. The following composed the Combined team:- Kewan, T. DeMamiel, C. Bartley (Darlington Point), S. Morgan, J. Hamilton, B. Hamilton, W. Hamilton, J. Donnolly (Warangesda), Finley, L. Turner, Robertson, Shearer (Whitton), T. Rudd, P. Wade, W. Wade, L. Anderson, J. Lodding (Griffith).

From the bell the home team attacked, and shortly after the start Kewan kicked the first goal for the district team, and Anderson scored at a later period. The first quarter ending with the scores: Combined team 12 points, Narandera nil. The second quarter opened with Narandera securing a behind, followed by C. Bartley kicking the third goal for the combined team. Another behind was then registered by Narandera and a little later Sheriff secured the ball and scored the first goal for Narandera but the combined team more than covered the deficiency for the quarter by Bartley kicking a goal followed by Anderson securing and placing another goal from a difficult angle - the kick being a particularly good one. At half time the score were Combined team 30 points, Narandera 8 points.

The third quarter was to Narandera favour. Frost registered a goal, and three behinds being kicked against two behinds for the Combined team. The scores when the bell went were Combined team 32 points, Narandera 17 points. The last quarter opened with a determined rush by Narandera which ended in a behind being secured. The combine team from the kick off rushed the ball into their opponents quarter - a behind resulting. Narandera from this made the pace and had the Combined team was on the defensive; two behinds and a goal being recorded in quick time; the game ended with another behind to the Narandera score.

The final scores were Combined team 33 points, Narandera 27 points. Mr Watt umpired the came. The Narandera team were entertained at dinner in the evening by the Combined team.

(Narandera Argus - Friday, 31 July, 1914).

Les "Snowy" Anderson, Jim Bracey, C Branston, Tom Bratton, James Carr, Wilf Carr (Secretary), J Cowling, L Cowling, Harry Cox, J Cox, J Daly, Herb Dempsey, William Duprez,  W Groves, F Hunter, Kuhl, Jim Lodding, John Lodding, William Lodding, T McLean, Mick Maclive, Bertie McDonald, Chick McEvey, John Miller, Moore, F Murphy, Thomas Rudd, Ted Savage, William 'Pouncer' Wade, Patrick "Paddy" Wade, George Wade, George Weeble. 

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