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At a meeting held in the Lyceum Lodge Room on Monday evening last , March 30 an Australian Rules Club was formed. The meeting was a most enthusiastic one, and the following were present: Messrs. J. G. Casserly (Chairman), J. Wood, W. Booth senr., J. Haines, W. Maher, F. Bartley, W. Wade, C. Bone, W. Foster, J. Osborne, G. Rodgers, H. Chadney, G. Russell, J Daines, R. Stevenson, P. Darcy, J. Barrow, Geaghan, G. Dicker and P. J. Slattery.
It was decided to endevour to obtain permission to the Yanco District Association. Mr. Casserly was elected president (pro temp.), Mr. W Maher, secretary (pro temp.), and those present formed themselves into a committee with the power to add. Next meeting takes place on Tuesday evening, April 7 in the Lyceum Lodge at 7.30 pm.
(The Area News - Thursday April 2, 1925).

During the holidays Australian Rules enthusiasts have been busy clearing a portion of the recreation ground, adjoining the Showground of which it is proposed to play competition games this season. Much more work remains to be done and all supporters are asked to leave their names with Mr. William Maher Jnr. or at the Area News office. The Leeton Club is anxious to meet the Griffith team at Leeton on Sunday, and endeavor is to be made to accommodate them. Those wishing to make the trip should communicate with the secretary immediately.
(The Area News - Thursday April 16, 1925).

The recently re-formed Griffith Football Club held a very successful meeting on Thursday evening, (April 23) in the Lyceum Lodge.
Those present were J. G. Casserly (Chairman), R Thompson, J Barrow, F. R. Polkinghorne, W. O'Grady, G. Towart, G. Rodgers, J. Osborne, G. Russell, T. Barnes, C. Kurtz, R. Stevenson, P. Darcy, W. Maher jnr., P. J. Slattery, W. Bamford, L. Anderson, J. Wood and J. Haines.
Office Bearers: President, J. G. Casserly; Vice Presidents, W. Booth, F. R. Polkinghorne, R. Thomson, Secretary, W. Maher; Treasurer, P. J. Slattery; Committee, J. Barrow, P. Darcy, G. Towart, W. O'Grady, J. Osborne; Delegates, P. Darcy, R. Thomson.
Selection committee, captain and vice-captain, non-playing J. French, G. Bruce, H. Dempsey.
Membership at 5/-, Black and Gold, club colors. 
Competition starts against Leeton, Sunday May 3 at Leeton.
(The Area News - Monday April 27, 1925).

A delegate meeting of the M.I.A. League was held at Whitton on April 24. Delegates present were: Whitton, Keeble and Luhrs; Darlington Point, Coombes and Stevenson; Wilga, McGrath and Sullivan; Griffith, J. Wood and P. Darcy; Murrami, R. Crozier and H. D. Anderson; Stanbridge, Poulsen and Briggs; Leeton, Gavel and Swasbrick; Yanco, Hennessey and Waring.
Mr. Neil was elected chairman and in opening the meeting said he was pleased to see a fine gathering, which proved beyond doubt the interest taken in the Australian Rules of football.
Only two years ago it was very difficult to arrange a competition and now their are eight team competing. A large percentage of the players had come from the rugby ranks, and having acquired a knowledge of the Australian Rules are convinced that it is the more scientific game.
An application from Griffith for admission to the League was received and this was unanimously agreed to.  It was pointed out in Griffith that rugby had got a hold but a large percentage of lovers of good football still longed for the Australian Rules, and Griffith was commended for the move it had decided upon.
On the motion of Mr Thomson (Griffith), seconded by Mr. Sullivan (Wilga), a vote of thanks was carried by acclimation to Messrs. Gavel and Roberts for donation of the Gavel - Roberts Cup.
Conditions applying to this are: That the premiers of the year be challenged by the premiers of last year; winners of those teams to retain the Cup.
The "Johnny Walker" Cup (the competition Cup), has to be won two years in succession or three years in all.
Applications were received from the Secretary and Treasurer for permission to play  in the M.I.A. League, as being office bearers they were not eligible.
On the motion of Mr. R. Thomson, seconded by Mr. Gavel, it was resolved that all office bearers be allowed to play.
Mr. Gavel announced that he would present a medal to the best and cleanest player, as decided by the umpire after each match. The names to be sent to the secretary and balloted at the end of the season. The object of this is to encourage the players to play the ball and not the man.
Mr. Gavel's offer was much appreciated. He had played every game of football and is one of the best workers for the League in it's object to keep the Australian Rules game going in New South Wales.
The executives dealt with the matter of umpire's with six being accepted, viz., Messrs. A. Tonkin, J. Adams, R. Alexander, W. Swasbrick, J. Lodding and Brennan.
(The Area News - May 4, 1925)

MIAFL Round 1 - Sunday May 3, 1925 at Leeton Showground 
Leeton "B" ... 0.4 (4)
Griffith ......... 6.6 (42)
Match report: Fine weather, a trifil on the warm side for football favored the opening matches of the local Australian Rules competition played under the auspices of the M.I.A. Football.  
Being the first competition game of the season most of the players showed lack of condition but there was plenty of enthusiasm amongst the younger players and everything points to the competition being the most exciting yet held in the area.
The games as follows: Griffith defeated Leeton "B" by 6 goals 6 behinds - 42 points to 4 points. Whitton defeated Darlington Point by 5 goals 10 behinds - 40 points to 5 goals 5 behinds - 35 points.
Yanco had a easy win over Stanbridge 29 to 15 and Wilga defeated Murrami by 137 points to 1.
The outstanding player was Jack Haines in the position of goal sneak, who's work in the air was first class and invoked the admiration of all. Goal kickers for Wilga were J Haines 5, J Galbraith 5, A McGroder 3, H Tilden 2, D Finley 2, and J Daines
The Leeton - Griffith match was played on the Showground before a moderate attendance. The umpire, Jack Adams, before bouncing the ball gave a few instructions to the players. He said that he would observe the new rule in regards to out of bounds. That is, if the ball is wilfully kicked out, a free kick will be given to the nearest man on the opposing side. If the ball goes out accidentally the boundary umpire will come in five yards and bounce the ball. The umpire further said that he would make them play to the whistle and that it would be no use squealing because he would take no notice of them. He also had instructions from the League to report any player using bad language while on the playing area.
The teams were represented by the followng players:-
Griffith: P Darcy (capt), F Polkinghorne (vice-capt), L Anderson, W Bamford, J Barrow, J Casserly, H Chadney, F Eardley, F Fennell, W Foster,  W James, S O'Halloran, E McCleod, W O'Grady, C & R Stevenson, G Towart, W. Wilkinson
Leeton B: K Markey, Rosewall, E Trethewey, Maybon, V Brady, L Southee, J Grigg, Leighton, T Saker, Gregory, L McLeish, Ryan, J Brennan, Taylor, A Harding, Simmons, D Ayres, J Schwab
Umpire: J Adams (Narrandera)
Leeton opened up the game with plenty of dash and all being attired in red and white jerseys they looked as if they were going to run over the visitors, who wore assorted coloured guernsey's. Griffith, however, were not long in returning the attack and a single was scored by Griffith within a couple of minutes play.
The Leeton team made all the mistakes it was practically possible to make in the game. The back men repeatedly kicked across their own goals, the forwards would always rush in and crowd around their goalsneak and spoil numerous chances of scoring.
The rushing in of players happened in all points of the ground, instead of having one man do his best to get the ball, three or four players would rush in and then their would be nobody to send the leather out to.
Leeton had control of the ball most of the time but no good was ever done while half a dozen good players, who were fed, saved Griffith. This half a dozen knew what to do with the ball and it was them that brought success to Griffith. 

MIAFL Round 2 - Sunday May 10, 1925 at Griffith
Griffith ....... 12.13 (85)
Murrami ..... 2.3 (15)
Griffith: F Polkinghorne (capt.), L Anderson, W Bamford, J Barrow, J Casserly, H Chadney, F Eardley, F Fennell, W Foster, J Fox, W James, E McCleod,  S O'Halloran, W O'Grady,
W Owen,  C & R Stevenson, W Wilkinson.
Umpire: J Tonkin (Leeton)
Match report: The newly formed Griffith team was again successful on Sunday, and continued their good record that began so well at Leeton by defeating Murrami by 85 points to 15.
It was unfortunate that owing to the limited time the club has had in which to go to work, the preparation of the new ground was not completed in time for the match so that the game was played on a hastily improvised ground near the Rural School. Nevertheless, the spectators were treated to a good lively game of football.
Griffith vigorously opened the attack but owing to be confined to one wing by the cross wind, their shooting was very bad and a number of singles was piled up before the first goal was scored. The Murrumi team did not score until the last quarter but they defended well, and their attack gave Griffith men plenty to do.
Griffith missed their captain Jim Darcy on the wing but his place was filled by Fred Eardley, who, with Fennell, Wilkinson and Frank Polkinghorne was responsible for the best of play for the locals.
Praise was universal for the umpire Tonkin, who always kept the game well in hand, and though he strictly enforced the rules of the game, both sides equally appreciated his impartiality.
After the match a pleasant little gathering was held at Mr. Pat Boyle's cafe, where the local team entertained the visitors at tea, and when ever football appetites were satisfied by the generous catering. The Murrami team expressed their appreciation of the Griffith team's courtesy and of the dainty quality and ample quantities of Mr. Boyle's service.
Other matches, Yanco and Darlington Point played a drawn game, each scoring 22 points. Leeton "B" were defeated by Stanbridge 30-69 and Wilga suffered defeat at the hands of Whitton by 20 points to 5 points.

MIAFL Round 3 - Sunday May 17, 1925 at Yanco
Griffith forfeit to Yanco

MIAFL Round 4 - Sunday May 24, 1925 at Griffith
Griffith .... 5.11 (41)
Wilga ....... 1.0 (6)
Match report: Spectators at the Griffith - Wilga match on Sunday were treated to an exciting game of good football. The play was fast and open, and though Wilga (last season's premiers) were ably to score only one goal, they kept the home team busy from start to finish. Their forwards, however, were too weak for Griffith's sturdy defence.
Wilga opened the game with a vigorous attack but Griffith speedly got possession and scored within a few minutes. Wilga defended well but the home team with a slight wind in their favour made the most of their advantage and kept the play for the rest of the quarter.
In the second quarter Wilga looked like turning the table, and early in play scored from a  free kick near the goal but Griffith proved too good for them and forced the game back to the visitors goal.
At half-time the scores were 23 to 6.
In the second half Wilga tried hard to catch up but though time after time they forced the play over the centre line, the home team defence was always too good. 
A feature of the game was the Griffith combination. It was certainly far from perfect but it was pleasing to note the improvement in their passing which was largely responsible for their success.
The big ground, too, seemed to help them and the club is to complimented on its energy in getting it so well prepared in such a short time.
The best players for Griffith were Darcy, Eardley, Polkinghorne, Fennell, Anderson and Bob Stevenson. Captain, Jim Darcy was particularly prominent.
After the match the visitors were entertained at a temporary buffer where the ladies had prepared a tempting spread of tea and cake for them. 

MIAFL Round 5 - Sunday May 31, 1925 at Griffith
Griffith .................. 5.12 (42)
Darlington Point ... 2.8 (20)
Umpire: J Haines (Wilga)
Match report: A record crowd assembled at the new ground on Sunday to witness a rattling fast game of football. Though Griffith were fortunate enough to add another victory to their unbeaten record, their opponents gave them the hardest game of the season, and kept the local lads busy all the time.
The 'Point opened with the wind in their favour and quickly gave evidence of their mettle. The play was very fast and even, and though Griffith managed to score a few singles it was nobody's quarter.
In the second quarter, however, Griffith made the most of their advantage and scored rapidly, though the shooting was not the best. The visitors defended well but the local men were too good for them. Bamford on the forward line doing particularly good work.
At half-time the scores were Griffith 31 points, 'Point nil.
In the third quarter, the 'Point opened well forcing the game vigorously into their opponent's goal. They scored repeatedly and Griffith supporters began to get nervous but bad shooting prevented them from seriously endangering the local team's big lead. It was not until almost on the bell that Griffith managed to get the ball away, and by a fast bit of smart passing scored a single.
The last quarter was fairly even as far as scoring was concerned but was marred, as was the third quarter by too much crowding. In this quarter, the Point was largely responsible, and they were successful in keeping most of the play in Griffith's half but the local defence was always alert and kept the visitor from reducing the lead.
The game as a whole was fast and good but it was regrettable that Griffith did not maintain the standard of passing and system, which was exhibited in the Wilga match.
Final scores were Griffith 42, Darlington Point 20.
The best players for Griffith were Darcy, Polkinghorne, Fennell, Eardley, Anderson and Bamford.

Goalkickers: Bamford 2, Chadney, O'Halloran and Anderson. 
Owning to some misunderstanding the Association umpire did not turn up and the teams were compelled to requisition the service of Jack Haines jnr., who, conducted the game well and to the satisfaction of both sides. 
After the match the visitors was entertained by the ladies to tea and cake and they unanimously expressed their appreciation to the ladies dainty and ample catering.

MIAFL Round 6 - Sunday June 7, 1925 at Griffith
Griffith ......... 13.15 (93)
Stanbridge ... 2.4 (16)
Umpire: J Lodding
Match report: The game on Sunday added another success to Griffith's unbroken list but for the onlookers it was rather too one-sided to be really interesting. Stanbridge stuck gamely to the finish but were outclassed by the local team. Griffith opened kicking with the wind, and right from the bounce they took possession. Passing smartly, they required a goal before Stanbridge had time to get a move on. The visitors soon woke up, however, gave the local's back line some work to do and managed to score a few points but Griffith made most of their advantage and piled up 34 points before the first bell.
The second quarter was a little more even but Griffith continued playing well together and had easily the best of the quarter.
In the second half the game still continued lively, and although Stanbridge did not manage to score much, they kept the local backs busy. Griffith continued to increase their lead but did not play to well together and gave away a good deal that with another team might have cost them dearly. It was perhaps only natural with a big lead to take things easily but it is a bad habit to get into, particularly when they are capable of doing much better. The final scores were Griffith 93, Stanbridge 16.
The umpire J. Lodding, refereed well and kept the game open and under control right through.
The best players for Griffith were Eardley, Fennell, Anderson, Bamford, R Stevenson and C Stevenson.  
A feature of the game was some splendid marking by Bob Stevenson, who seemed to be improving every match. Bill Doyle a new player showed plenty of dash on the wing, and proved  of a permanent place in the team. 
Goalkickers for Griffith were Bamford 4, Fennell 3, O'Halloran 2, C Stevenson 2, Wilkinson and O'Grady. 
After the match the visitors were entertained by the ladies for tea. As usual the supply of dainties was ample, even for football appetites and much credit is due to the ladies committee for there generous catering and assistance. These little functions go far towards that feeling of good fellowship between team and team which is one of the most pleasing features of the game.

MIAFL Round 7 - Sunday June 14, 1925 at Whitton Recreation Ground
Whitton defeated by Griffith

MIAFL Round 8 - Sunday June 21, 1925 at Murrami
Murrami defeated by Griffith

MIAFL Round 9 - Sunday June 28, 1925 at Griffith
Griffith defeated Leeton "B"

MIAFL Round 10 - Sunday July 5, 1925 at Griffith
Griffith .... 8.11 (59)
Yanco ...... 4.9 (33)
Griffith: F Polkinghorne (capt), L Anderson, W Bamford, F Eardley, F Fennell, J Harris,  W James, McCuffs, McKay, W O'Grady,  J & W Owen, A Scott, C & R Stevenson, G Towart, Wilkinson, E A Wood
Match report: Despite the inclement weather a good number of supporters rolled up to see a match on Sunday last, and were rewarded amply for their enthusiasm by being treated to the finest match of the season.
Though the strong wind to a certain extent spoiled the game, the play was fast, even and exciting right to the finish. Both team were out to do their very best and it was not until well into the last quarter that the game was decided in Griffith's favour.
Yanco had advantage of the wind in the first quarter but they had to fight very hard fo every point they had scored. Griffith defended well and more than once succeeded in forcing the game into the visitors  half but they were unable to score. Yanco played solidly and before the bell managed to put a score of 2 goals, 6 behinds.
With the change over, however, Griffith began to show their mettle and it was not long before Anderson, picking the ball up smartly out of the ruck, snapped a "sixer". Bill Bamford followed shortly with another goal from a fine mark in front. 
Yanco were fighting hard but the local lads kept on bombarding the goal. The wind, however, made it difficult to kick with any judgment and the ball was continually going out of bounds. And it was not until just before the bell that Allan Scott succeeded in smartly snapping the third goal. 
The scored at half-time were Griffith, 3 goals 10 behinds - 28 points; Yanco, 2 goals 6 behinds - 18 points.
With the third quarter the wind began to die down and permitted the game to become more open. This suited both teams who were holding their condition well. Yanco particularly showed several smart bits of passing. Griffith were too good for them, however, and Snowy Anderson delighted everyone by snapping three in succession. Yanco retaliated by scoring a single and were nearly successful in forcing a goal but Owen got Griffith and relieved the situation. The ball was passed down the field to Wack O'Grady and from a mark, drop kicked a beautiful goal. Bob Stevenson followed soon after with another, the last of the day.
The final scores were Griffith 8 goals 11 behinds, 59 points; Yanco 4 goals 9 behinds, 39 points. 
The best players for Griffith were F Polkinghorne, L Anderson, W Bamford, F Fennell, A Scott and C Stevenson
Goal kickers were L Anderson 4, W Bamford, W O'Grady, A Scott, R Stevenson.

MIAFL Round 11 - Sunday July 12, 1925 at Wilga Station
Wilga ..... 4.8 (32)
Griffith .... 7.6 (48)
Match report: Griffith journeyed to Wilga last Sunday and on a muddy ground meet and defeated the locals 7 goals 6 behinds, 48 points to 4 goals 8 behinds, 32 points. The shocking conditions on the playing area spoilt the match from a spectator point of view and the high wind added to the difficulties.

MIAFL Round 12 - Sunday July 19, 1925 at Darlington Point Oval
Darlington Point ... 5.6 (36)
Griffith .................. 5.10 (40)
Goals: Griffith: L Anderson 3, W Bamford, J Wood 
Best: Griffith: F Polkinghorne, F Fennell, F Eardley, L Anderson,
J & W Owen, J Wood 
Griffith: F Polkinghorne (capt ), L Anderson, W Bamford, T Barnes, J Brown,  F Eardley, F Fennell, A Flynn, W James,
McCufffs, McKay, W O'Grady, S O'Halloran, J & W Owen, A Scott,  C & R Stevenson, W Wilkinson, J Wood.

MIAFL Round 13 - Sunday July 26, 1925 at Stanbridge
Stanbridge defeated by Griffith

MIAFL Round 14 - Sunday August 2, 1925 at Griffith
Griffith ...... 6.7 (43)
Whitton .... 4.0 (24)
Match report: Whitton journeyed to Griffith on Sunday and a battle royal resulted. Griffith forced the play from the bounce and caught Whitton napping. Griffith scoring 3 goals in the first term. The next three quarters were even, each team scoring goal for goal. Joe Brennan's umpiring was good.

MIAFL First Semi Final - Sunday August 16, 1925 at Whitton Recreation Ground
Yanco 38 defeated Wilga 36
Match report: Yanco football team attained, almost the impossible on Sunday last  at Whitton, when they pulled up their deficiency of 29 points and established a lead of 2 points all in the last quarter against Wilga. It was the first semi-final of the M.I.A. Local Australian Rules competition, and about 500 onlookers shouted till they were hoarse, such was the excitement that prevailed at Whitton. The weather was perfect and encouraged people to take advantage of whatever vehicle, they could get hold of to make the trip.

MIAFL Second Semi Final - Sunday August 23, 1925 at Leeton Showground
Griffith .... 4.8 (32)
Whitton ... 3.5 (23)
Match report: Despite the rain of Friday and Saturday, the Griffith and Whitton clubs managed to get through by road on Sunday and meet in the second semi final of the M.I.A. (local) Competition at Leeton. Though a little slippery on the eastern boundary, the Leeton showground was in pretty good order for football. There was a fairly stiff breeze blowing from the south-west and this aided to a considerable extent to keep the scoring mostly at the town goal. The attendance was not nearly so numerous as expected, a great percentage of those present attended in motor cars. The teams were represented by the following players;
Griffith: F Polkinghorne (capt), L Anderson, W Doyle, F Eardley, F Fennell, A Flynn, W Foster, W James, D Kennett, McCuffs, McKay, W O'Grady, J Owen, W Owen, A Scott, C Stevenson, R Stevenson, W Wilkinson, J Wood
Whitton: Keeble, W Smith, G Davidson, Davidson, Confoy, B Lloyd, T Lloyd, L Polkinghorne, D McAliece, W McAliece, E Elliott, Flood, C Taylor, N Taylor, C Lodding, W Warburton, Gerring, R Rice 
Mr. A. Tonkin was referee. 
When Whitton playing with the wind scored 2 goals 2 behinds — 14 points to nil in the first quarter, it looked very much as if they were going to have a runaway win, but in the second quarter Griffith came to within 2 points their score, piling up 1 goal 6 behinds 12 points while Whitton failed to add to their score. It was plainly seen that Whitton lacked combination. Individually their players appeared to be better than the black and golds, but it was on the rarest occasions did the 'Reds' attempt to play to one another. It was get the ball and run till your tackled. Griffith on the other hand did pick out their men, but their forwards were exceptionally weak and missed numerous opportunities  to score. 
In the third quarter the scoring was again very low Whitton scoring 1 goal 2 behinds and Griffith scored 1 goal, making the total scores at the end of the third quarter: — Whitton, 3 goals 4 behinds — 22 points, Griffith 2 goals 6 behinds — 18 points. One of the behinds registered by Whitton was nearest possible to a goal; the ball just skidded the post — a touch sufficient to register a behind The Griffith goal was the result of a pretty piece of combination play, O'Grady finishing it off. Whitton, however, took the wind out of opposition sails  by scoring their goal also immediately after from a 'free.'
The last quarter was a cramped up sort of game. Both sides helped to keep the game close and scoring was very slow. Whitton registered a single and Griffith two behinds and the score kept at that till a few minutes off the final whistle, when Griffith made a determined onslaught and after repeated attacks a mark was taken in a grand scoring position and the winning goal was kicked. This 'sixer' took  the dash out of the 'Reds' who had defended their goals magnificently and Griffith added another goal before the final bell.
The final scores were:— Griffith 4 goals 8 behinds— 32 points; Whitton 3 goals 5 behinds — 23 points.
During the interval 'Snowy' Carr gave a good exhibition of buckjump riding. He was given a pretty tough problem to sit on by C. Wilcox, still he stuck to his seat and was loudly, applauded when he leapt from the saddle after the horse had ceased its aerial stunts.                    (Murrumbidgee Irrigator - Tuesday August 25, 1925).

MIAFL Competition Final - Sunday August 30, 1925 at Whitton Recreation Ground
Griffith .....0.1 ..  0.2 .. 2.5 .. 3.8 (26)
Yanco ..... 0.1 .. 2.3 .. 3.6 .. 4.9 (33)
Goals: Griffith: W Bamford, W O'Grady, C Stevenson
Yanco: G Dickerson, P Clayton, B Thompson, H Currey
Yanco: T Black (capt), N Farrell (vice-capt), H Currey, A Currey, G Neill, J Quinton,  F Thompson, B Thompson, A Taylor, J Eurell, G Taylor, G Dickerson, P Clayton, E Jones, B Alexander, H O'Grady, C McCann and C Taylor.
Griffith: F Polkinghorne (capt), L Anderson, W Bamford, W Doyle, F Eardley, F Fennell, A Flynn, W James, McCuffs, McKay, W O'Grady, J Owen,  W Owen, A Scott,  C Stevenson, R Stevenson, W. Wilkinson, J Wood
Umpire: A Tonkin (Leeton)
Match report: The M.I.A. Australian Rules competition was brought to an end as far as the 1925 season goes on Sunday last,  when the winning teams of the semi finals - Yanco and Griffith met on the Whitton ground.
It was a remarkable afternoon for Whitton as never before had that town been the meeting place of so many people. With about fifty or sixty motor vehicles in it's street and an almost equal number of horse drawn conveyance, the main part of the township looked crowded prior to and after the match.
The greater bulk of the six or seven hundred people present at the match were from Yanco and Leeton. In enthusiasm and sincere barracking could win a match then Yanco won the game when they left their township at 1 p.m. For they were cheered along their nineteen mile journey by their followers who made a held display of the club's colours maroon and gold.
Every available motor truck was utilised to carry this "sporty" freight and in some cases the enthusiasts went to the extra expense of decorating their cars. Still more enthusiastic were those that made the long journey from Yanco to Whitton on horse and sulky. Yet it was all worth while for they saw a great game.
Their team came home winners and the smiles that were carried out broadened into cheery laughter and gave vent  to other expressions of great glee on their homeward journey. There was a breakdown of a minor kind but what did that matter with such a cheery lot. It only went to make them feel more happier as they were suffering a bit of inconvenience for their home town Yanco.
The Yanco players for their part showed that they were well worthy of the keen support given them. To a man they played with all the energy and grit they could muster and it was only their perfect condition that allowed them to defeat their more experienced and worthy opponents.
The Griffith Club did not have anything like the number of supporters but the clean manner in which they played earn't for them the respect of the onlookers and the latter were not slow to applause a good mark or a brilliance piece of play, no matter what colours the players were wearing.
As the scores indicate the game was a close one and each side were fairly evenly matched. Yanco had slightly the better luck but Griffith through missing a couple of golden opportunities lost themselves the match. Each side was satisfied they had their best teams. 
Griffith, as minor premiers have exercised their right to challenge Yanco. This grand final between Yanco and Griffith will be player on Sunday next at Yanco.
(Murrumbidgee Irrigator - Tuesday September 1, 1925)

MIAFL Challenge Final - Sunday  September 6, 1925 at Yanco Sportsground
Yanco ...... 0.2 .. 2.11 .. 3.11 .. 5.18 (48)
Griffith .... 0.3 .. 0.3 .. 5.4 .. 6.4 (40)
Match report: There was a record crowd at Yanco on Sunday afternoon to witness the Grand Final between Griffith and Yanco in the M.I.A. Australian Rules competition.
The residence of Leeton had attended in large numbers and swelled considerably the big gathering of Yanco supporters. An appreciable number of football fans also attended from Griffith, Whitton and Stanbridge.
At first it was thought Yanco would have a runaway victory over Griffith, as the latter team were without four of its picked men. Fred Eardley being sick, Bill Bamford away, and the Stevenson brothers, Bob and Charlie hadn't turned up.
Griffith went on the field with 16 men but aided by a still breeze they managed to hold Yanco during the first quarter. The scores at the end of the term were Griffith 3 behinds, Yanco 2 behinds.
In the second quarter Yanco piled up a big score, mostly singles, and at half time the teams stood; Yanco 2 goals, 11 behinds - 23 points; Griffith 3 behinds - 3 points.
After the half time interval Griffith put on two emergencies as agreed between the two teams earlier in the match and took a turn at goal, adding five goals for the third quarter. Griffith 5 goals 4 behinds - 34 points; Yanco 3 goals 11 behinds - 29 points.
Excitement grew intense when the final term commenced and Yanco made one sustained attack for the whole quarter. The Yanco players took some splendid marks but some bad luck when kicking for goal resulted in six singles being registered putting Yanco in the lead by one point.
Then Griffith managed by one of their good combine moves to score a goal, bringing them back to the lead. Not for long, however, as a major was the next score, then a minor giving the locals a lead of two points. A "sixer" before the bell put victory beyond all doubt for the maroon and gold.
The final scores were Yanco 5 goals, 18 behinds - 48 points; Griffith 6 goals, 4 behinds - 40 points.
(Murrumbidgee Irrigator - Tuesday September 8, 1925)

Roberts / Gavel Cup - Sunday September 20, 1925 at Whitton Recreation Ground
Wilga ..... 2.1 .. 2.8 .. 5.12 .. 6.12 (48)
Yanco .... 0.1 .. 3.3 .. 3.4 .. 3.8 (26)
Match report: A fine and sunny spring day, rather too warm for football was the weather for Sunday last, when Yanco premiers for 1925, and Wilga, 1924 premiers met at Whitton to decide who should become possessors of the Roberts-Gavel Cup, which was presented to the M.I.A. League competition.
Mr. J. Lodding was the umpire and he kept the game moving for the four quarters. There was a large attendance of onlookers, most of them travelling from Yanco and Leeton per motor bus and motor car, though Wilga had a large amount of supporters from the district outside the irrigation area.
The boys of Yanco were defeated by men, who had an older knowledge of the game. Yanco gave away too many free kicks and it was that which cost them the game. "Pouncer" Wade, a real old identity as a footballer gained numerous free kicks by his tactful methods.
The wearers of the maroon and gold also lost their heads a little and paid more attention to the man than the ball, though their was a little rough play with sandwiching and side-on bumps were the greatest offences.
Wilga had the wind with them in the first quarter, and scored 2 goals, 8 behinds to 1 behind. In the second quarter Yanco scored freely and at half-time the  scores were: Yanco 3 goals 3 behinds, Wilga 2 goals 8 behinds. At the end of the third quarter the score were: Wilga 5 goals 12 behinds to Yanco 3 goals 4 behinds. The final scores were Wilga 6 goals 12 behinds - 48 points to Yanco 3 goals 8 behinds - 26 points.
For the greater part of the game Yanco played one man short, J Eurell received a nasty kick on the leg, putting him off the field for the remainder of the match.
During the afternoon the Leeton District Band rendered musical numbers, which was appreciated by the big concource of people.
The Wilga team that defeated Yanco for the Roberts-Gavel Cup was: D Finley (capt.), T Finley, M Johnston, T Johnston, J Patterson, H Ray, G De Mamiel, A McGrader, A McGrath, R Guest, J Galbraith, J Nish, R Sullivan, W Wade, J Haines, H Tilden C Bone and J Relihan.
(Murrumbidgee Irrigator - Tuesday September 22, 1925).

Les Anderson, Bill Bamford, Tom Barnes, John Barrow, Joe Brown, Harold Chadney, Joe G. Casserly, Jim Darcy, Bill Doyle, Fred Eardley, Fred Fennell, Bill Foster, Jack Fox, Arthur Flynn, J. Harris, W. James, Don Kennett, Clarrie Kurtz, E. McLeod, McCuffs, McKay, Wack O'Grady, Sid O'Halloran, F.W. "Bill" Owen, Jack Owen, Frank Polkinghorne, George Rodgers, Allan Scott, Bob Stevenson, Charlie Stevenson, Bob Thomson, George Towart, W. Wilkinson, Edgar "Jack" Wood.

Debuts: Bill Bamford, Tom Barnes, John Barrow, Harold Chadney, Joe G. Casserly, Jim Darcy, Bill Doyle, Fred Eardley, Fred Fennell, Bill Foster, Jack Fox, Arthur Flynn, J. Harris, W. James, Clarrie Kurtz, E. McLeod, McCuffs, McKay, Wack O'Grady, Bill Owen, Jack Owen, George Rodgers, Bob Stevenson, Charlie Stevenson, Bob Thomson, George Towart, W. Wilkinson. 
Final Games: Bill Bamford, Tom Barnes, John Barrow, Joe Brown, Harold Chadney, Jim Darcy, Bill Doyle, Fred Fennell, Bill Foster, Arthur Flynn, J. Harris, W. James, Don Kennett, E. McLeod, McCuffs, McKay, Sid O'Halloran, George Rodgers, Bob Thomson, George Towart, W. Wilkinson.

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