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Australian Rules followers are to meet at the Lyceum Theatre, Griffith on Saturday, 9th April, for the purpose of forming a club strong enough to down any similar organisation within a reasonable distance of Griffith. Although there will not be much difficulty, experiences in securing the necessary support, it is felt that the matter of securing a suitable playground will be difficult.
(Murrumbidgee Irrigator - April 4, 1921)

A meeting for purpose of forming the above club in Griffith on Thursday evening last, Mr. A. Dossetor occupying the chair. Mr. P. J. Slattery agreed to carry out the secretarial duties pro tem.
Messrs. W. Owen, O. Dihm and F. A. Taylor were nominated for Presidentship, but the first two withdrew in favor of Mr. Taylor, who was declared elected and took charge of the meeting.
Messrs Keary and Dihm were elected vice-presidents; Mr. E. A. "Jack" Wood, treasurer; Mr. E. Jones, guernsey steward and Mr. E. A.  "Jack" Wood, coach.
It was decided that the club should supply players guernsey and stockings, each player to find his own knicks.
It was agreed that Messrs. Dihm, Scott and Cunningham be deputed to wait on the proper authority with regards to securing a ground for the season.
Membership was fixed at 5/- and honorary membership at 2/6. Mr. Bert Jones donated £1/1/-, Mr. Jack Wood £1/1/- and Mr. Keary 10/-.
The matter of forming an association was left to the hands of the secretary to obtain all particulars with regard to what other teams along the were doing, and to call a meeting at an early date.
The committee formed consisted of the following:- Messrs P. Brogan, A. Dossetor, L. Baird, H. Parker, J. Swasbrick, Davidson, K. Cunningham, J. McPherson, F. Polkinghorne, Scott, J. Lodding, J. Turner, F. Turner, R. Munday, W. Hunter, J. Collier, H. Densey, N. Chandler, E. Mayes, B. Jones, M. Keary, M. Savage, McCann, F. Savage, Jack Dare, Ted Savage, Les Lucas, E. Savage, W. Owen, S. Henderson, D. Kennett, R. Campbell, Jack Campbell, A. Popple, L. Merritt, G. O'Donnell, and Walter Tilden. 
(Murrumbidgee Irrigator - April 16, 1921)

A meeting of delegates from various towns along the Temora-Griffith line was held at Ardlethan, Saturday evening last. Although the Griffith Club only learnt of the intention to hold a meeting on the evening previous, Messrs. Bert Jones and Keary kindly came to the rescue and despite considerable personal inconvenience made the trip.
After much wrangling the meeting decided that clubs from Griffith to Ariah Park would be invited to join the association. The first meeting is to be held at Kamarah on Saturday, 21st Inst. Griffith club will require its financial position to be made pretty solid to withstand the big initial outlay.
An idea of same might be derived from the following dues:- Wagga Council, £2/2/-; Association, Fee £2/2/-; Train Guarantee, 10 weekly; Umpires Fee £3/2/-; Medical Fund £2/2/-; Good faith money£ 2/2/-. Registering of players, 1/- per man.
(Murrumbidgee Irrigator - May 10, 1921)

A largely attended meeting was held at French's Coffee Palace on Thursday evening last. It was unanimously decided to form a football club to be designated the Yenda District Football Club, playing Australian Rules, and delegates were appointed to arrange all details with Griffith, Binya and Hanwood, which will bring about the successful running of a competition between the four clubs.
At the meeting, 30 signified their enthusiasm by immediatly joining the club, and it is anticipated that the vclub will be very strong in numbers within the next few weeks. Mr. James Watt is president, Mr John French, treasurer, and Mr. M. McGrath, secretary. The jerseys chosen are to be maroon.
(Murrumbidgee Irrigator - June 6, 1921)​

GDFA Round 1 - Sunday June 19, 1921 at Binya
Binya ...... 0.1 .. 2.4 .. 2.4 .. 4.5 (29)
Griffith .... 4.0 .. 6.1 .. 6.2 .. 6.2 (38)
Goals: Binya: J Young 2, J Murphy, J Ellis
Griffith: W Hunter 2, W Wade 2, W Blackburn, H Dempsey
Umpire: P. Waide (Barellan)    
Match report: The first round of the Griffith District Football Association commenced on Sunday when Griffith journeyed to Binya and won despite scoring one point after half-time while Yenda visited Hanwood and proved the victors by 61 to 11.

(By "The Man on the Fence")
Four teams are competing in the above football (Aust. Rules) association:— Griffith, Hanwood, Yenda and Binya. The association's headquarters is at Yenda. Mr. Jas. Watts is president and Mr. M. McGrath, secretary, both live Yenda residents.
The Griffith-Binya match caused considerable interest. There were a good number of Yenda supporters present, and the hospitality of the ladies in providing tea for the visitors was much appreciated. Mr. Pat Waide, Barellan's well-known footballer, umpired the match and was most impartial. He had a stiff proposition before him in handling a match so early in the season when players are raw and in cases not too conversant with the rules. Umpires in cases like this are as a rule too strict and make the game too slow by repeatedly "freekicking." However, on this occasion Mr. Waide struck the "happy medium" and his decisions on the whole met with general  approval.
Excitement was at its highest in the last two quarters. In the third quarter although Griffith had the advantage of the wind and had the ball round Binya's goal for practically the whole quarter, Binya, by heroic efforts on the part of Ken Mathieson and others not known to the writer, prevented Griffith scoring. In the last quarter Binya had Griffith in a quandary. The visitors were on the defence all the time. Bandy, H. Gallagher, Jim Murphy, Bert Stanton, J. Ellis and  J. Young and others were working like trojans for the team.
Scores were as follows:- First quarter: Griffith, 4 goals (24 pts.); Binya, 1 bhd  (Ipt.)
2nd quarter: Griffith, 6 goals 1 bhd. (37 pts.); Binya, 2 goals 4 bhds (16 pts.)
3rd quarter: Griffith, 6 goals 2 bhds (38 pts); Binya, 2 goals 4 bhds. (16 pts.)
4th quarter: Griffith, 6 goals 2 bhds (38 pts.); Binya, 4 goals 5 bhds  (29 pts.)
Goal-kickers - Griffith:  W. Hunter (2), W. Wade (2), W. Blackburn and H. Dempsey.
Binya: J. Young (2), J. Murphy and J. Ellis. 
Yenda defeated Hanwood. Further notes on the football will appear next issue. 
(Murrumbidgee Irrigator - Tuesday June 21, 1921)

In the presence of a good attendance at Hanwood last weekend, the local team and that of Yenda began the first match in the Griffith District Football Association's  competition.
Although Yenda proved the victors by 61 points to 11, the large difference in points scored is not the true guide to the abilities of Hanwood's players, as quite a number of their shots at goal struck the goal posts. 
This fact, plus the absence of their best players who were unavailable indicates that Hanwood were not at full strength. This being the first match is sufficient excuse for the frequency with which the umpire blew his whistle both sides having players that were not conversant with the rules bearing on "kicking in the ruck", "unfair tackling", "holding on to" and "throwing the ball". But the offending players in this regard of both sides profited by the penalties imposed with the result that in the last quarter the display of football was equal to the desires of the most critical. Both teams have yet to appeciate to the full, the wisdom of being more adept in the "aerial" and shepherding departments of the game. 
For Hanwood, Popple and Smellie each played a fine game, the latter landing Hanwood's goal and Owens, S. C. Sellars and Stewart were most conspicious of the others. With the experience and practice gained in this match by Hanwood they will improve out of site by the time their fixture with Griffith is due. 
For Yenda, "Tassy" Logan, Ballenger, Chancy, McLeod, White, Burt and Abrahams played fine and when the want of condition is overcome the whole team will be a credit to Yenda. As goal kickers Logan, Ballenger and Abrahams shone out. The fine spirit of sportsmanship which prevailed throughout the game augers well for the success of the competition. 
Mr James Gordon, of Binya, was the umpire, and his rulings were satisfaction itself. The final scores were: Yenda 8 goals 13 behinds - 61 points; Hanwood 1 goal 5 behinds - 11 points. 
(Murrumbidgee Irrigator - Friday June June 24, 1921).   

GDFA Round 2 - Sunday June 26, 1921 at Griffith Football Ground
Griffith ......... 5.3 .. 8.5 .. 11.6 .. 15.6 (96)
Hanwood ...... 0.1 .. 1.1 .. 2.2 .. 3.2 (20)
Goals: Griffith: F Savage 6, J Longmore 2, H Dempsey 2, O Dihm, P Brogan, W Tilden, W Wade, S Dudley
Match report: Griffith defeated Hanwood at the Griffith Football Ground in the presents of a large number of spectators. At the Yenda - Binya fixture on the former's ground, devotees of Australian Rules football were treated to a most interesting and exciting game. The concluding scores 38 to 33 in the favour of Yenda. 
Griffith defeated Hanwood at Griffith last Sunday last, in the presents of a large number of spectators. The scores were as follows: Griffith 15 goals 6 behinds; Hanwood 3 goals 2 behinds.
Griffith:- J. Lodding, E. Savage, J. Wood; F. Polkinghorne, R. Campbell, S. O'Halloran; J. Daines, S. Dudley, N. Chandler;  A. Gambell, P. Brogan, O. Dihm; H. Dempsey, F. Savage, J. Brown;  Wal. Tilden, "Pouncer" Wade, Joe Longmore (rover).
Hanwood:- G. Bruce (capt.), W. Owen, J. Owen, J. Collins, R. Smellie, P. Russell, C. Chadwick, D. Tilden, C. Patten, E. Borland, A. Flynn, A. Popple, G. Weeks, M. Buckley, Jeff Taylor, W. Batkins, G. Towart, E. Mayes.
In the first few minutes of the first quarter Hanwood vigorously attacked Griffith's goal and scored a minor point. Joe Longmore from a free, registered a sixer for the home team. A smart bit of play in front of Hanwood's goal resulted in another major being scored for Griffith by Dihm from a mark. Fred Savage shortly afterwards raised two flags. Three singles were notched in quick succession by O. Dihm (2) and S. Dudley, and a little latter F. Savage marked in front and found the opening. Just before the close of the first quarter J. Brown passed to Longmore, who booted a goal.
Ist quarter scores: Griffith, 5 goals 3 behinds; Hanwood, 1 behind.
In the 2nd quarter, F. Savage booted 2 goals 2 behinds and Dempsey 1 goal; Hanwood scored 1 goal, the scores at the termination of the quarter reading: 8 goals 5 behinds to 1 goal 1 behind.
Hanwood rallied for a time in the third quarter, and added 1 goal (Jack Collins) and 1 behind; whilst F. Savage, P Brogan and W. Tilden each added sixers and Dudley 1 behind for the home team.
In the final term F. Savage, W. Wade, H. Dempsey and S. Dudley (from a very difficult angle) added a goal each for Griffith and Hanwood scored a goal. When time was called the final score stood; Griffith 15 goals 6 behinds (96 points); Hanwood 3 goals 2 bebinds (20pts).
The game was not as lopsided as the scores indicate; at times the visitors played excellent football. Certainly there is room for improvement in the personnel of the visiting team, but the bulk of the players with proper training will just about hold their own before the season terminates.
The many devotees of Australian Rules football who attended the Yenda Binya fixture on the former's ground last weekend, were treated to a most interesting and exciting game.
The concluding scores 38 to 33 in the favour of Yenda denote the closeness of the play and right up to the last bell, the issue was very much in doubt with Binya attacking most strenuously, in what proved to be a futile effort to pull the match out of the fire.
There were many occasions when supporters of both sides in their exhortations to their chosen to do their upmost were besides themselves with excitement and altogether the game was enjoyable and thrillful as to satiate the desires of the verriest glutton.
The true sporting spirit prevailed at all times in the intentions of every participant and memories of the match will long be inscribed in the mental diaries of the spectators.
For Binya, Jim Murphy played a high-class game, he seems to possess the knack of always being in the right place at the right time and of the others it is difficult to singlarise, the whole team excelling itself, especially Ken Mathieson, the two Alexanders, Stanton and Searl Bandy. Marshall Alexander landed two goals, with Gullifer.
Among Yenda's exponents there did seem to have a single passenger, every man justifying his presence, although the effort of White, Ballenger, "Tassy" Logan, "Tommy" Johnstone, Chaney, Kenny and McLeod were often conspicuous and the most successful as goal kickers, Chaney (2) and Abrahams, White and Barnes one each, all shone.
With the whistle Mr. Peter Brown was most satisfactory, his rulings at all times being most strict and impartial. The final scores were Yenda 5 goals 8 behinds; Binya 5 goals 3 behinds. Victory for Yenda by 5 points.
 (Murrumbidgee Irrigator - Friday July 1, 1921)

GDFA Round 3 - Sunday July 3, 1921 at Yenda Oval
Yenda ......... 0.2 .. 3.5 .. 3.5 .. 6.10 (46)
Griffith ...... 2.0 .. 2.1 .. 5.3 .. 5.4 (34)
Goals: Yenda: F Kenny, Burt, J Logan, L Abrahams, J Hudson, F Ballenger
Griffith: F Savage 2, O Dihm 2, J Brown
Umpire: James Gordon (Binya)  



 by "Stab Kick"
Last weekend, the Griffith team journeyed to Yenda to meet the local team in the last match of the first round of the Griffith District Football Competition. Great interest was centred in this match the first meeting of these teams and as neither had lost any of their previous matches a feeling of friendly rivalry existed between the followers of each club.
In the opening quarter Griffith scored 2 goals to Yenda's 2 behinds. The second quarter ended by Yenda being 10 points ahead of Griffith. In the third quarter Griffith evening things, were 10 points in advance of Yenda. The last quarter opened with great excitement and after a wonderful rally Yenda eventually won.
The final scores being: Yenda 6 goals 10 behinds; Griffith 5 goals 4 behinds.
Players would be best advised to play the game in a sportsman like manner and refrain from questioning the umpire' decision.
For Griffith, Jack Wood, O. Dihm, J Brown, Fred and Ted Savage and Jack Lodding were the most noticeable. Fred Savage kicking 2 goals - one remarkable fine kick. The other goal kickers for Griffith were Dihm (2) and Brown.
For Yenda, Frank Ballenger and Chaney were the stars, ably assisted by Tassy Logan, Abrahams, Fennell, White, Kenny, McLeod  and Johnston. The goal kickers for Yenda were: F Kenny, Burt, J Logan, L Abrahams, J Hudson, and F Ballenger with a beautiful kick from a difficult angle, landed a goal at the end of the last quarter.
Binya visited Hanwood last Sunday and quite a fair match was played. The visitors were rather too strong for the locals and ran out victors, with 3 goals 9 behinds to 1 goal 2 behinds. Mr. W. Wade proved a impartial umpire.
The visitors were without two of their best players  - Jim Murphy and George Bandy. Kenny Mathieson captained Binya and played a great game. Others who did very well were: Bert Stanton, Alexanders, Searl Bandy, and several unknown to the writer.
For Hanwood: A Popple, Arthur Flynn, Sellers, Bill and Jack Owen, George Bruce, Mick Buckley, Lionel Merritt, Colin Chadwick, Jeff Taylor (until injured) and George Towart played best.
Some of the players adopted a "waiting attitude" and never attempted to beat opponents for marks. This was very noticeable on the forward line. Punt kicking seem to be the general favourite; however, players would be well advised to learn and make unlimited use of the stab kick. It is freely used by good teams in the home of Australian Rules (Melbourne) and besides being effective, speeds the game up, and is easier to mark and less liable to cause accidents than the sky-scraping punts players here so often use when passing the ball on.
During the progress of the Hanwood-Binya football match, on Sunday a collection taken up by Misses Nellie Pearson and Nellie Walsh, which resulted in £2 8s 4d being raised — half of which has been handed to the hospital and half to the Hanwood Football Club.
(Murrumbidgee Irrigator - Friday July 8, 1921)

GDFA Round 4 - Sunday July 10, 1921 at Griffith Football Ground
Griffith ..... 1.2 .. 1.2 .. 1.4 .. 3.4 (22)
Binya ....... 0.3 .. 2.5 .. 2.5 .. 2.6 (18)
Goals: Griffith: F Savage 2, W Hunter
Match report: Binya gave Griffith the run of their lives and was unlucky in suffering defeat. Fred Savage from a mark secured the  winning goal a few minutes before the call of time for a home team win. Yenda defeated Hanwood at Yenda.

On July 10, Griffith in the first quarter secured 1 goal 2 behinds to Binya's 3 behinds. In the second quarter, Binya rattled the home team and had them defending for the greater part, scoring 2 goals 2 behinds to nil, making the scores at half time, Binya 17 points, Griffith 10 points. 
Both teams lined up to "do or die" in the last quarter, and although the visitors got the ball forward on several occasions, their forwards failed to secure more than 1 behind. On the other hand, Griffith only got two chances and made the maximum use of them. Hunter booted the first goal and Fred Savage from a mark secured the second goal a few minutes before the call of time. 
At the final gong the scores read: Griffith 3 goals 4 behinds  - 22 points; Binya 2 goal 6 behinds - 18 points.
For the Griffith team Harry Parker made his initial appearance and made good. With a few exceptions, every member of the Griffith team played well, however, the want of practice was evident.
Pouncer Wade played an exceptionally good game and secured a fair share of "frees".  Frank Polkinghorne, Steve Dudley, Jack Wood and R. Campbell were there when required. Dihm and Sid O'Halloran's marking was far below their usual standard, however, they kept on the move and saved many a situation. Fred Savage magnetised the ball as usual and Binya's two goals wisely gave him special attention.
Bert Jones followed the game for the four quarters. Walter Hunter was at his usual high standard. N. Chandler shone out, Jack Lodding proved a stone wall in the sticks and saved the situation repeatedly. Ted Savage proved a concrete follower.
Binya hardly had a blank. Kenny Mathieson played a fine game. The Bandies, Alexanders, Gullifer, Stanton, Murphy, and practically every member of the visiting team worked their hardest and gave Griffith the run of their lives.
The general opinion was that Binya were very unlucky in suffering defeat. When it is remembered that this is the first year Binya has appeared as a playing team and members live so far apart that it is only possible for them to assemble on the day competition matches are played, their achievements in the standard of their football is really to wondered at.
(Murrumbidgee Irrigator - Friday July 15, 1921)

GDFA Round 5 - Sunday July 17, 1921 at Hanwood Recreation Ground
Griffith defeated Hanwood
Before a very large attendance at Binya last weekend, by 28 points to 15, the Yenda club received its first defeat of the season. 
The game was very fast and most interesting, there being some exciting incidents in the course of the play. The result of the match as far as Yenda is concerned, was due undoubtedly to the seemingly uncontrollable penchant of a good many of their players to wander from their allotted positions, a too prevalent trait, which simply means too much confidence in "pot luck," as against pursing methodical measures which are often sorely tries but rarely fail.
So, possibly the reverse and the lesson of its cause may not be lost on those to whom this impeachment applies.
Binya, to a man, strained every nerve in their efforts to excel and although it is difficult to particularise, Kenny Mathieson did valiant work, as did Searl Bandy, Jack Ellis and Bert Stanton.
For Yenda, Logan, McInnes, White, Johnstone, J. Fox and B. Sullivan were best, and quite the most of the others were decidedly out of form, their "aerial" and marking being far from being in keeping with previous efforts.
In the hands of Mr. Paddy Waide, the umpiring was most satisfactory, his decisions being accepted without a single demur, which is but a fitting compliment to his abilities in so successfully filling, what is admittedly the least envied post of the football arena. For Binya: J. Murphy (3), J. Ellis (1),  and McInnes (1) for Yenda landed the "sixers." The scores were: Binya 4 goals 4 behinds; Yenda 1 goal 9 behinds.
(Murrumbidgee Irrigator - Friday July 22, 1921)

GDFA Round 6 - July 24, 1921 at Griffith Football Ground
Griffith ....... 4.2 .. 4.3 .. 5.3 .. 6.6 (42)
Yenda ....... 0.0 .. 2.0 .. 3.0 .. 4.4 (28)
Goals: Griffith: F Savage 4, J Brown, W Wade
Yenda: B Sullivan 2, T Adams, A White 
A large attendance rolled up on Sunday last to witness the match between Griffith and Yenda on the former's ground.
The game was very good at intervals some very brilliant football was witnessed. Both teams went on the field confidence of being victorious. However, the home team proved too superior for the visitors and won by 14 points.
The final scores being: Griffith 6 goals 6 behinds (42 points); Yenda 4 goals 4 behinds (28 points).
In the first quarter Griffith made the game willing and shortly after the commencement Fred Savage succeeded in sending the ball through the sticks for 1 behind. Not very many minute's play elapsed before Fred Savage scored a goal. The next score was for Griffith team when "Pouncer" Wade succeeded from a difficult kick and was rewarded 1 behind. After five minutes of stirring football, the home team proved too good and again Fred Savage added a sixer to the score. This made the scores: Griffith 2 goals 2 behinds; Yenda nil.
The Yenda team now on the defensive, but all to no avail as Fred Savage from a mark kicked to J. Brown who succeeded in kicking through the centre sticks. It was only a very few seconds before Griffith again added to their score, this time from well up the field. Walter Hunter started the ball going to Sid O'Halloran who kicked to Fred Savage, the latter landed another sixer. This was a stirring bit of football by these players.
When the whistle went for the first quarter the scores were: Griffith 4 goals 2 behinds (28 pts.); Yenda nil.
The scores at the end of this quarter made the game look as though it would be an walk-over for the local team, but seemingly the visitors put their heads together during the interval and for the next three quarters, as the scores here indicate, the visitors had the better of the game.
After the commencement of  the second quarter, T. Adams for Yenda succeeded in scoring a goal, this being Yenda's first score.The visitors kept the game going very willing and before long White for Yenda landed another sixer. This made the scores: Griffith 4 goals 2 behinds (28 pts.); Yenda 2 goals (12 pts.).
This made the game a bit more even and the play brightened up considerably, several minutes elapsed before the next score, during which both teams worked hard. Griffith was the next to score, Sid O'Halloran adding a behind. At half-time the game was even and it looked as though the home team would have to do their very best to avoid defeat.
During the third quarter both sides played hard, the game being very even. B. Sullivan for Yenda, succeeded in adding another goal to their score. This made the home team get very determined and they played a hard game until Fred Savage again landed a sixer for the home team.
During the fourth quarter "Pouncer" Wade added a sixer to the Griffith score, and Sullivan, for Yenda, also added a goal. 
The final scores being: Griffith, 6 goals 6 behinds (42 pts.); Yenda, 4 goals 4 behinds (28 pts.).
It is difficult to particularise any individual player, but Fred Savage, Walter Hunter, Harry Parker, Pouncer Wade, Alan Scott, Jack Lodding, Steve Dudley, Allan Gambell and Joe Longmore played exceptionally well for Griffith. Jack Wood (capt.), R. Campbell, Don Kennett and J.  Brown played up to their usual form.
For Yenda team those that did well were: Sam Hill, A. White, B. Sullivan and T. Adams.
Afternoon tea was supplied to the visitors after the match by the local club.
A real ding dong game is anticipated next Sunday when the same two teams again meet on the Griffith ground, opposite the Co-operative Produce sheds.
 (Murrumbidgee Irrigator - Friday July 29, 1921)

GDFA Round 7 - Sunday July 31, 1921 at Griffith Football Ground
Griffith defeated Yenda
Match reports: After a very close game on the Griffith ground, on Sunday last, Yenda were defeated by the home team. Owning to the boisterous weather the football witnessed between Hanwood and Binya was not of a very spectacular standard. Nevertheless the spectators were treated to an exhibition of willling, strenuous sport on the part of both teams. With the exception of one or two, all Hanwood players showed their usual form. Binya eventually won by 17 points to 7. The play see-sawed about a good deal, each team having the better of the argument for two quarters, Hanwood 1st and 4th, Binya 2nd and 3rd.​

GDFA Round 8 - Sunday August 7, 1921 at Hanwood Recreation Ground
Hanwood ..... 1.3 .. 2.7 .. 3.9 .. 3.10 (28)
Griffith ......... 0.3 .. 1.4 .. 2.7 .. 2.9 (21)

The defeat inflicted by Hanwood upon the Griffith team on the ground of the latter on Sunday last, came as a great surprise to all.
Certainly the vanquishers have been showing improved form during the last month, and the addition of J. Gannon, who comes from Leongatha (Victoria) has inspired confidence into the hearts of the Hanwoodites.
Whilst not wishing to belittle the victory, in justice to the Griffith team it is necessary to mention that the team was not the best that could have been mustered.
For the first half play was continued with about four men short. Two more were brought on after the interval and a few of those at the ground were feeling the effects of "the night before."
For Griffith, Steve Dudley played an exceptionally good game. Jack Wood (capt.), Pouncer Wade, Lodding, Alan Scott, Fred Savage, R. Campbell, Jack Dare, Sid O'Halloran, Allan Gambell and Kline worked hard to ward off defeat.
Gannon (Hanwood) was the best player on the ground, took many hard knocks and of  course, didn't give any back, never complained, and and was an object lesson for many of the rowdy element.
Practically every member of the visiting team played like trojans.
Hanwood was represented by: G Bruce (captain), W Owen (vice-captain), J Owen, A Flynn, G Weeks, E Mayes, E Buckley, C Chadwick, G Johns, L Merritt, J Gannon, D Taylor, J Taylor, A Popple, J Sumples, G Towart, D Crockett, M Carey.
Play was marred considerably in the last quarter by the spectators running amok. They would not keep off the playing ground and it was regrettable to note, that not withstanding the usually strong persuasive power demonstrated  by Mr. Pat Clift, Bert S-Hook Jones, Bluey Ryan and other prominent followers of the game, on this occasion their effort fell on deaf ears.
Some of the offenders were big enough to have better sense, and we hope that if a repetition of this occurs on Sunday next more effective methods will be adopted !!!!

The Binya - Hanwood match on the former's ground was a most interesting and keenly contested game, and resulted in a draw, 16 points each. 
Owing to some unforeseen happening the Association's umpire for the match was unable to be present, which fact was unknown until the last moment.
It then became necessary to discover someone willing and able to act in his stead, and for the first three quarters Mr. James Gordon officiated admirably, want of condition then forced him to discontinue the game being a very fast one.
Another gentleman then filled the breach but his decisions or want of decision, unhappily resulted in chaos, his "unsighting" of a mark by Yenda in particular, undoubtedly depriving the latter team of a victory.
Mr. Gordon than again assumed control of the game with the above happy ending of a draw.
The "umpire" incident was unfortunate, but accidents happen as often in supposedly better regulated and sweeter tempered  bodies than football clubs.
For Yenda, Sam Hill, Chaney, McLeod and White played a great game, and Flood, W. Lodding, Kenny and B. Sullivan were most conspicuous.
On behalf of Binya, Ken Mathieson, J. Murphy, G. Bandy and J. Young were the most consistent while A. Overs, J. Ellis and  B. Stanton made the most use of their various opportunities.
Final scores: Binya 2 goals 4 behinds; Yenda 2 goals 4 behinds.
(Murrumbidgee Irrigator - Friday August 12, 1921)

GDFA Round 9 - Sunday August 14, 1921 at Griffith Football Ground
Binya defeated Griffith by 17 points
Match report: Sunday dawned bright and calm, an excellent day for football and consequently some good exhibitions were witnessed in the match, Yenda vs Hanwood, at Yenda. The game finishing with Yenda 28 points to the good. Griffith was defeated at Griffith by Binya by 17 points. 

On Sunday last Griffith was defeated at Griffith by Binya by 17 points. Griffith lead by 1 point at half-time and their play in the third quarter lead supporters to believe the would be it at the finish, however, Binya's forwards tried every time they got possession  of the ball and the result was as above stated. Griffith were two men short through out the game.
There is a rule in the association which states that any person who had not played  prior to August 1 will not be allowed to participate in matches after that date. This is the reason Griffith has been short-handed.
Griffith has only a little over two dozen players that comply with this regulation, and as numbers are temporarily disable, consequently the shortage, however, it is expected that a full team will be available on Sunday next.
Sunday dawned bright and calm, an excellent day for football and consequently some good exhibitions were witnessed in the match, Yenda vs Hanwood, at Yenda. A keen spirit of rivalry prevailed all through the match, but no rough play was experienced.
Yenda got off the mark well and showed excellent form, retaining control all through the first quarter.
In the second quarter Hanwood succeeded in wresting the initiative from their opponents, maintaining possession of the ball till half-time, when the scores were: Yenda 21; Hanwood 10.
The third session was similiar to the first, when Yenda showing out superior till the last interval, after which Hanwood put on a final spurt, but could not make up the leeway, the game finishing with Yenda 28 points to the good.
Hanwood's backs were best presented by Crockett, Flynn and Mayes, while in the forwards who did good work were: Gannon, D. Taylor, Popple, Chadwick. For Yenda, White, Fox and Fennell were  most conspicuous.
(Murrumbidgee Irrigator) - Friday August 19, 1921)

GDFA Semi Final - Sunday August 21, 1921 at Yenda
Griffith ... 0.1 .. 0.1 .. 1.2 .. 1.2 (8)
Binya .... 1.0 .. 2.1 .. 3.1 .. 4.1 (25)


The football match between the above teams, played at Yenda on Sunday last, resulted in a win for Binya. The final scores were: Binya 4 goals 1 behind; Griffith 1 goal 2 behind.
This being the commencement  of the semi-finals, and the glorious weather which prevailed, resulted in a big crowd, both from Griffith and Binya. Mr. W. Gordon from Narrandera was the umpire.
The following players represented the respective teams:-
Binya: K Mathieson (captain), G Bandy, S Bandy, A Munday, R Munday, B Stanton, H Kurtzman, A Overs, H Overs, C Alexander, J Bandy, J Murphy, H Gullifer, J Ellis, J Young, M Alexander and Gibson.
Griffith: E A Wood (captain), S Dudley, A Scott, Kline, J Brown, S O'Halloran, N Chandler, H Parker, F Savage, F Polkinghorne, J Longmore, J Lodding, J Dare, R Campbell, A Gambell, W Hunter, W Wade, W Tilden.
The game throughout was exceptionally fast, and was not one-sided  as the scores indicate. 
Although the Griffith team worked hard to avoid defeat , Binya proved too superior with their combined open play.
For the first quarter the game was fast and willing, both teams getting their share of the ball, the first score come when Binya had the ball right near the sticks and Murphy, for Binya, sneaked the ball from the ruck, and jabbed it through the sticks for six.
Shortly after this Griffith livened up and "Pouncer" Wade, who was playing a rattling good game for Griffith, secured a free, and succeeded in scoring a behind.
At the end of the first quarter the scores were Binya, one goal; Griffith 1 behind.
The scores at half time were: Binya two goals 1 behind; Griffith 1 behind.
In the next quarter good football was witnessed throughout, and the Griffith barrackers had the opportunity of throwing their hats into the air when Fred Savage kicked to Brown, who took the ball remarkably well, and succeeded in kicking a sixer.
The next to score was James Murphy for Binya, who again succeeded  in getting the ball from the ruck and scored a goal.
Before the time went for the end of the third quarter, Savage for Griffith kicked a behind.
The scores at the end of the third quarter were: Binya, 3 goals 1 behind; Griffith, 1 goal 2 behinds.
When the last quarter commenced Griffith wanted 2 goals to win, but the Binya team were determined to retain the lead, and played like  trojans and were rewarded by Alexander scoring a sixer.
When the final whisle blew the scores were: Binya  4 goals 1 behind; Griffith 1 goal 2 behinds.
For the Griffith team the players who were most conspicuous were Steve Dudley, Pouncer Wade, Walter Hunter, Allan Gambell, J. Brown, Alan Scott, and Joe Longmore. While Jack Wood,  Frank Polkinghorne, R. Campbell, Fred Savage, and Sid O'Halloran worked hard to avoid defeat. Both Jack Lodding and and Harry Parker proved a stone wall between the sticks.
While the Binya team to a man played well, those who were most conspicuous were Ken Mathieson, George and Searl Bandy, Jack Ellis, Bert Stanton, Marshall Alexander and Jim Murphy.
In the other semi-final Yenda easily defeated Hanwood at Griffith on Sunday last.
Next Sunday's match - Yenda vs Binya, at Griffith should prove exciting. When these teams last met at Yenda a few Sunday's back the result was a drawn game.
(Murrumbidgee Irrigator - Tuesday August 23, 1921) 

GDFA Final - Sunday August 28, 1921 at Griffith Football Ground
Binya .... 2.2 (14)
Yenda ... 2.2 (14)
Match report: The Binya — Yenda final match, which took place on the Griffith ground on Sunday last, drew a big crowd of spectators. As the previous meeting of these two teams resulted in a drawn game, on this occasion a keen struggle was anticipated, and the result was, another draw — both teams scoring 14 points. They will play off on Sunday next and the winner will be challenged by the Griffith (winners of the minor premiership), and the grand final will take place on a neutral ground on the following Sunday.

GDFA Final Replay- Sunday September 4, 1921 at Griffith Football Ground
Binya ..... 0.1 .. 3.7 .. 3.9 .. 5.13 (43) 
Yenda ... 4.1 .. 4.3 .. 5.3 .. 5.3 (33)

Last Sunday on the Griffith oval, Binya conquered the Yenda representatives after four quarters of the  best football yet witnessed at Griffith.
The umpire, "Smacker" Webb, from Leeton has been given a lot of credit for his high order of the game. He was quick with his decision, strict and consistant.
In the first quarter Yenda (kicking with the wind) made the pace and looked like affecting a big "clean up." Their pace was overwhelming the Binyaites and their marking, passing and shooting were excellent. At the end of the term their score was 4 goals 1 behind  - 25 points, to Binya's solitary point.
The second quarter Binya's skipper Kenny Mathieson re-arranged his squad and ordered his "troops" to "do or die."  The effects was "appalling". Yenda's defence was weakened by the sudden onslaught and Binya in a short time notched 2 goals and six behinds  to Yenda's two behinds leaving a seperation of 8 points in Yenda's favor at half-time.
The third quarter was very even, Binya made their score reach 27 points, whilst Yenda stood at 33.
In the last quarter Binya were "all out" and quickly made up the leeway and consolidated their position. The final score were : Binya 48 points; Yenda 33 points.
For Binya, Kenny Matheson, and James Murphy played best, closely followed by Jack Ellis (who always proves he is born a footballer by his clean tactics), Bert Stanton (the lighting turner), Harry Gulliver and Bandy Bros., and practically every other member of the team worked hard.  
For Yenda, Tassy Logan, Tommy Johnston, Sam Hill who kicked a beautiful goal in the first quarter from a long way off, George Chauncey the big ruck man, Jack Fox who generally plays the most consistent game for Yenda) and Frank Ballenger.
Binya were in excellent condition, and this along with their extra weight were no doubt the decided feature.
Binya:- K Mathieson (capt.), G Bandy, S Bandy, A Munday, R Munday, B Stanton, H Kurtzman, W Kurtzman, A Overs, H Overs, C Alexander, H Alexander, J Bandy, J Murphy, H Gullifer, J Ellis, J Young and Gibson.
Yenda:- F. Ballenger (capt.), E McLeod, A White, T Johnston, J Logan, F Kenny, McInnes, S Hill, J Norris, A Flood, T Adams, J Hudson, F Funnell, J Fox, W Lodding, L Abrahams, B Sullivan.
The grand final - Griffith vs Binya on Sunday next at Yenda should prove an exciting contest. Griffith will put a good team on to the field, but it is questionable if they will have the same staying power as that of Binya. Another Griffith failing of late has been the tendency to play the man instead of the ball. It is to be hoped they adopt sane tactics on this occasion.
(Murrumbidgee Irrigator - Friday September 9, 1921)

GDFA Grand Final Postponed - Sunday Sepember 11, 1921
Match report: The grand final — Griffith v. Binya — which was to have taken place at Yenda on Sunday afternoon last did not eventuate, on account of the non appearance of the selected umpire, due to the bad condition of the roads between Leeton and Griffith. However, the match will take place or Sunday next.


GDFA Grand Final - Sunday September 18, 1921 at Yenda Oval
Griffith .... 0.1 (1)
Binya .... 1.0 (6)
Match report: The Grand Final - Griffith vs Binya took place at Yenda on Sunday in boisterous weather. Jim Murphy (Binya) kicked the only goal.

Bill Blackburn, P. Brogan, Joe Brown, Robert Campbell, N. Chandler, Jack Daines, Jack Dare, Herb Dempsey, O. Dihm, Steve Dudley, Allan Gambell, Walter Hunter, Bert Jones, Don Kennett, Kline, Joe Longmore, Sid O'Halloran, Henry Parker, J. S. Parsons, Frank Polkinghorne, Allan Scott, Walter Tilden, Edgar 'Jack' Wood.

Old players: John Lodding, Fred Savage, Ted Savage William "Pouncer" Wade
Final Games: Bill Blackburn, P. Brogan, N. Chandler, Jack Dare,  O. Dihm, Walter Hunter, Bert Jones, Kline, J. S. Parsons.

                                                                             BOXING AT GRIFFITH
                                                                                   Grogan Defeats Tilden in the Second  Round
                                                                                                         (By "K.D.C.")
The sporting community of Griffith were treated to an entertaining afternoon on Saturday last, when witnessing the boxing contests which were very ably promoted by Mr. Fred Taylor.
Contests of this description had been previously looked upon with doubt by a large section of the local sporting public, owing to a few previous similar events having proved schlenters.
These people now must rest assured, however, that boxing at Griffith in the future will always be clean and interesting, while promoted on lines similar to those in effect on Saturday.
There was a very large crowd assembled to witness these contests, and throughout the entire afternoon appeared wholly satisfied.  The clergy was well represented and there were a number of ladies present.
The main feature of the day was billed as a fight between Pat Grogan and Wal Tilden, for 15 rounds of two minutes each, one to win. This contest had been looked forward to for a long time and it was anticipated that it would prove extended and willing.
It did not prove of long duration, however, but during the three minutes of fighting it certainly proved very willing. Doctor Watkins pronounced the combatants in the pink of condition, and they certainly appeared perfectly trained Goliaths when shaking hands in the ring.
Grogan, weighing 12 stone, shaped in a very open manner, holding his left about chin high, half extended and the right practically shoulder high. Tilden shaped lower, with right guarding lower chest and left in line with his antagonist's jaw.
In the first round Tilden opened the fight leading to Grogan's left ear with his right, and in response received two smashing blows to the lower ribs. He later retaliated with a heavy right to Grogan's jaw. The latter took the blow without retaliation, and appeared to spar for an opening. Later however, he failed to take advantage of an opening to the body. Possibly the opening did not appear sufficient as later forced an opening by feinting with the left and leading a smashing right to Tilden's jaw. Tilden went to the boards in a very shaken manner, but arose at the count of 8. The timekeeper's gong prevented any further effort on either side.
The second round opened well for Tilden. He forced the fighting for a few seconds, landing heavily to the head and swung his opponent to the ropes. Grogan cleverly outboxed his assailant however, and brought the fighting to the centre of the ring. Both sparred for an opening, but each appeared too wary to allow the other any latitude. Grogan forced an opening, however, by jabbing a left to Tilden's body, causing the latter's guard to drop. Simultaneously he crossed with a powerful right to Tilden's unguarded left jaw, following with a smashing left uppercut to the jaw knocking his opponent to the ropes. Tilden hung over the ropes in a dazed condition, bleeding profusely from the mouth, for 7 seconds. Partially recovering he was able to gain footing only, when he received a smashing right to the left ear, followed by a left to the mouth. The impetus of Grogan's last punch carried him to his opponent's body and Tilden dropped in a crumpled heap at his feet, where he remained 'knocked out' for 30 seconds and unable to rise for 2 minutes. Amidst a wild clamor of applause, Grogan was proclaimed the winner.
He obtained the title of welterweight champion of the British and Australian Fleets at Singapore, in 1919, when he 'knocked out' Seaman Butler in the third round and with Saturday's victory over the local champion he is now our "Area wonder."
A challenge was issued him by Bill Butler, to fight 15 rounds of two minutes at Griffith, on a date not fixed. He is giving the matter consideration and in the event of his acceptance. the public can look forward to an interesting fight. Butler has been doing well in preliminaries at the Sydney Stadium, and if riding a 'push bike' from Wyalong (90 miles) on Saturday to see the fight and then to continue in that manner to Leeton that night, is a sign of good condition, Butler must be in 'top notch.'

The preliminaries were very acceptable. Mathews, 9 stone 4 lbs, proved a fair opponent to Ryan, 9st. 81bs. J. Davidge, 7st. 91bs was outpointed by Jack Haines, 7 stone, in three rounds of 1 half minutes. Special mention is due to Haines, who gave a startling performance for a lad of 13 years.
 A contest, in which the combatants, Halfpenny, 10st, and Tompkins, 10st. 21bs, were blindfolded, proved very funny, and nearly disastrous to the referee, who barely, escaped a couple of blows from each of the contestants while they were wildly swinging.
Roy Coote 8st. 7lbs, v. J. Walcott, 9st, proved one-sided. Walcott had to smother throughout two rounds, and then skied the towel. Coote is a very fair lightweight and should offer some thing spectacular in a light with A. Mathews, who has accepted a challenge by the former to boxe 15 rounds later.
Mr. E. J. McNabb performed the functions of referee in all contests and was responsible for keeping them open and clean. Mr. Joe Clark, acted as  timekeeper, assisted by Mr. J. Scrivener. 
Mr. Fred Taylor, is to be again congratulated on having again 
introduced boxing of a good clean characted to the Griffith public and later, if he promotes the numerous fights at present being muted, we can be assured of a very fine entertainment.
Interviewed after the Grogan — Tllden contest, Mr. Taylor stated he regretted that it had not been an extended issue, but was satisfied be cause the "stoush" was "dinkum."
Tilden was sufficiently recovered on Sunday to play Rugby League football with the Griffith team against Yenda, at Yenda; Both he and his opponent of Saturday played side by side and battled willingly in furthering the victories of their team, which defeated Yenda by eight points to nil.
(Murrumbidgee Irrigator - Tuesday July 9, 1921).

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