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It is probable that football enthusiasts in Griffith and district will see the Australian Rules game played on a Saturday afternoon this season.
A meeting of the Griffith club on Thursday night decided that the suggested Saturday competition, which allows for train travelling would be more convenient for players, and would arouse keener interest than the former competition.
A conference of clubs interested, including Ardlethan, Ariah Park, Beckom, Kamarah, Mumbooldool, Binya and Barellan had been suggested, and Messrs. J. G. Casserly and C. Forscutt were appointed to attend in the interest of the local club.
(The Area News -Tuesday March 22, 1927).


There was only a fair attendance at the annual meeting of the Australian Rules Club on Tuesday last, and in view at the fact that it could not be definitely decided whether the club would play this year with the proposed new association between Griffith and Temora or the M.I.A. League. The election of officers, etc. was postponed until after the delegated returned from the conference of clubs to be held at Barellan next month.
The secretary, Mr. J. G. Casserly reported on the club's activities during the past season and outlined at length the negotiations  proceeding in connection with the formation of a new Saturday afternoon competition along the line to Temora.
The report and balance sheet were adopted after considerable discussion regarding the proposals outlined and the delegates were instructed to do their upmost to ensure the formation of a new competition.
In view of the limited time remaining before the commencement of the season, the secretary was also instructed to have season tickets printed and distributed so that financial arrangements might be well in hand before the play commences.
On the motion of Mr Stevenson the election of officers was postponed until next meeting. Mr. James was elected to the chair pro temp and Mr. Casserly was also appointed to carry on the secretary-ship until the next meeting.
 (The Area News - Thursday April 14, 1927)
On Wednesday night last the announcement was made by Mr. W. Jacka, secretary of the M.I.A. Football Competition, that he had received a telegram from W. Booth, Griffith, worded as follows:- "Will enter competition as before, reply once, will send money." 
This was good news to the delegates present, as all teams are anxious to have the opportunity of wresting the cup, won by Griffith last year, from that team.
As last year eight teams have now affiliated:- Whitton, Yanco, Stanbridge, Fivebough, Wamoon, Darlington Point, Leeton Juniors and Griffith.
Twelve applications from those willing to officiate as central umpires were received from which the following were selected:- E. Adams, Osborn and R. Griggs (Narrandera), G. Webb, A.Tonkin and W. Taylor (Leeton), A. Roberts (Wamoon) and W. Angel (Whitton).
(Murrumbidgee Irrigator - Friday April 29, 1927).


Definite word has been received that Griffith are entering the M.I.A Competition. W. Booth is president, W. G. Dreyer secretary, and H. Bean, late of Coolamon, treasurer. The team will be a strong combination, including several Victorians.
(The Area News - Tuesday May 3, 1917). 

Followers of Australian Rules have commenced the season buoyed with the greatest spirit of hope and enthusiasm that has been shown on the area in this code of winter sport. Earlier in the season there was conflicting opinions regarding what competition the club should enter but the only practical solution was to enter the M.I.A. competition, of which Griffith were premiers last year.
A meeting was held at the club's ground last Sunday and from the attendance, and interest manifested the game is going to have solid support. Several new members, first class players, were present.
The office bearers elected were: Patron, Mr. W.T.Davis; president, Mr. W. Booth; vice-presidents, Messrs W. O'Neill and F. Polkinghorne; secretary, Mr. W. G. Dreyer; treasurer, Mr. H. Bean.
(The Area News - Friday May 6, 1927). 

The probability of a district competition in which Griffith reserve team could participate seems to have paled into insignificance but there is still opportunity for local players to play every week.
It has been suggested that a competition could be organised with teams from Hanwood, Bilbul and Griffith. Last year several Griffith team's played for the "Plummer Cup" and there is no reason why these teams should not form the nucleus of an association. 
 (Murrumbidgee Irrigator - Tuesday May 10, 1927).

A clean and willing fight between Jack Haines and "Nugget" Connell in the Memorial Hall, Griffith on Saturday provided a small gathering with interest for nearly nine rounds, until Haines, in whom local fans pin their faith, landed a knock out.
The boxers were entirely different types. Haines is a smart and scientific boxer, while his opponent is a rugged type and more a fighter than a boxer.
Connell had been handicapped through lack of sparring partners, while Haines had Tilden try him over the distance but nevertheless, Connell was in pink of condition.
Without doubt he was surprised after the the opening rounds at the ability of his opponent, whose footwork was responsible for the majority of points in his favour.
Haines weight was announced 10.12, two pounds heavier than his stocky opponent and he had the advantage in height and reach.
Connell adopted low crouching attitudes, covering himself well, and Haines blows fell on his shoulders or back. Points were lost by Connell for his fruitless leads which did not seem to back up by body weight.
The second round was characterised with a fast rally of give and take blows, in which Haines used his right more freely than his left, but his blows were well stopped. Connell had the best of the in-fighting but erred in not following up. He was no match for Haines in open boxing because of the latter's clever footwork and head work.
The third round produced a fusillade of offensives from both men. Connell showing to advantage with both hands. He forced Haines to the ropes and was giving a good opening but stood back instead of taking the advantage of the ropes. In the same round he changed his tactics and endeavoured to lead with his right but Haines took advantage of the change and rocked him with a heavy jab under the right arm.
They stood together during the fourth and a wild exchange of blows last for many seconds. Haines seemed aroused and gave full weight to his blows. The change of tactics by Connell did not prove an advantage, as Haines would connect while his opponents blows ended mostly in the air.
He had been using his right but the left was not in evidence to any extent until the sixth round. After that he made good use of both hands and the left shot out time after time with remarkable swiftness.
In the eighth round he had Connell groggy, having landed left hooks, and several solid right to the head.
At the opening to the ninth round he connected with a left swing and then the right. Halfway through the round he dazed Connell with a left hook to the body and stopping close in landed a short right counter on his opponent's chin, which sent him to the canvas for the full count.
Despite public opinion that Haines won all the way, official decisions had it otherwise. Notwithstanding that Connell showed gameness and vigour, his opponent had the advantage of the essentials, footwork and science.
Only on two occasions to spectator's minds did Connell have an opening to deliver a knockout blow but he did not take advantage of the opportunity.
Mr. Ed. Doherty, of Sydney, formerly a well-known boxer, refereed the bout and had not difficulty whatever the boxers acting on his introductory advice.          (The Area News - Friday May 13, 1927).

MIAFL Round 1 - Sunday May 8, 1927 at Leeton
Fivebough ..... 1.4 .. 1.4 .. 2.12 .. 3.14 (32)
Griffith ............ 0.1 .. 2.5 .. 4.6 .. 7.12 (54)
Goals: Griffith: H Manning 3, J McPherson 2, J Longmore, F King
Fivebough: C Grigg 2, D Lang
Umpire: W Taylor (Leeton)
Fivebough: E Trethewey (capt), C Grigg (v-c), G Williams, F Williams, L Harrop, D Pike, E Pike, J Fuller, G Cooper, F McNeill, S McNeil, J Jackson, F Gibbs, C Hopley, C Gladman,  A Lashbrook, D Lang, O'Connor (2), Wignall
Griffith: Frank Polkinghorne (capt), Harry Bean (v-c), Fred Eardley, George Longmore,  Joe Longmore, Jack Owen, Bill Owen, Frank Manning, H. Manning, Wilf O'Neill, Ernie Campbell, Jack Daines, Mick Cudmore, Mick Cummins, William Wade, Jack McPherson, Ferg King, Bob Stevenson
Match Report: The M.I.A. Competition commenced on Sunday last. Griffith last years's premiers were matched against Fivebough and scored a well-merited victory by 22 points. The game was keenly contested throughout. Although Fivebough had the ascendancy in scoring shots for three quarters their forwards were astray in kicking. Over 250 spectators watched the game which was of a high standard for an opening match, and the exhibition was quite sufficient for non-followers of the code to become keenly interested.
The large attendance should give a fillip to the game locally.
Jack Daines played a rattling game throughout and was always promising in attacks while Bean was a "ball of activity" and many organised many successful attacks. Fred Eardley showed a glimpse of his old time form and with another game should be the speedy man of the side. Polkinghorne, Manning, O'Neill, and Owen Bros., and Longmore Bros., were among the best. Cudmore, McPherson and Campbell, new players seemed out of position but their ability was evident. Fivebough's best were Trethewey, Wignall, Jackson, Gibbs and Grigg.

MIAFL Round 2 - Sunday May 15, 1927 at Darlington Point Oval
Darlington Point ... 6.7 (43)
Griffith ................. 10.10 (70)
Other results: The second series of matches in the M.I.A. Football League competition were played off on Sunday last, resulting as follows:- Yanco 11.19 def. Stanbridge 4.1; Wamoon 7.8 def. Leeton Juniors 2.7 while Fivebough 5.9 and Whitton 5.9 played a draw.


MIAFL Round 3 - Sunday May 22, 1927 at Griffith
Griffith ............... 10.20 (80)
Leeton Juniors ... 4.5 (29)

 A meeting of the M.I.A Football League was held at Whitton on Friday night last. The following delegates being present:- Mr. T. Johnson (president) in the chair; W. Booth and F. Polkinghorne (Griffith), W Hennessy and D. Davis (Yanco), A. Keeble and J. McPhillips (Darlington Point), A. Lowrie and S. Crozier (Wamoon), Briggs (Stanbridge), W. Luhrs and J. Thompson (Whitton), Mr W. Jacka (secretary) was also present, Fivebough and Leeton Juniors were th only clubs unrepresented.
Amongst the correspondence was a letter from Mr. W. G. Dreyer, secretary of the Griffith Club, lodging an appeal to the league to rescind the disqualification of player Jack Connell on the grounds that the offence did not warrant such a penalty.
Connell was disqualified for 12 months for striking Umpire King in the final match last year, played at Leeton, between Griffith and Whitton.
Mr. Hennessy said that as one who sat on the Judiciary Committee he was strongly opposed to granting the request. He was not up against the Griffith Club, it was purely on the matter of principle. They had to be firm to keep the game clean. They could not allow players to assault umpires at the end of the season, and then, when two or three matches of the next season had gone past to lift the penalty.
The League would show they were "weak kneed" if they did such a thing. Undoubtedly there may be something in what Griffith say, the referee deserved the punch but no player has the right to punch a referee. He sternly opposed rescinding the disqualification.
Mr. W. Luhrs, who also sat on the judiciary committee, that disqualified Connell, supported Mr. Hennessy's remarks. "It would indeed show the League to be "weak kneed" if they lifted the disqualification."
Mr. F. Polkinghorne, appealed to the League to look at it from the view of the Grffith Club. Griffith Club was fighting the Rugby code in their home town. Connell was a keen supporter of Australian Rules and they would like to get him back into the club. He did not think it would show the League to be "weak kneed" if they allowed the disqualification to be lifted.
Mr W. Booth said the Griffith Club had never had a chance to appeal before. He was one who believed in taking measured to keep the game clean. Connell was a man who was much respected and he (the speaker) felt the punishment he had already received would be a warning to Connell.
Mr. Hennessy pointed out that last year a player was disqualified for a month for threatening to assault an umpire. This player (Connell) had really only been out for three matches . If the League allows the 12 months disqualification to be lifted, it would be made a laughing stock of the Judiciary Committee and the League, and they would only encouraging assaults on the umpires.
On the motion of Messrs Lowrie and Briggs, it was resolved that the case be re-heard by the Judiciary Committee at a meeting to be held at Whitton on June 3.
The present Judiciary Committee are:- Messrs P. Neil, S. Crozier, McGrath senr., A. Poulsen and W. Luhrs.
(Murrumbidgee Irrigator -  Tuesday May 25, 1927)

MIAFL Round 4 - Sunday May 29, 1927 at Yanco
Yanco ...... 7.16 (58)
Griffith .... 9.11 (65)
Other results: The fourth series of matches in the M.I.A. Football League competition was played off on Sunday last, resulting as follows:- Fivebough 11.12 beat Wamoon 3.10; Darlington Point beat Whitton by 23 points at Darlington Point; Leeton Juniors and Stanbridge played a draw, 36 points each at the Leeton ground.


MIAFL Round 5 - Sunday June 5, 1927 at Griffith
Griffith ...... 5.20 (50)
Whitton .... 2.7 (19)
Other results: Sunday's games resulted as follows:- Wamoon 4.10 beat Stanbridge 2.13; Yanco 4.6 beat Fivebough 2.7; Darlington Point 6.6 beat Leeton Juniors 5.11.


On Friday night last the Judiciary Committee of the M.I.A. League met at Whitton to re-hear the case of Connell, a Griffith player , who was disqualified for twelve months for punching an umpire at the second last match of last season. Mr P. Neil was elected to chair. The members of the committee present were Messrs S. Crozier, A. Poulsen, McGrath and W. Luhrs.
After hearing a statement from Connell, Mr. McGrath moved and Mr. W. Luhrs seconded the resolution that the disqualification stand for 12 months. Mr. Poulsen moved an amendment that it be reduced to two months. Seconded by Mr S. Crozier.The amendment was defeated. Mr. McGrath's motion was carried.
The second Annual Ball of the M.I.A. Football League, held at Whitton on Friday night was very poorly supported by those interested in the competition. A heavy shower of rain prevented Darlington Point from being present but there was no such excuse for the absence of Leeton supporters.
The ball was beautifully decorated with the colours of all the competing clubs. The colours of the Griffith Club were given pride of place in this well thought out scheme, with Yanco, the runners-up of last year's competition, colours in next position. The function proved enjoyable.                    (Murrumbidgee Irrigator Tuesday June 7, 1927).

MIAFL Round 6 - Sunday June 12, 1927 at Stanbridge
Stanbridge ...... 4.10 (34)
Griffith .............. 7.20 (62)

MIAFL Round 7 - Sunday June 19, 1927 at Griffith
Griffith ....... 15.12 (102)
Wamoon .... 5.8 (38)

MIAFL Round 8 - Sunday June 26, 1927 at Griffith
Griffith ........ 12.7 (79)
Fivebough ... 8.14 (62)
Other results: The matches played on Sunday resulted:- Darlington Point 11.8 beat Stanbridge 7.15; Whitton beat Leeton Juniors by 22 points; Yanco 8.14 beat Wamoon 5.7.

MIAFL Round 9 - Sunday July 3, 1927 at Griffith
Griffith .................... 11.13 (79)
Darlington Point ... 9.9 (63)
Other results: The M.I.A League competiton played on Sunday last, resulted as follows:- Wamoon 7.12 def. Leeton Juniors 3.18 at Wamoon; Whitton 5.9 beat Fivebough 3.10 at Whitton; Yanco 9.14 beat Stanbridge 3.18 at Stanbridge.

MIAFL Round 10 - Sunday July 10, 1927 at Leeton
Leeton Juniors .....  1.2 (8)
Griffith .................... 12.29 (101)
Umpire: J Lodding
Other results: Last Sunday's matches resulted as follows:- Darlington Point 9.15 beat Wamoon 8.12  at Darlington Point; Fivebough 13.6 beat Stanbridge 3.10 at Fivebough; Whitton 19.8 beat Yanco 9.7 at Yanco.

MIAFL Round 11 - Sunday July 17, 1927 at Griffith
Griffith .... 15.19 (109)
Yanco ....... 4.6 (30)
Other results: The M.I.A. League Football competition played last Sunday last, resulted as follows:- Whitton 68 points def. Darlington Point 37 points; Fivebough 13 goals 7 behinds beat Wamoon 5 goals 4 behinds; Stanbridge won on a forfeit while Leeton Juniors having pulled out of the competition.


MIAFL Round 12 - Sunday July 24, 1927 at Whitton
Whitton .... 5.11 (41)
Griffith ..... 5.10 (40)
Other results: The  M.I.A. matches played on Sunday last resulted in a surprise win. Fivebough defeated Yanco, 40 points to 24 points; Stanbridge scored their second win by defeating Wamoon 55 points to 24 points while Darlington Point won a forfeit from Leeton Juniors. 

MIAFL Round 13 - Sunday July 31, 1927
Griffith won on a forfeit from Stanbridge 

MIAFL Round 14 - Sunday August 7, 1927 at Wamoon
Wamoon ...... 3.6 (24)
Griffith ......... 1.7 (13)
Match report: The M.I.A. Football League competition was brought to a close as far as the home and away matches concerned, on Sunday last, when the games resulted as follows:- Whitton 5 goals 9 behinds  - 39 points defeated Stanbridge 3 goals 10 behinds - 28 points, at Stanbridge; Darlington Point 5 goals 8 behinds - 38 points defeated Fivebough 4 goals 4 behinds - 28 points, after a great game at the Point; Wamoon 24 points defeated Griffith 13, at Wamoon. Neither club fielded a full team. Yanco won on a forfeit from Leeton Juniors.
Griffith finished up as minor premiers, only being defeated once prior to Sunday last. Their first defeat was at the hands of Whitton.
Whitton made a poor start losing three out of four matches but since then they have had succession of nine wins, making them creditable runners up in the competition.
Yanco held second position for a long time but the loss of some of their regular players disorganised the team considerably but they are yet to be counted when the semi finals are played.
Fivebough appears to be a team with its luck out. A tip-top combination, they have minor disabilities, lost matches narrowly which should have been good wins. Provided they can get a true lucky mascot. Fivebough should be in the final.
Though out of the big four, Darlington Point and Wamoon are to be congratulated on their good showing. The former by reason of their having long distances to travel when going away, and the latter on account of their youth.
Stanbridge boys are deserving of a hearty handshake for the courage they displayed in sticking the competition out, though not a good match for their opponents.
Leeton Juniors had to give up early in the second round on account of lack of financial support not allowing them to meet their financial obligations.

MIAFL First Semi Final - Sunday August 21, 1927 at Leeton Football Ground
Whitton ......... 0.0 .. 2.10 .. 3.13 ..6.13 (49)
Fivebough ... 10.5 .. 10.6 .. 13.6 .. 13.6 (84)
Umpire: Mr. J Leheny
Whitton: D Finley (capt), W McAliece (v-c), G DeMamiel, W DeMamiel, E McGrath, W Angel, G Davidson, H Davidson, K McLennan, C Taylor, J Thompson, L  Thompson, R Tucker, A Hill, G Turner, D McAliece, E Elliott, T Williams
Fivebough: E Trethewey (capt), G Williams, F Williams, L Harrop, D Pike, E Pike, J Fuller, G Cooper, S McNeil, J Jackson, F Gibbs, C Hopley, C Gladman, C Grigg, A Lashbrook, D Lang, R Tilker, E McClellan
Match report: The First Semi Final of the M.I.A. Football League was played on the Leeton ground on Sunday before a large crowd between Whitton and Fivebough. The gate takings amounted to £29/12/0. The afternoon was not so unpleasant as the previous afternoon, still a strong wind blew down the field. Fivebough were fortunate enough to secure the advantage of in the first quarter when they defended the town goal, and hopping out from the first bounce played with surprising dash that left their opponents non-plus. Not only did they put plenty of speed into their play, the players did everything right even to very accurate kicking as the scores for the first term indicate. Fivebough scoring 10 goals 5 behinds - 65 points in the first quarter of 25 minutes.
Whitton failing to score in that term. It was a big lead that enabled Fivebough to win the match by 13 goals 6 behinds to Whitton's 6 goals 13 behinds. As the number of scoring shots indicate the play was fairly even, though in the first quarter balanced matters by gaining the upper hand slightly in the remaining terms.
Much credit for Fivebough's win must be given to Ted McClellan, who played somewhat near his old form. "Ted" was assisted to a large measure by Lashbrook and C. Grigg. E. Pike took many good marks. Two youngsters, J. Fuller and C. Hopley are players of much promise.Whitton were a very even lot, It was their off day, as it was Fivebough's lucky day.
(Murrumbidgee Irrigator -Tuesday August 23, 1927)

MIAFL Second Semi Final - Sunday August 28, 1927 at Leeton Football Ground
Griffith ... 1.2 .. 2.5 .. 2.7 ..  4.12 (36)
Yanco ... 1.6 .. 1.9 .. 3.12 .. 6.13 (49)
Umpire: Collins (Melbourne)
Griffith: F Polkinghorne (capt), H Bean,  W O'Neill, F Manning, H Manning, G Longmore, J Longmore, O Kohn,  E Campbell, J Owen, W Owen, C Stevenson, R Stevenson, V Robinson, F King, M Cudmore, J Daines, W Wade  
Yanco: A Currey (capt), C Taylor (v-c), H Currey, G Taylor, G Neil, N Mooney, L Alexander, N Currey, M Miller, E Dodds, P Clayton, R Stall, J Quinton, A Brunt, D Maddy, R Monfries, C Collins, H Rodgers.
Match report: It was a large surprise to the large majority of followers of the M.I.A. Football League competition to see Griffith, the minor premiers, well beaten on Sunday last by Yanco in the Second Semi Final of the competition.
The match was played on the Leeton Football Ground before a fairly large attendance. The gate takings, £18/12/0 were very good considering the rain that threatened all morning fell in a sharp shower just when the people would be preparing to set out. The weather cleared up for the match itself and was favourable for both onlookers and players.
The ground was in good order and the league had a good set of officials at work looking after the many details in connection with the match. It was seen when the teams filed out they were represented by their selected players with the exception of F. Cartwright of Yanco whose place was taken by H. Rodgers.
Yanco supporters were highly delighted with their team's win and cheering was prolonged after the final bell had sounded. The match was a hard game for the players, there was very little open or spectacular play. In the last quarter it was easy pick out the seasoned players.            (Murrumbidgee Irrigator -Tuesday August 30, 1927)

MIAFL Competition Final - Sunday September 4, 1927 at Leeton Football Ground
Yanco ........... 1.2 .. 5.8 .. 8.10 .. 11.16 (82)
Fivebough ... 4.3 .. 6.6 .. 8.8 ..  8.8 (56)
Umpire: Arthur Wickham (Melbourne)
Yanco: A Currey (capt), C Taylor (v-c), H Currey, G Taylor, G Neil, N Mooney, L Alexander, N Currey, M Miller, E Dodds, P Clayton, R Stall, A Brunt, D Maddy, R Monfries, C Collins, C Stall, J Quinton
Fivebough: E Trethewey (capt), G Williams, F Williams, L Harrop, D Pike, E Pike, J Fuller, G Cooper, S McNeil, J Jackson, F Gibbs, C Hopley, C Gladman, C Grigg, A Lashbrook, D Lang, R Tilker, E McClellan
Match report: Field umpire Arthur Wickham made another good Australian Rules game of Football on Sunday last, when Fivebough and Yanco met in the Final of the M.I.A. Football League competition on the Leeton Football Ground before a record attendance, so far as the M.I.A. League is concerned, the gate takings being £31/3/0. The teams were evenly matched and it was the score for score until three quarter time, when Lashbrook of Fivebough had to retire on account of cramps, Yanco the secured a considerable lead.
For Fivebough, Charlie Gladman, Ted McClellan and Trethewey were outstanding players. Yanco were very even, with perhaps Clarrie Taylor showing particularly good form. Geoff Neil put in a couple of exceptional long runs  that are rarely seen in an Australian Rules game. His speed and accuracy in bouncing the ball showed what practice will secure.
It is fully expected that on Sunday's performance Yanco will defeat the minor premiers, Griffith, when they meet in the grand final on Sunday next  at Whitton. Griffith on the other hand, are most confident of winning. They are training solidly, recognising that the lack of training that lost them the game against Yanco in the semi-final. The Whitton ground has been newly fenced and brought up-to-date, the ground being full size.                (Murrumbidgee Irrigator -Tuesday Sept. 6, 1927)

MIAFL Challenge Final - Sunday September 11, 1927 at Whitton Recreation Ground
Griffith .... 1.2 .. 1.6 .. 1.9 .. 5.10 (40)
Yanco .... 0.1 .. 0.5 .. 3.7 .. 4.8 (32)
Goals: Griffth: J Haines 2, O Kohn, J Owen, E Campbell
Yanco: M Miller 2, P Clayton, R Monfries
Umpire: Doug Adams (Narrandera); Goal umpires: Huland and S.Crozier.

Other officials were:- President Mr. T Johnson; secretary, Mr. W Jacka; treasurer, Mr. W. Luhrs, who was assisted on gate by Mr. Hinchcliffe; timekeepers, E Shelton and J. Leighton. H. Bean was unable to play for Griffith and Yanco were without the services of H. Currey.
Griffith: F Polkinghorne (capt),  F Manning, H Manning, G Longmore, J Longmore, O Kohn, E Campbell, J Owen, W Owen, C Stevenson, R Stevenson, V Robinson, F King, M Cudmore, J Daines, J Haines, A Lind, W Wade  
Yanco: A Currey (capt), C Taylor, G Taylor, G Neil, N Mooney, L Alexander, N Currey, M Miller, E Dodds, P Clayton, R Stall, J Quinton, D Maddy, R Monfries, C Collins, C Stall, H Rodgers
Match report: A bright, sunny afternoon favoured the Grand Final of the M.I.A. Football League final fixture for season 1927 on Sunday last, when the grand final between Yanco, winners of the final, met Griffith, the minor premiers, took place at Whitton.
It was a big day for Whitton. From early morning all roads leading to the centre were alive with vehicles of all description and just before 3 p.m. on both sides of the main streets motor vehicles were lined up.
As the teams filed on to the ground it was seen there would be a record gate, so it was £36/16/0 for the M.I.A. League. The Whitton Park Trustees have carried out many improvements to the ground bringing it up to date in every respect. The park itself is securely enclosed with wire netting fence and the playing oval which is full size, being fenced right around so that it was no trouble to the police to keep onlookers off the playing field.
The game was a disappointing one to all who attended. For most part it was a scramble. The players on both sides showed bad judgement in marking the ball, neither could they pick the ball up off the ground and the kicking, as the scores indicate, was most faulty.
Griffith team had a splendid back division, time after time they cleared their goals when Yanco brought the ball within scoring distance.
Yanco were the attackers for the greater part of the four quarters and had they brought their many scoring movements to successful issue, they would have won. Griffith on the other hand, generally managed to score whenever they got within kicking range of Yanco's citadel.
Griffith had good cause to become elated over their win on Sunday, as winners of the competition they became possessors of the cups presented outright by Mr. T. Myers, of Whitton, to the club winning the 1927 competition.
Griffith also become possessors of the Johnnie Walker Cup. This cup was presented to the League in 1924 when it was win by Wilga. In 1925, Yanco took possession for 12 months. Griffith becoming the holders in 1926. By winning the competition again this year Griffith win the cup, as the conditions set down were two consecutive wins or three times in all.
(Murrumbidgee Irrigator -Tuesday Sept. 13, 1927) 

Harold 'Harry' Bean, Ernie Campbell, Mick Cudmore, Mick 'Ike' Cummins, Jack Daines, Fred Eardley, Jack Haines, Fergie King, Otto Kohn, Archie Lind, George Longmore, Joe Longmore, Frank Manning, H. Manning, Jack McPherson, Wilf O'Neill, F.W. "Bill" Owen, Jack Owen, Frank Polkinghorne, Vic Robinson, Bob Stevenson, Charlie Stevenson, William "Pouncer" Wade.

Debuts: Harold 'Harry' Bean, Ernie Campbell, Mick Cudmore, Fergie King, Archie Lind, Jack McPherson, Vic Robinson 
Final Games: Harold 'Harry' Bean, Mick Cudmore, Fred Eardley, Jack Haines, Fergie King, Otto Kohn, George Longmore, Joe Longmore, Frank Manning, H. Manning, Jack McPherson, Bill Owen, Vic Robinson, Charlie Stevenson.

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