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LDFA Round 1 - Sunday May 17, 1931 at Hanwood Oval
Griffith ..................... 1.1 .. 2.1 .. 7.3 .. 9.4 (58) 
Darlington Point ... 2.4 .. 4.9 .. 7.11 .. 12.14 (86)
Umpire: J. Browne 
Match report: Ideal football weather favoured the opening day of the L.D.F.A. Competition, when eight clubs played their first matches of a long series of inter club games to decide who shall hold the cup donated by Messrs., Kinloch Bros. Fivebough making the Associated Ground its home ground for their match, defeated Leeton 6.3 to 4.13 in a game that was closely fought out from the start. Yanco piled up a big score in an easy win over the new club South Gogeldrie, played at Yanco 18.13 to 4.5. Darlington Point journeyed to Griffith and defeated the home team by 28 points. On account of its new ground (Scenic Hill oval) not being in order, Griffith made use of Hanwood's ground. Hanwood travelled to Warburn and defeated the latter side 8.9 to 4.10. 

LDFA Round 2 - Sunday May 24, 1931 at Hanwood Oval
Hanwood ...... 2.2 .. 4.5 .. 5.7 .. 6.10 (46)
Griffith .......... 1.2 .. 5.3 .. 7.6 .. 7.7 (49)
Umpire: F. Holt (Warburn)
Griffith:- Jack Connell (capt.), Jim Collis,  Les Collis, Phil Coggan, Art Campbell, Ernie Campbell, Jim Flood, Bill Cranston, Bill Downie, Ed Dempsey, Jack Daines, Mick Howe, J. McCarthy, 'Plugger' McDonald, Jim Simpson, William 'Pouncer' Wade, Joe Whelan, M. Munro
Hanwood:- W. Fairclough (capt.), Robert Little, Giff Hauser, Andy Colliss, Alf, Harold, Herb and George Anstee, George Towart, Edgar Tucker,  Arnold and Eddie Dreyer, Les Anderson, Joe Trenerry, Ted Raithby, Fred Chadney, Leo McClellan, Frank Ford. 

Match report: The second series of matches in the local Australian Rules Competition provided exciting matches at Whitton, Griffith and Leeton. At the former centres the final scores were very close. The matches resulted as follows: — Darlington Point at home to Warburn won the match 14.17 to 3.5; Leeton defeated Yanco at Leeton 15.13 to 10.9; Griffith beat Hanwood on the latter's ground 7.7 to 6.10 and at Whitton the home team defeated Fivebough 8.11 to 8.8. South Gogeldrie had the bye.
The Hanwood-Griffith match was marred by a most unfortunate incident. The scores were very close in the final quarter and the barrackers had 'keyed' the Hanwood players up to a high pitch of excitement. A dispute arose over who took a mark. Hot words followed and we believe the umpire, Mr. Fred Holt, was struck by a Hanwood player, W. Fairclough. Spectacular high marking was a feature of the game. Griffith's well known goal sneak, 'Snowy' Anderson seems to have struck form and Hanwood's side includes, a couple of Broken Hill players.

It was a good inspiration to bring about a local competition once again under the Australian Rules flag. The code needs no apology nowadays, and its followers show a warm interest in doings of their respective teams.
Since the district competition started Whitton team has joined up, and an added interest will therefore be given.
The local fixture on Sunday was Hanwood v Griffith on the Hanwood ground, which this year is in excellent condition. Each club fielded a first-class combination, and the game held the interest of the spectators throughout. In fact at the conclusion many spectators remained on the ground to re-fight the battle over again.
The game opened up with none of the players handling the ball well, but Griffith forced the ball to Hanwood's goal and should have scored. However, eventually Hanwood got the ball moving in the proper direction, and Alf Anstee, with a neat bit of play, secured the oval and piloted it through. Shortly afterwards Mick Howe replied at the Griffith end and scored a goal, evening up the scores. Again the ball was forced down by Hanwood, and Andy Colliss was instrumental in scoring a second goal for Hanwood.

Hanwood 2 goals 3 behinds; Griffith 1 goal 2 behinds.
During the second quarter there was some spectacular play on both sides, in which Fairclough, Anderson, Little and Collis particularly shone out on Hanwood's side, and of the Griffith men Howe, Cranston and Connell were conspicuous. In this quarter McDonald, Simpson, Cranston and Connell each scored a goal, while R. Little and Alf Anstee were the fortunate kickers of goals for Hanwood. Griffith had the best of luck, and had the slight advantage over their opponents through studying the umpire's demands better.

Half time finished up with Griffith 34 points; Hanwood 29. Griffith had kicked 4.2 to Hanwood's 2.2 in the quarter.
The third quarter resulted in Griffith scoring 2 goals 2 behinds to Hanwood's 1 goal 2 behinds, and finished up with Hanwood being 11 points to the rear. In this quarter, Connell and Simpson again scored goals for Griffith, and Anderson put up two goals for Hanwood. Jim Collis, in the centre, played well for Hanwood in this quarter, and most of the Hanwood men played well. Griffith team played coolly and took advantage of the umpire's lenience about holding the ball.
The final quarter showed Hanwood at its best, and repeatedly they bombarded Griffith's goal with Anderson and Little doing trojan work. The ball travelled down to the Griffith end a few times, and on one of these occasions two Hanwood backmen collided heavily, knocking each other out for a time. A noticeable feature of the game was the manner in which, club mates collided with each other and fought each other for the ball. Fairclough was urging his men on in this quarter, but despite every effort, luck was against them, and Griffith ran out winners by 3 points. 
For the winners McCarthy and the two Collisess, Arthur and Ernie Campbell, Pouncer Wade, Jack Flood and Jim Simpson played well. Especially well in the last half were Mick Howe, Joe Whelan and Bill Cranston.
Hanwood's team contains some brilliant players, among whom are Jim Collis, R. Little, W. Fairclough, Giff Hauser and Alf Anstee. Especially may have been picked out as conspicuous were Les Anderson and Frank Ford, who were towers of strength. The rest of the team played splendidly, and there is no doubt with experience Hanwood will improve, and appears a cert for the final four.
The umpire, Mr. Fred Holt, of Warburn was strict on holding or touching the man, but he scarcely gave a free all day for hanging onto the ball. A few players took advantage and "staged" free kicks time after time by nursing the ball. The Hanwood spectators waxed wrathful over this feature.                    (By P.J. Slattery - "The Area News" - Thursday May 28, 1931)

LDFA Round 3 - Sunday May 31, 1931 at Warburn Siding Oval
Warburn ... 1.2 .. 3.4 .. 3.4 .. 4.5 (29)
Griffith ...... 3.2 .. 5.3 .. 6.3 .. 9.4 (58)
Goals: Griffith: W Cranston 5, J Connell 2, R Stewart, P. McDonald
Best players: Griffith:  M Howe, J & L Collis, W Cranston, A & E
Campbell, J Connell
Umpire: F. Holt (Warburn)
Match reports: Fine weather favoured the third series of matches in the local competition, although the heavy rain during the week made travelling by road very difficult for the journeying teams. In fact Hanwood Club was unable to reach its destination. They, had been advised to travel via Yenda and met the Mirrool Creek in flood. Leeton Club was bogged several times on its trip to South Gogeldrie. Griffith team was to reach Warburn, but the field umpire, Mr. Alf Browne, was bogged on his way to Griffith and did not reach Warburn till three quarter time. He allowed Umpire Mr. Holt, who had stepped into the breach, to finish the match, which was won by Griffith 58 points to 29 points. The match at South Gogeldrie was an easy victory for Leeton 13.14 to 4.0. The match at Leeton was a ding-dong struggle between Fivebough and Yanco. For three parts of the game the 'Red and Greens' out-played the Maroons, and it wasn't until the last quarter we saw some of Yanco's true form. The 'Boughs, however, had too big a lead and the game ended with Fivebough the winners 10.9 points to 8.10.

Sunday last was a delightful day for football, and a number of matches were played in the district - Rugby at the Rugby Oval and at West End Oval, and Australian Rules at Warburn Siding, where a new ground has been laid out with goals at north and south end, which is preferable to the east and  west lay-out. Warburn ground wants a bit of cleaning up and will be a serviceable and central recreation "possie." The young men in the locality are keen on the game, and in a season or two will be a formidable combination. By the time Yenda and Ballandry will be in the battle, and a very compact Association may be formed.
The match in question proved that the Griffith team, by vitue of the Mick Howe, Collis Bros., and Campbell Bros., combination, could shift the ball rapidly along the wings or across the centre as occasions warranted, and during the first and last quarters Griffith dominated the game. But after the first quarter set-back - Griffith 3.2; Warburn 1.2 - the home team grit its teeth and did excellently, scoring 2.2 to Griffith's 2.1.
In the third quarter Warburn still applied the pressure, and although the Griffith players showed remarkable combination for a bush club somewhat short of practice. Warburn defended most efficiently. The only score this quarter was a goal to Griffith. 
In the fourth quarter Griffith's most systematic play bore fruit, and 3.1 was scored to Warburn's 1.1. In the match 13 goals were kicked and only 9 behinds, which goes to show how close the game was. Griffith nine goals is their best score of major points this season. 
The goal kickers on the Grifith side were:- Cranston 5 goals,  Connell 2 goals, R. Stewart and McDonald 1 each.
Bill Cranston played with conspicuous consistency, his straight kicking being remarkable. His play this season indicates his proficiency in the Aussie game. Mick Howe was in his top form, which means he played superbly - high mark is one of his long suits. The Collis Bros., are really the backbone of the team, all play seeming to converge upon and radiate one or other of them. Nugget Connell gave his usual workmanlike performance, being prominent all through the piece. Jim Simpson, placed back this time, played really well, and is qualifying for a permanent place in Aussie Rules football. The two Campbell's, especially Art., well earned their inclusion in the team, and Joe Whelan showed conspicuously at times,. The remainder of the team did wonderfully well.
Fred Holt umpired satisfactory though he shows lenience to men nursing the ball. There was quite a number of spectators, and the Warburn side had an enthusiastic following.          (P.J. Slattery - "The Area News" Thursday June 4, 1931)

Umpire Fred Holt's report was against Bill Fairclough, of Hanwood Club, for striking him during the fourth quarter of the Hanwood-Griffith match, played on May 24, 1931.
 Mr. George Enticknap, read the evidence of Umpire Holt which had been drawn up in the form of a statutory declaration. In it Umpire Holt said Fairclough struck him, when he turned him round to take his number for throwing the ball at him (Holt).
Messrs Joe Trenerry and Andy Colliss, of Hanwood Club, who attended to deny the charge, said that Fairclough had secured a job that day, and did not wish to neglect it to attend.
Mr. Trenerry was first spokesman. He absolutely denied that Fairclough struck the umpire. What happened was that Fairclough went up and took a mark. The umpire walked up to Fairclough and swung him around to take his number. As Fairclough came round his elbow struck the umpire.
Mr. Trenerry went on to point out that Umpire Holt had a set on Fairclough, because at the first match of the season, when Umpire Holt was playing with Warburn, Fairclough beat him every time for  mark.
Mr. Trennery condemned the umpire further as being incompetent. Later, Mr Trennery submitted that the count must be dismissed because Umpire Holt, in reporting Fairclough, had not observed Rule 49 of the Laws of the Australian National Game of Football.
 Mr. Enticknap asked the Judiciary Committee not to dismiss the case on such a technical point. The domestic rules of the association displaced such a rule. Never within his knowledge of the south-west or local competitions had the association provided cards for the umpires on which to fill in charges against player, nor do clubs make a practice of providing umpires' rooms, etc., The usual practice is for the umpire to notify the captain of the team that he is going to report a certain player. In this case it was the captain himself who was being reported.
Mr. Colliss supported Mr. Trenerry in his statements and went on to enlarge on Holt's incompetency, etc.
Mr. Cook pointed out that the committee was not concerned about Holt's incompetency. That was a matter for the club to bring before the association.
Mr. Nulty: The evidence we have before us in the sworn declaration of Umpire Holt and the statement of the two gentlemen from Hanwood who in effect, state that if Holt was struck at all, it was accidentally and that there was certain provocation induced by the umpire by unfair treatment.
Mr. Cook: "There seems an admission that the umpire was struck with the elbow."
 Mr. Sweeney: "Apparently the player in question had also been disputing the umpire's decisions."
Messrs Colliss and Trenerry (together): "Certainly not."
Messrs Trenerry and Colliss again traversed over the incidents of that afternoon, which the committee ended by saying they had heard enough. Mr. Nulty said after hearing the evidence before them he was in favour of upholding the umpire, although inclined to regard the incident on the lenient side, because there was a doubt that the blow was struck intentionally. He would move that Fairclough be stood down for two playing matches. 
Mr. Sweeney, in seconding the motion, pointed out that it was a most serious offence to strike an umpire. For such offence players in other places go out for life. 
Mr. Cook said it seemed to him that if the committee accepted the case as proved the penalty should be in keeping with the seriousness of the offence. If there is a doubt the defendant must get the benefit of the doubt. He was inclined to think that there had been an offence committed and if such is proved, then by only standing the player down for two matches was letting him off very light. He would suggest that the association representatives make an effort to called further evidence.
Mr. Cook moved an amendment to that effect, but it lapsed for a seconder.
The resolution was carried that Fairclough stand down for two playing matches.
(Murrumbidgee Irrigator- Friday June 5, 1931).

Leeton's first grade team will visit Griffith on Sunday next and a match will take place on the new "Aussie" Oval.
Official programmes containing names of the players are on sale. Purchasers are requested to keep their programme, as a lucky programme will be announced in Monday's issue of the "Area News," and holder of the same will be entitled to free "talkies" at the Lyceum, Griffith, for one week.
The Griffith District Band will be at the "Aussie" Oval and will play selections during the afternoon. Yanco will journey to Hanwood.
Hanwood team will be represented by:- W. Fairclough, R. Little, F. Polkinghorne, L. Hopley, A. Lind, A. Colliss, L. Anderson, D. Thomas, F. Ford, G. Hauser, J. Trenerry, G. Anstee, H. Anstee, F. Chadney, E. Dreyer, A. Dreyer, A. Anstee, Herb Anstee; L. McClellan, first emergency; F Clark, 2nd; E. Raithby 3rd.
The Griffith team will be a very strong one,  and the personnel will be announced on Friday. Bill Cranston, the champion goal sneak, is in the Griffith Hospital suffering from a bad cold, and will be not available, but Mick Howe, who has been doing good work in other parts of the field, will have to do the shooting on Sunday.
("The Area News" - Thursday June 4, 1931)      

LDFA Round 4 - Sunday June 7, 1931 at Colts Cricket Ground
Griffith ....... 3.0 .. 3.3 .. 5.4 .. 5.5 (35)
Leeton ........ 4.2 .. 5.5 .. 6.7 .. 7.9 (51)
Umpire: Alf Browne (Binya)
Match reports: Players and supporters appreciated very much the invitation of the Leeton District Football Association of engaging special trains for the Inter-Area matches between teams from Griffith end and this end of the settlement. Looking out of the windows on the 'tin-hare' from a comfortable seat, players could imagine the struggle it would have been to travel on the roads covered with water.The first train ran on Sunday last was well filled.  A trailer was added to enable the rugby players to make use of this special in their journey from Leeton to Yenda.
Players and supporters appreciated very much the invitation of the Leeton District Football Association of engaging special trains for the Inter-Area matches between teams from Griffith end and this end of the settlement. Looking out of the windows on the 'tin-hare' from a comfortable seat, players could imagine the struggle it would have been to travel on the roads covered with water.The first train ran on Sunday last was well filled.  A trailer was added to enable the rugby players to make use of this special in their journey from Leeton to Yenda.
Sunday's matches resulted in wins for the three travelling sides. Whitton journeyed by road to Darlington Point and an easy victory over the home side by 9.7 to 2.7. The Point side was short of a few good players, including Kruger. 
Yanco had an enjoyable match at Hanwood. The ground was in good order considering the wet weather of late and 'Smacker' Webb was most satisfactory as field umpire. His rulings were clear and consistent. Yanco's high markers won them the match 6.12 to 3.4. Handball by players on both sides was a feature of the match.
Leeton did not experience such a comfortable game. The Griffith team, which had depended on securing the Griffith Rugby Oval for this important match, found at the last minute they would have to secure another ground. Their own Scenic Hill Oval ground was like a quagmire owning to the recent cultivation work and the Rugbyites would not release their oval. However, Griffith managed to to secure the Colts Cricket ground. 
Just before the game commenced a lorry arrived with a load of sand to cover the concrete pitch. A crop of 'marsh mellows' gave the ground a green appearance, while the picturesqueness of the possie was added to by clumps of pine trees surrounding the ground.   
Griffith fielded a strong side, and it was only the greasy nature of the ball which prevented them from securing a win. As it was they were within ten points of winning until just on the finish, when Jack Schwab from a free kick right in front put Leeton 16 points in front at the final bell.
Griffith team was captained by 'Nugget' Connell, a sturdy player who is endeavoring to install system play into his "eighteen." Short stab kicks to players unwatched were successful tactics with the greasy ball but it was a long way round the wing, and generally the forceful play of the Leeton's backs stopped the chain of marks before Griffith reached shooting distance. 
Griffith played without its snappy goal-sneak, Bill Cranston, who is suffering from a bad cold. Jim Collis is one of the Tiger's  smart ground players, having plenty of speed. Mick Howe, who played in a conspicuous guernsey (black with yellow V) is Griffith's aerial king. The fair supporters of the black and gold always shrieked with delight when Mick rose into the air and brought down the ball. His kicking was not as accurate, but perhaps the heavy ball may have been blamed for that. 
With a concrete cricket pitch in the centre of the ground, and a heavy ball to contend with, Ben Roberts was not able to get much work out of his men. 'Scroggs' Hopley had a happy time keeping the veteran player, 'Pouncer' Wade, quiet, but found a different proposition when confronted with the hefty 'Tiny' Kirkham. Another player who bothered Leeton was Joe Browne, a big man who marked well on the day. Umpire Alf Browne was very slow with the whistle.
The South Gogeldrie and Warburn clubs have withdrawn from the competition.
(Murrumbidgee Irrigator - Tuesday June 9, 1931)

LDFA Round 5 - Sunday June 14, 1931 at Whitton Recreation Ground 
Whitton ..... 2.7 .. 4.9 .. 6.9 .. 9.15 (69) 
Griffith ...... 1.1 .. 1.3 .. 3.4 .. 3.4 (22)
Umpire: Stan Yates (Bringagee) 
Match reports: Fine weather favoured the matches in the Leeton District Football Association's competition on Sunday last and in the three games played, the home sides won. The more experienced Leeton Club defeated this season's new club Hanwood, by 11.19 to 4.6. Whitton's '18' defeated the 15 from Griffith 9.15  to 3.4 and Darlington Point went down to Yanco, after a late start, 6.8 to 2.2. The Hanwood and Griffith teams chartered a rail motor to convey them to Leeton and Whitton respectively, but the Point had to put up with the hardship of travelling by road.

Griffith journeyed all the way by rail motor to Whitton on Sunday and played the Whitton Club on a heavy ground, and held their own for the three first quarters.
The visitors proved the superior in ground play but Whitton excelled in the air, Ossie de Mamiel playing a splendid game for the home side. 'Nugget' Connell played an outstanding game. 
The umpire Stan Yates rulings had every one guessing, his 'holding the man' rulings being most strict. You could not grab a player without being penalised.
Whitton players wore black arm bands as a mark of sympathy for Mr. and Mrs. McAliece, who had suffered the loss of a baby son during the previous week.
At half time the Whitton players treated the Griffith players to hot soup and at the termination of the game treated the visitors to tea and sandwiches before boarding the train.
This generous treatment was much appreciated by the Griffith players.
Griffith team only had 15 players, two of the Browne's and 'Pouncer' Wade were absent. Had the latter been with the team he would have scored a bountiful supply of 'free' kicks.
 (Murrumbidgee Irrigator - Tuesday June 16, 1931.)