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Tonight there will be a general meeting of the Griffith Australian Rules Club at the Lyceum lodge-room, and on Friday delegates from all the clubs in the Saturday competition will meet at the Area News office at 8 p.m. On Sunday next Griffith visit Yenda and will play a challenge match there. Hanwood will journey to Warburn. The match arranged between a Griffith team and the Darlington Abos. team did not take place on the Rugby Oval, Griffith, on Sunday last on account of the inclement weather and the impassable state of Darlington Point-Griffith road.
Yenda Rugbyites were also disappointed. They had arranged to go by special train to Ardlethan, but the match was postponed by Ardlethan on account of the very bad state of the ground.
Yenda came along to Griffith, and together with a number of their Australian Rules players and members recruited from those present at the Griffith Oval, picked a team and tried a game of Aussie Rules. They put up a good performance and in the first quarter had the best of the play. Griffith won 52 to 34. For Griffith, Jim Simpson kicked four goals and Plugger McDonald kicked two.
Many of Griffith and Yenda old players showed good form. Among the recruits, young 'Pouncer' Wade, Harold Beecher and Kimber did very well. Alf Smith for Griffith and Morgan for Yenda were real surprise packets.
Pouncer Wade with the whistle handled a difficult game in the very best style.

(The Area News - Thursday April 21, 1932)     


Friendly Match - Sunday April 24, 1932 at Yenda Oval
Yenda ........ 2.1 .. 2.3 .. 3.5 .. 3.6 (24)
Griffith ...... 2.4 .. 2.6 .. 2.7 .. 3.8 (26)
Match Report: Yenda had its first game of Australian Rules football for season 1932, when Griffith met the local team in a friendly contest on Sunday last, on the Yenda oval, before a large crowd. Although many of the players on both sides were quite green, the match provided numerous thrills, especially at the beginning of the last quarter when play was of a very fast nature. Yenda's representatives straining every effort to win the game, and Griffith defenders playing like trojans to stave off the attack. And when the final bell rang the visitors were two points ahead.
Umpire Maggs (Griffith) had charge of the game.


Friendly Match - Sunday May 1, 1932 at Darlington Point Oval
Darlington Point ... 1.3 .. 2.6 .. 3.9 .. 3.12 (30)
Griffith .................... 0.2 .. 3.2 .. 4.4 ..  6.5 (41)
Match report: Griffith visited Darlington Point on Sunday last with a very strong team and defeated a mixed side. It was a great  game - very fast, and excellently handled by umpire 'Pouncer' Wade. It was only bad shooting that prevented the 'Point  from winning.
There will be a big attraction on the new 'Aussie' Oval, near the Scenic Hill road, Griffith, on Sunday, when the aborigines from Darlington Point will met the Griffith team. The match commences at 3.15 p.m.
The oval was recently splendidly graded by Messrs. W. Flynn and W. Wade. A number of willing workers have cleared the playing area of all stumps, and by Sunday there should be a fair amount of seating accommodation erected. This year the Club has a number of enthusiastic workers.
On Monday evening next, in the Memorial Hall, Griffith, the ladies committee has arranged a dance and euchre party. Players should attend the training ground - at the cricket reserve, Jondarayan Avenue - every Tuesday and Thursday, when honorary coaches will be present.     

Challenge Match - Sunday May 8, 1932 at Scenic Hill Oval
Griffith .......... 2.4 .. 9.8 .. 9.9 .. 10.11 (71) 
Aborigines .. 3.0 .. 4.1 .. 5.6 .. 6.8 (44)
Match Report: Before a very large crowd on the Scenic Hill Oval, Griffith on Sunday last, the Aborigines from Darlington Point were defeated after a great game, considering the match was so early in the season. Griffith secured the lead in the second quarter, mainly through two of the Abos. being out of action, S. Bright colliding with one of his own side and the captain haven his uniform torn.
The Abos. were represented by:- A. E. Howell (capt.), H. Murray, P. Murray, H. Perry, G. Perry, L. Morgen, B. Hamilton, B. Edwards, S. Bright, J. McArty, A. Briggs, L. Bamblett, W. Bloomfield, P. Kirby, J. Heland, H. Johnston, J. Carty, B. Coombes.
Griffith team was as follows:- Andy Colliss, Art. Campbell, R. Little, W. Bartlett, Ed Dempsey, Joe Trenerry, Bill Vaughan, Plugger McDonald, Jim Simpson, Frank Ford, Doug Briggs, J. Lang, Alf Smith, Les Anderson, J. Kelly, Fred Wood, Dick Smith.

GDNFA Round 1 - Sunday May 15, 1932 at Warburn Oval
Warburn v Griffith

DNFA Round 2 - Sunday May 22, 1932 at Scenic Hill Oval
Griffith v Warburn

GDNFA Round 3 - Sunday May 29, 1932 at Scenic Hill Oval
Griffith v Hanwood

GDNFA Round 4 - Sunday June 12, 1932 at Hanwood Oval
Hanwood ... 2.1 .. 2.1 .. 5.4 ..  6.4 (40)
Griffith ....... 2.0 .. 6.4 .. 7.4 .. 10.6 (66) 
Match report: Griffith defeated Hanwood on the Hanwood ground on Sunday, but Hanwood did not make full use of the strong wind in the first quarter scoring 13 points to their opponents 12. However, in the last quarter against the wind, the team worked very hard. Warburn journeyed to Yenda on Sunday last, and suffered defeat although in actual play their was little between the two teams. A cold hurricane was blowing during the afternoon, and as there is no protection from winds on the Yenda ground (and never likely to be any, apparently) the players and spectators were almost frozen. Final scores: Yenda 69 d Warburn 35.


GDNFA Round 5 - June 19, 1932 at Scenic Hill Oval
Griffith 8.5 (53) d Yenda 4.13 (35)
Umpire: Pouncer Wade

GDNFA Round 6 - June 26, 1932 at Yenda Oval
Yenda v Griffith
Note: No further Griffith District NFA records available for 1932 season except that Hanwood defeated Warburn in grand final.

Challenge - Sunday July 10, 1932 at Ferriertown Ground 3.15 pm
Narrandera ... 3.4 .. 3.8 .. 6.12 .. 11.14 (80)
Griffith ............ 2.2 .. 3.1 .. 7.2 .. 10.2 (62) 
Goals: Narrandera: H Rodgers 3, I Iverach 2, B Balding 4, J Vincent, B Brown  
Griffith: L Collis 3, R Little 2, F Ford 2, D Briggs, Bourchier, E Robinson
Best: Narrandera: H Rodgers, Ron Hutchins, S Day, F Malcolm, J Vincent, I Iverach, B Balding, G Pattinson, A Brown
Griffith: A Lind, F Miller, E Robinson, P Cummins, R Little, A Campbell, F Polkinghorne
Umpire: Smacker Webb (Leeton)
Reserves - Stag Lager Cup 1.30pm
Narrandera .. 3.5 .. 3.8 .. 4.15 .. 7.17 (59)
Griffith ......... 0.2 .. 2.2 ..  2.3 .. 3.3 (21)
Umpire: Vin Simpson (Narrandera) 
Match report: Accompanied by about 150 supporters two Griffith football teams visited Narrandera by special train last Sunday in quest of the Stag Lager and Tooth challenge cups. While the teams failed in their mission, they were no means disgraced, and their showing in each match substantiated the claims by Mr. P. J. Slattery and other ardent supporters of the Aussie Rules code at Griffith that the Griffith team this year is a vastly improved combination than that of previous years. Each team contained a number of players of distinct promise, as well as former interstate men in Art. Campbell and R. Little. Mention at this stage may be made of the fine play of Shaw, Archie Lind, Frank Miller, Robinson and Pat Cummins. If the players retain their interest in the team it will not surprise to see Griffith at no distant date vying with Leeton, Narrandera, and other South-West teams for premiership honours. The large crowd at the match on the Ferriertown ground contributed £12/5/0 for programmes. 

Harris Bros. Australian Rules Cup Final 
On Saturday next September 3, Griffith Aussie Rules football team will play Merriwagga team in the final for the Harris Bros. Cup, the trophy attached to the Merriwagga and District Association Competition. 
The Griffith team will travel by special train, and as both teams are at the top of form there should be a big crowd at the Merriwagga Oval to see the contest, and the game is expected to be very close.
Note: Harris Bros. Cup Competition commenced on July 16 and concluded on August 20. 

Harris Bros. Cup Final - Saturday September 3, 1932 at Merriwagga Oval
Merriwagga 7. 13 (55) drew Griffith 7.13 (55) 
Match Report: A great game was witnessed in the final match of the Aussie Rules Football Competition played here on Saturday last for the Harris Bros. Cup. Griffith led for most of the match but the home team just managed to even the scores shortly before the final bell rang. The official score was given as 7.11 (55 points) all. A special train from Griffith was well patronised. The final match will be played between Griffith and Merriwagga at Merriwagga on Saturday September 17. A special train will be chartered from Griffith.                       (Merriwagga News - Hillston Spectator)


Harris Bros. Cup Final Replay - Saturday September 17, 1932 at Merriwagga Oval 
Griffith 7.7 (49) def Merriwagga 6.8 (44) 
Match Report: Our footballers met with defeat in the final match played here on Saturday last for the Harris Bros. Cup. Right throughout the game excitement was at high pitch, and as the scores altered quickly it was apparent that the match would be closely contested. When the final bell sounded the home team were a few points behind, the board showing Griffith 49 points; Merriwagga 44. This match closes the Aussie Rules Competition.        
(Merriwagga News - Hillston Spectator)

Tooth Cup Challenge - Sunday September 18, 1932 at Ferriertown Ground 3.00pm
Narrandera ... 11.14 (80)
Griffith ...........  9.7 (61)
Match report: The Griffith football team on Sunday made its second unsuccessful attempt to wrest the Tooth Cup from Narrandera, and compared with its form in the previous match its display was disappointing. Both teams had played a hard game the previous day, Griffith defeated Merriwagga in the final match of the local competition by five points, and Narrandera defeated Leeton by one point in the S.W.D.F.L. premiership.
By kicking 11 goals 14 behind (80) to Griffith's 9 goals 7 behinds (61), Narrandera won by 19 points. Despite their tough game on Saturday, the majority of the Imperials played well, and received good assistance from "Chooda" Hunt, Alf Lawrence and Jack Hutchins.
The match was umpired by former Narrandera resident and player, Doug Adams.
Griffith was best served by Bill Barry, Frank Ford, Art. Campbell, Alf Anstee, Frank Miller, Doug Briggs and A. Ryan.  The last-named played with the Narrandera team several years ago.
Their was a large attendance at the match, the sale of programmes realising £9/2/-. The Citizens' Band enlivened the proceedings by playing of a programme of selections, which were appreciated by everyone present. 
The match had its unusual happening of starting twice. Owing to a disagree in the second quarter, when Narrandera were leading 39 to 12, it was decided to make a fresh start. 

Tooth Cup Challenge - Saturday October 1, 1932 at Scenic Hill Oval 3.00 pm
Griffith ..........  5.10 (40)
Narrandera .. 7.13 (55) 
Match report: The Narrandera Imperial football team, accompanied by the Convert and Public school teams, visited Griffith by special train on Saturday. The school teams played curtain raiser in the nature of a exhibition game , and the Public schoolboys won by five points. In the big match umpired by Ben Roberts of Leeton, Narrandera defeated Griffith by 15 points, the final scores were: Narrandera, 7 goals 13 behinds (55), Griffith 5 goals 10 behinds (40). The majority of the Narrandera players played well, Audley Hunt and George Mackenzie being perhaps the most conspicuous. (Narrandera Argus)

Les Anderson, W. Bartlett, Harold Beecher, Doug Briggs, Art. Campbell, Phillip Coggan, Andy Colliss, Jack Connell, Ed. Dempsey, Frank Ford, J. Kelly, Roy Kennedy, Kimber, J. Lang,  Robert Little, William "Plugger" McDonald, Eric Robinson, Jim Simpson, Alf Smith, Dick Smith, Joe Trenerry, Bill Vaughan, George Wade, Fred Wood.

Debuts: W. Bartlett, Harold Beecher, Doug Briggs, J. Kelly, Roy Kennedy, Kimber, J. Lang,  Alf Smith, Dick Smith, Joe Trenerry, George Wade, Fred Wood. 
Final Games: W. Bartlett, Harold Beecher, J. Kelly, Kimber, J. Lang, Plugger McDonald, Eric Robinson, Alf Smith, Joe Trenerry, Fred Wood.

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