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Pre season - Sunday April 22, 1934 at Hanwood Oval
Hanwood 7.10 (52) d Griffith 3.1 (19)

Pre season - Sunday May 6, 1934 at Darlington Point
Griffith 7.7 (49) d Darlington Point 5.8 (38)

Round 1 - Sunday May 13, 1934 at Warburn Oval
Griffith 7.7 (49) d Warburn 5.8 (38)  

Round 2 - Sunday May 20, 1934 at Scenic Hill Oval
Hanwood 12.12 (84) def Griffith 8.6 (54)
Match report: Yesterday at the Scenic Hill football ground Hanwood and Griffith met in the second match of the Australian Rules competition. About 300 supporters were in attendance. The match was keenly contested, play being fast and clean open football was entered into in the true Australian Rules sporting spirit. Hanwood were a little too fast for Griffith, who were not in as good condition as the visitors. Griffith made an determined effort in the last quarter to overtake Hanwood's lead but the locals were not strong enough. Hanwood having a comfortable win. Darlington Point defeated Warburn on the Point ground decisively.


Round 3 - Sunday May 27, 1934 at Darlington Point Oval
Darlington Point 6.12 (48) def Griffith 6.10 (46)
Juniors: Griffith def. Darlington Point by 1 point.  

Round 4 - Sunday June 3, 1934 at Scenic Hill Oval
Griffith 10.10 (70) def Warburn 5.7 (37)

Round 5 - Sunday June 10, 1934 at Hanwood Oval
Griffith ....... 0.3 .. 5.4 .. 7.6 .. 12.7 (79)
Hanwood ... 2.2 .. 5.3 .. 7.8 ..  9.9 (63)
Match report: The result of the match between Griffith and Hanwood, played on the Scenic Hill Oval, Griffith, on Sunday last was in doubt almost up till the last minute. Hanwood field a good team and Griffith was also strongly represented. Right from the bounce the pace was set at a high rate and continued right up till the end of the match. Griffith's new coach Jim Nash played his first game, and he plays cleanly and cleverly, with abundance of pace. The match was the best exhibition this year. Every man in the Hanwood team played excellently , and the same applied to the Griffith team. Warburn defeated Darlington Point at Warburn.

Speed!  Acceleration!  Graceful Lines! - And what a smile he's got.  H. J. Nash, the new coach for the Griffith Australian Rules Football Club has arrived, and is the essence of an athletic, right in the prime of early manhood.
He has already won both the Ararat and the Kyneton Gifts, and shows promise of a brilliant future as a sprinter. In addition to his successes as a foot-runner, he has also achieved success as an Australian Rules footballer for Ellerslie in the Western District of Victoria, having twice gained the coveted honour of being selected by field umpires as being the best and fairest in the league in which he played. There are 386 registered players in this league.
In a letter, which the Griffith Club secretary Hugh Johnson received from the secretary of the Purnim District League in which, Mr. Nash has played assures the Griffith Club that not only have they secured a brilliant footballer as their coach for 1934, but also the most popular man on and off the field in the league in which he has played, and that his team mates and Club officials greatly regret having lost such a fine fellow.
The fact of Mr. Nash having been invited this season to train with the Footscray Football Club, is conclusive proof of his ability as a footballer.
The Griffith Club are making  a great effort to encourage and foster this popular sport, and are endeavouring to provide the football loving residents of Griffith district with a higher grade of play. 
They are to  heartily congratulated by having such a fine type of Australian manhood to act as a guiding hand of both the senior team and the junior club. And the parents of the juniors is certainly well merited by the Griffith Aussie Rules Club in return for the Club's effort to provide both a clean type of football and a high grade of play.
(Area News - Monday June 11, 1934)

Round  6 - Sunday June 17, 1934 at Darlington Point Oval
Darlington Point ... 3.5 .. 5.7 .. 9.11 .. 14.15 (99)
Griffith ..................... 0.0 .. 3.2 .. 3.3 .. 5.9 (39)
Match report: The Griffith team met with a decisive defeat at Darlington Point on Sunday last. Unfortunately a number of prominent players were unable to take their places with Griffith, so Griffith fielded a weak team, including H. Gibson, who is not yet 15 years of age. This lad played a splendid game for his side and was warmly applauded on several occasions for his smart play.
The Darlington Point team played their usual dashing type of football and with accurate marking and snappy combination kept the visitors very busy. However, although beaten by 60 points, Griffith were to some extent a shade unlucky, as they were almost within scoring position repeatedly during the second and last quarters.


McWilliams Challenge Cup - Sunday June 24, 1934 at Scenic Hill Oval 
Griffith Rep. ...... 4.3 .. 6.4 .. 8.7 .. 8.8 (56)
Narrandera ....... 4.1 .. 7.9 .. 9.12 .. 12.19 (91)
Goals: Griffith: Bill Barry 4, Oliver Holt, Art Campbell, Frank Ford, Edgar Tucker 
Narrandera: Sam Lawrence 3, C Stokes 4, Jim Vincent, Bob Hutchins, Jack Askwith, Ron Hutchins, Bill Woolnough
Best: Griffith: Jim Nash, Bill Barry, Giff Hauser, Edgar Tucker, Jim Collis, Frank Miller 
Narrandera: C Stokes and the rest of team.
Umpire: Ben 'Plugger' Roberts (Leeton)
Griffith Rep team: Jim Nash (c-c), Art. Campbell, Frank Ford, Giff Hauser, Alex Watt, Albert Cripps, Martin Hickey (Griffith); Bill Causon, Clancy Kelly, Bert Walton, Edgar Tucker, J. Burke, Wally Keeble, Fuller (Darlington Point); H. Dicker, Jim Parker, Jim Collis, Bill Barry, Bill Brown, Alf Anstee, Colin Hamilton, Arnold Dreyer (Hanwood), Oliver Holt, Mick & Pat Cummins, Alan Coppard, Frank Miller, G. Clark, C. Boucher (Warburn).

B Grade: Narrandera 9.4 (58) def Griffith 8.4 (52)
Umpires: J. Collis and T. Gordon
Juniors: Griffith 6.5 (41) def Narrandera 4.8 (32)
Best: Griffith: M. Nolan, Scott, Evans, Lodding, Meehan, Ambrose
Narrandera: Reg Cramp, Tony Couch, N Lyons, L Burden
Umpire: Bert Cripps  
Match report: Before the largest crowd to witness an Australian Rules match at Griffith, on the Scenic Hill Oval, this season, Narrandera Imperials defeated the Griffith Association team. In the first and second quarters the game was very even, but in the third and fourth quarters the visitors had the game well in hand and won rather comfortably. Bob Stevenson and Tom Kelly were unfortunately absent from the local team and were greatly missed. Bob has commenced to strike wonderful form. When Griffith visited Narrandera at the end of last season and brought the McWilliam Cup home, Bob was was a member of the victorious team and helped considerably to bring about victory.
The 'B' grade match, played at 2pm, was won by Narrandera representatives after a good game. The Griffith Juniors team caused a surprise when the defeated the Narrandera Juniors by 41 points to 32. Last season the Narrandera boys were far to good for the Griffith team but, with their more accurate kicking, the Griffith team showed that they have improved immensely. 

Round 7 - Sunday July 1, 1934 at Scenic Hill Oval
Griffith 84 def Warburn 59

Juniors: Griffith 31 def Warburn 21.


Round 8 - Sunday July 8, 1934 at Hanwood Oval
Hanwood 39 def Griffith 36


Round 9 - Sunday July 15, 1934 at Scenic Hill Oval
Griffith 38 def Darlington Point 29
Juniors: Griffith def Darlington Point


Round 10 - Sunday July 22, 1934 at Warburn Oval
Griffith def Warburn


Round 11 - Sunday July 29, 1934 at Scenic Hill Oval
Hanwood 2.9 (21) def Griffith 0.5 (5)


Round 12 - Sunday August 5, 1934 at Darlington Point Oval
Darlington Point def Griffith on forfeit

Exhibition Match - Saturday August 11, 1934 at Leeton Cricket Ground
SWDFL .............................. 6.11 (47)
Footscray/Hawthorn ... 20.15 (135)

Exhibition Match - Sunday August 12, 1934 at Leeton Cricket Ground
Footscray ..... 16.12 (108)
Hawthorn ..... 12.20 (92)
Curtain Raiser: Berrigan 9.8 (62) d Leeton 5.12 (42)

First Semi Final - Sunday August 19, 1934
Hanwood def Warburn


Second Semi Final - Sunday August 26, 1834 at Hanwood Oval
Griffith11.5 (71) def Darlington Point 7.10 (52)


Preliminary Final - Sunday September 2, 1934 at Scenic Hill Oval
Darlington Point 7.13 (55) def Hanwood 4.7 (31)


Grand Final - Sunday September 9, 1934 at Scenic Hill Oval
Griffith ..................... 3.1 .. 3.3 .. 5.8 .. 7.11 (55)
Darlington Point ... 1.1 .. 4.6 .. 6.7 .. 8.9 (57)
Best: Griffith: Jim Nash, Alex Watt, Jack Connell, Dick Smith, Art. Campbell, Giff Hauser
Darlington Point: Bill Causon, R. Ledwidge, J. Ryan, Tom and Clancy Kelly, J Burke, T. Fuller
Match report: The premiership of the Western Riverina Australian Rules Football Association was won and lost last Sunday, in one of the most keenly contested and thrilling games seen in Griffith for many years.
Darlington Point gained the honours of the day by the narrow margin of four points over the Griffith 18, who although runners-up for the season pressed the river-side team, and frequently looked likely to win. 
In the first quarter Griffith took charge of the happenings of the play, and scored a well-deserved 3 goals 1 behind to Darlington Point's 1 goal 1 behind. The second quarter, however, showed a complete change in the fortune of the two teams, and the 'Point, playing a fast snappy  game with patches of excellent combined play.
After half-time, both teams used every ounce of steam in a splendid effort to gain the advantage. Play was fast, and, at times, furious, and would have been faster and more brilliant had the umpire used the present day ruling instead of the older ruling regarding a man in possession of the ball, and going through. Incidentally, Griffith seemed to be less able to adapt themselves to the change in umpiring methods than the 'Point, and possibly lost the game for this reason.
The final quarter gave the public one of the most exciting periods of play ever seen in Griffith. Both team's launched attack after attack, and fought hard for supremacy. Either side looked likely to win, and Griffith were indeed out of luck, when, at a few minutes before the final bell, Alex Watt, who had just kicked a brilliant goal from the half forward wing, again had a shot from a similar position, but had the ball intercepted by the man standing on the mark. 

Challenge Match - Sunday September 16, 1934 at Scenic Hill Oval
Griffith ...... 4.4 .. 10. 9 .. 11.10 .. 12.11 (83)
Leeton ...... 1.2 .. 1.2 .. 6.4 .. 11.12 (78)
Griffith Rep. team: Jim Nash (capt.), Art Campbell, Giff Hauser, Jack Daines, 'Sport' Harvey, Jack Connell, Alex Watts, Frank Ford, Dan and Martin Hickey, Henry Daines, A. McLean, T. Gillies, Dick Smith, Alf Anstee, George Anstee, Jim Parker, J. Ryan, Bill Brown, Jim Collis, Fred Savage; Phillip Coggan, Bill Vaughan, R. V. McBride
Leeton: Bill Speckman (capt.), C. Taylor, George O'Sullivan, L. Taylor, Arthur Harding, Jack McAuliffe, J. Retallick, Clarie Taylor, Albert Wiseman, Cec Hopley, Jack Colman, Cliff Brown, J. Neil, K. Schiers, Alan Borger, George Sharp, Len Byrnes, Jack Gladman, Mick Graham, Jack Geltch, Pat Wilson
Match report: The Leeton side that went to Griffith on Sunday did not find their legs until after half time, when the scores were 69 to 8. In the second half the visitors had much the better of this game and were only beaten by five points.

Les Anderson, Reg Brauman, Art. Campbell, Phillip Coggan, Andy Colliss, Jack Connell, Bill Cranston, Albert Cripps, Cyril Crowe, Henry Daines, Jack Daines, Dave H. Evans, Fred Fisher, Frank Ford, H. Gibson, T. Gillies, 'Sport' Harvey, Gifford Hauser, R Hibberd, Dan Hickey, Martin Hickey, Bert Hornby, Arthur Inman, Roy Kennedy, A. V. McBride, A. McLean, J.McKenzie, R. Murrihy, Harold J. "Jim" Nash, Fred J. Savage, Dick Smith, Bob Stevenson, Bill 'Cocky' Vaughan, George Wade, A. Wall, Alex Watt.

Reg Brauman, Dave H. Evans, Fred Fisher, H. Gibson, T. Gillies, R. Hibberd, Arthur Inman, Roy Kennedy, J. McKenzie, Jim Nash, Fred Savage, A. Wall, Alex Watt. 
Final Games: Reg Brauman, Phillip Coggan, Jack Connell, Bill Cranston, Cyril Crowe, Henry Daines, Fred Fisher, H. Gibson, T. Gillies, Dan Hickey, R. Hibberd, Bert Hornby, A. V. McBride, J.McKenzie, Jim Nash, Dick Smith, A. Wall, Alex Watt.

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