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Friendly - Sunday June 10, 1945 at Griffith Showground
Griffith def Leeton

Matong Knock-Out - Monday June 18, 1945 at Matong Sportsground
Narrandera 9.11 (65) d Matong 1.1 (7) Umpire P Slade; Methul 4.9 (33) d Leeton 4.1 (25) Umpire K O'Meara. 
Ganmain 7.5 (47) d Griffith 2.2. (14) Umpire P Slade; Marrar 4.9 (33) d Coolamon 2.1 (13) Umpire G O'Meara.  
Semi-Finals: Methul 5.7 (37) d Narandera 2.5 (17) Umpire P Slade; Ganmain 2.8 (20) d Marrar 2.1 (13) Umpire G O'Meara.  
Final: Methul 10.7 (67) d Ganmain 4.3 (27), Umpire: P Slade. 
The gate takings were in the vicinity of £100. Half of this amount will 
be donated to patriotic purposes.


Friendly - Sunday July 1, 1945 at Griffith Showground
A Grade: Griffith 20 lost to Binya-Rankin Springs 47
B Grade: Griffith 38 def Binya-Rankin Springs 9  
Best: Griffith: Brian Higgins, Kevin O'Brien, Terry Wood, Bernell Parslow, Jack Bennett

Friendly - Sunday July 8, 1945 at Rankin Springs Ground
A Grade: Rankin Springs 4.8 (32) def Griffith 3.9 (27)
B Grade: Rankin Springs def Griffith


Friendly - Sunday July 15, 1945 at Leeton Showground
1st grade: Leeton 3.7 (23) lost to Griffith 12.6 (78)
2nd grade: Leeton 3.7 (23) lost to Griffith 5.2 (32)
Report: On Sunday last one of the largest followings of the Australian Rules for the season, flocked to the Showground to see the Griffith seconds defeat the Leeton seconds in the first match, after an exciting tussle. The former were very nippy. By the way they played they have been training well and some should soon be in the first grade side. Final scores Griffith 5.2, Leeton 3.7. The main game was somewhat disappointing, Griffith 12.6 defeating Leeton 3.7. The visitors always had the upper hand, they too were nippy and played good position play. At times there were good passages of play, on both sides, but the locals are inclined to leave their men and get out of position. 

Leeton Knock-Out Carnival -  Sunday August 5, 1945 at Leeton Showground
First Round: Narrandera 12.9 (81 d Barellan No. 2 nil, Leeton 4.6 (30) d Barellan No.1  0.4 (4), Griffith 4.6 (30) d Binya 3.3 (21)

Semi-finals: Griffith 4.4 (28) d Narrandera 0.3 (3).
Final: Leeton 4.4 (28) d Griffith 1.1 (7). 
Match report: All that is best and brightest in the Australian code of football, sustained action, speed, science, and accurate kicking, were seen during the carnival that was successfully staged at the Showground on Sunday in the presence of a large and appreciative crowd which paid £89/19/0 gate money, which was increased to £98/2/0 as the result of voluntary donations. The Leeton team gave a stirring exhibition of football in the final to defeat Griffith by 28 to 7. The actual scores do not give a true indication of the exciting nature of the play in the final as time after time Griffith attacked in brilliant fashion and were often on the verge of scoring, only to be driven back by the sterling defence and versatile tactics of the local players.

Friendly - Sunday August 19, 1945 at Barellan Sportsground
A Grade: Barellan DFA lost to Griffith by 32 points
B Grade: Barellan DFA lost to Griffith by 11 points

Rankin Springs Knock-Out Carnival - Sunday August 26, 1945 at Rankin Springs Ground  
A Grade: Griffith d Tullibigeal, Binya-Rankin Springs bye
Final: Griffith 3.6 (24) d Binya-Rankin Springs 2.6 (18)
B Grade: Final: Tullibigeal d Griffith


Griffith Knock-Out Carnival - Sunday September 9, 1945 at Griffith Showground
A Grade: Rankin Springs 3.5 d Leeton 2.2, Narrandera 5.12 d Griffith 6.1; Final: Narrandera 4.8 (32) d Rankin Springs 4.1 (25).
B Grade: Barellan 4.12 d Griffith 4.2, Rankin Springs 3.3 d Leeton 3.2; Final: Barellan 10.2 (62) d Rankin Springs 0.2 (2). 
Gate takings were £150 pounds, Programmes: 2/-; Trophy prizes: £23/9/-, (Proceeds to the Producers Queen Fund).
Report: Narrandera, fielding only one team, had added interest as Percy Bushby, former Essendon player, who was seen in action with his former, club and his long driving kicks were a treat to watch. Also the high marking Leo Foley brought applause from all sides.  The central umpires were A. Harding and W. Taylor, of Leeton, and C. Gladman, of Griffith. Messrs. W. Luhrs, D. Davis, R. Taylor (Leeton), E. Poynter (Whitton) had to handle the goal umpiring and timekeeping. Messrs P. Longobardi and Neil Jones acted as announcers at the microphone and in their usual capable style gave a running commentary on all matches.

Narrandera Knock-Out Carnival - Sunday September 30, 1945 at Narrandera Sportsground
First Round: Kapooka A.E.M.E. 23 d Ganmain 8, Narrandera 43 d Leeton 18, Griffith 29 d Coolamon 13, Ungarie-Kikiora 79 d Kapooka 8th Army 6.
Semi-Finals: Kapooka A.E.M.E. 37 d Narrandera 34, Griffith 26 d Ungarie-Kikiora 16.
Final: Kapooka A.E.M.E. 4.6 (30) d Griffith 2.2 (14).
Report: The very large crowd of people who attended the Narrandera Imperial Football Club's knock-out competition on the Sportsground on Sunday, were treated to an exceptionally good programme of matches. There were seven splendidly contested games, and in several of them the play was of a high standard and intensely interesting.
The final was a thriller for the greater part. At half-time the scores were level — 8 points each. Shortly after the interval Griffith broke away to lead by a goal. Then Kapooka launched a strong offensive, but a behind was their only reward for a while. This was followed by a goal, and later a behind, and they then led by two points. Griffith tried hard to get into a scoring position, but could not do so, and in the closing stages Kapooka's superiority again became manifest — 2 goals 2 behinds being added — and Kapooka won by 30 to 14. Butler, Lemon, Pringle, Miller, Henshaw and Rhodes were among Kapooka's best, while Fred Savage, Jim Parker, Ben and Mil Clarke and P. Waide played well for Griffith. The former Narrandera lad, John Bennett, got a couple of goals. 
Two Victorian League umpires, J. H. Jamieson and Frank Leverett, were secured by the Narrandera Club to umpire all the matches, and they made a grand job of it. The Returned Soldiers' Women's Auxiliary conducted the luncheon and afternoon tea room and received excellent patronage.

George Alexander, Jack Alexander, Jack Bennett, George Bowsher, John Brill, Phillip Cedelland, Ben Clarke, Mil Clarke, Jack Collis, Les E. Collis, Lionel Crump, Curry, Fairburn, Eric Geddes, Godfrey, Reg Graham, Roy Graham, Frank Grinly, Heaslip,  Brian Higgins, Jack Higgins, Robert Hutchins, Ingram, Arthur Inman, Allan King, Hugh McLean, Len Munro, John O'Brien, Kevin O'Brien, Denny O'Callaghan, John O'Keefe, Lawrence O'Meara, Fred Owen, Jim Parker, Bernell Parslow, Ken Reid, Hector Robinson, Fred J. Savage, Schmetzer, Ron Shaw, Jack Slattery, Alex Stevenson, Bruce Stevenson, Ian Stevenson, Jack Tyndall, Kevin J. Tyndall, Noel Tyndall, Claude Wade, George Wade, Jack Waide, Rex Waide, Roy Wells, Pat Withers, Barry Wood, Terry Wood, T. Wright. 

Debuts: George Alexander, Jack Alexander, Jack Bennett, George Bowsher, John Brill, Phillip Cedelland, Ben Clarke, Mil Clarke, Jack Collis, Brian Higgins, Allan King, John O'Brien, John O'Keefe, Fred Owen, Bernell Parslow, Alex Stevenson, Bruce Stevenson, Ian Stevenson, Jack Tyndall, Kevin J. Tyndall, Noel Tyndall, Claude Wade, Jack Waide, Rex Waide, Roy Wells, Pat Withers, Barry Wood, Terry Wood, T. Wright. 
Final Games: George Alexander, Jack Alexander,  George Bowsher, John Brill, Curry, Fairburn, Godfrey, Reg Graham, Roy Graham, Heaslip, Ingram, Arthur Inman, Len Munro, Kevin O'Brien, Lawrence O'Meara, Hector Robinson, Schmetzer, T. Wright.

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