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Griffith Senior Team - 1952 (SWDFL Premiers)

Back Row: Donald Cameron, Bill Simmons (treasurer), Laurie Smith, Keith Thompson, Vic Ledwidge, Jack Kloot, Dick Bitcon, Fred Hicks, Tom Wade, Robert Cameron, Len Polkinghorne (president), Pat Cummins (goal umpire). Middle Row: Noel Tyndall, Lionel Crump, Cecil Polkinghorne, Tom Roulent (captain coach), Jack Taylor, Jack Luhrs. Front Row: Neil Griggs (secretary), Paddy O'Connell, Ted Feltwell, Charlie O'Brien, Fred Clarke, Terry Wood, Jack Shrives.

Griffith Reserves Team - 1952

Back Row: Doug Jennings, Norm Coleman, Don Hurst, John Norton, Laurie Smith, David McRae, Ray Foley. Third Row: Desmond O'Dwyer, Fred Owen, Terry Crump (standing), Neil Griggs, Tom Lawler, Trevor Popple. Second Row: Kevin Howard, Jim Fielder, Brian O'Dwyer, Murray Macklin. Front Row: Jack Collins, Ray Mason, Malcolm Mason.

40th Year 1952 Premiership Reunion

Left to Right: Tom Wade, Noel Tyndall, Jack Kloot, Terry Wood, Fred Clarke, Jack Luhrs, Jack Shrives, Jack Taylor, Charlie O'Brien, Keith Thompson, Vic Ledwidge, Ted Feltwell, Dick Bitcon, Donald Cameron.

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