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Griffith Reserves Team - 1976 (Premiers)

Back Row: S Murray, T Reed, G Hill, N Thompson, S Brand, C Wood, A Hicken, N Hall, F Valeri, S B Best, J Catanzariti, S J Best, V Wilson.

Front Row: N Alexander, T Harrison, P Carey, R Milne, I Manning, T Agresta (capt.), G Manning.

Griffith Under 19's - 1976 (Runner-up)

Back Row: C O'Dwyer, S Merlehan?, D Betts, P McGarry, G Hall, J Box, D Luhrs, M Faulkner, W Burton.

Middle Row: D Collins, P Brady?, M Clark, J Ammendolia, K Turner, R Owen, M Toscan, P Geddes, M Turner.

Front Row: R Crowe (capt.),  M Wood, R Parisotto,  R Collier.

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