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                                 GRIFFITH SWANS FOOTBALL & NETBALL   "100 CLUB"
GRIFFITH Swans Football Netball Club is proud of its history that has developed ever since it became the first  football club founded in the town/city in 1914. That history has not been achieved by time but by the achievements, star quality and inspirational characteristics of the players and management who have served our great Club.
In 2017 the GSFNC decided to introduce the 100 Club that recognises players who have played 100 First Grade games in both football and netball.  
This event was established to bring back former players once a year to be recognized for their contribution to our great club as well as celebrating new inductees and other historical moments during the club's history. 
An Associates Membership was also introduced for players and officials who haven't made the 100 Club but have given outstanding service to the GSFNC over the years.  The incumbent Board  at the time will select Associate inductees every year.

2017 - Inductees presented by Adrian Pavese

Roy Agresta, Gary Argus, Jamie Bennett, Don Best, Bill Biron, Wayne Bottcher, Malcolm Brauman*, Gordon Browne, Matthew Bunn, Myles Bunn, Ricky Burdett, John Candusso, Robert Carroll*, Fred Clarke*, Darrell Collins, Greg Collins, Darryl Collis, Les Collis*, Chris Conlan, Craig Conlan, Frank Conlan, Karen Conlan (Netball), Dean Crack, Mathew Crack, Greg Dreyer, Rachel Dreyer (Netball), George Duncan, Michael Duncan, Rodney Duncan, Ted Feltwell*, Jim Fielder, John Foley, Ben Ford, Jonathon Gastin, Ian Geddes, Glen Harrison, Vic Hathaway*, John Higgins, Dean Jamieson, Matthew Kenny, Kevin Kirkpatrick, Jack Kloot*, Jodie Landy (Netball), Vic Ledwidge*, Jack Luhrs*, Peter McGrath, Jeffrey Mickan, Michael Newman, Charlie O'Brien, Martin O'Donnell, Robert Owen, Garry Parslow, Ralph Robins,
Sid Robins*, Andrew Romagnolo, Phillip Rowston, Shane Ruyg, Damien Scott, Leanne Scott (Netball), Len Sexton, Phillip Smith, Robert Spears, Simon Spiers, Jack Taylor*, Keith Thompson, Gerard Toscan, James Toscan, Noel Tyndall*, Robert Tyndall, Bill Tyndall*, Ian Wade, Terry Wood*.  

Terry Bennett, Shane Best, Norman Campbell, Joe Catanzariti, Gary Owen, Mark Tyndall. 

2018 - Inductees presented by Ian Geddes 


ASSOCIATE MEMBERS (5): Ffiona Beverley, Jake Carter, Mary Collins*, Anne Maloney, Bill Simmons*.

2019 - Inductees presented by Will Griggs

FULL PLAYER MEMBERS (2): Kris Duncan, Daniel Peruzzi

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS (?): Neil Griggs*, Jim Rosengreen.

2023 - Inductee presented by ? 

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