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 1975 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" September 7, 1975 - No. 21 

By Swan:  Must apologise for no notes last week, but due to a mix-up, they were not compiled.

What a way to make the final four, 0.6 per cent. Congratulations to Leeton, Turvey Park and Ariah Park and commiserations to remaining teams. Great to see Ariah Park in the finals after so many years in the wilderness.

A magnificent effort by our players, particularly in the second half. Anybody's game at half time.

Coach Trevor Miller stirred the boys, and they did the rest.

Winner of the Griffith Co-op Shirt was John Candusso with a magnificent game. Others to show out in a great team effort were Arch Wilkey, Kevin Kirkpatrick, Bob McKenzie, Garry Parslow, Ralph Robins and Vic Wilson.

The Seconds had another big win, but their play left a lot to be desired. A big improvement in the finals is necessary.

Winners of Warburton's award was Stephen Brand with a great game. Other to play well were Stephen Best, Denis Tyndall, Shane Best and Peter Woodland.  

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