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 1967 SEASON 
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 SWANS CLUB NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" June 11, 1967 - No. 9 

The Second 18 game stole all the thunder at the Ex-Servicemen's Oval last Sunday, and many good judges from both clubs rated it as one of the best seconds games for years.

It had everything, even an exciting finish with Griffith lucky enough to win by 7 points and thus win one of the six games against Narrandera over the week-end.

Seconds coach Don Best set his team a spirited example in this game and he was well supported by Phillip and Ray Smith, James Browne and Bob Prenzel.

This win over the hitherto unbeaten Imps will give our improving team a good boost.

The main game was not a very inspiring spectacle but to Narrandera's credit they did reveal some team-work against a team of individuals. Apparently our fellows haven't yet learnt that a champion team will beat a team of champions.

Turning in his best game of the year, Mick Newman gained the major 3 points in the Griffith Co-op-Ernest Hillier shirt award, with Brian Fitzpatrick gaining two points and Geoff Martin one.

Our thirds found Narrandera too good and went down 34 to 68, with our best being Geoff Reed, Allan Hickey, John Crump and Terry Overs.

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