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 1962 SEASON 
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GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" April 29, 1962 - No. 3

By Neil Griggs: Without Bill Biron, Don Best and, of course, Hathaway, the team gained another resounding win at Ganmain and obtained further valuable competition and percentage points.

After 146 games, Vic Hathaway, with his record of two Gammage Medals, has joined the ranks of the "money men" as assistant coach at Berrigan. He has our best wishes, but will be greatly missed, for he is a mighty footballer.

John Cramp and Allan Hudson were our best at Ganmain, with grand exhibitions of non-stop play, and they are ably helping to fill the gaps in our line-up caused by the loss of Frank Conlan, Bob Spears, Kevin Rowston, Vic Hathaway, Allan Smith and Doug Koehler.

As our 18-26 would indicate, there was some inaccurate kicking at Ganmain, and chief offenders were Len Sexton and Bill Tyndall, but perhaps with a tougher game they will return to their usual concentration and reliability.

Our Seconds had a good win at Ganmain also, and good exhibitions came from Don Pannan, Denny Dreyer, John Diggelmann and Bruce Young. Fred Stevenson, from the schoolboys, had his first senior game with the seconds last Sunday, and should be a regular after an impressive performance.     

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